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Tbh, you cant expect someone who doesnt have a Heal specc to switch if thats what ur saying
I am PioPico


Here is the Main Chuck Norris:

He doersn't need heals, but we couldn't kill the first boss.

He die at miniboss too. Bu no healer needed.

Can you understand? - I can't :(


There are so many things that need changing in this game in terms of class balance. Bloodlust, Concentration and Swiftness are a joke. Engi having double dispell and being able to shield their allies more than 4 times in a row is a joke. Paladin having 100% shield 80% of the time is a joke. Aspects are a joke. There hasn't been any class balance after the level 47 patch anyways but the point it has gotten so far is just insane. The game is about to die, yet nobody is trying to do anything to save it. There's literally no change incoming with 11.0 in terms of class balance as if everything is just perfect. The only thing that I am looking forward to about 11.0 is the new raid that we have longed for for 3 years.


So I wanted to find other party, check in other guild:

This holds the Haven key to that guild:

- he used the cash shop items to get more upgraded slots.
- than he used the multiplocatior scrols on insignia boxes.

He it is not interested in Heroics, neither in Raids!
But he must give me acces to The Guild :(


We're literally crying for more players to form more teams for heroics. Now more than ever since Strongholds came. If you would swap to p2p league, you'd be in heroics all day :)



Just a tiny heal to keep that tank a bit longer alive could make it - but NO : we don't need healer!!!

what if thay had first build for pve (assault), and support druid/ summy/ cleric for pvp ?

don't expect evyone of them have unloced 3 builds

try recrut someone with healing aspect insted of dps (or ask did he can play both specs before you invit him to pt)

remeber also reseting build/stats in f2p cost 150-250bc if you not have perm water of life/death per 1 time, so ther can be problem somone don't had inaf gold to master secound aspect

(in f2p thers some ppl whos not mastered first aspect too :wacko: )

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