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New Collector’S Editions Added!

Win easily, win stylishly with the new «Allods Online» Collector's Editions! Starting today, you have a chance to purchase the «Exodus» and «Destination Horizon» kits.

By purchasing the kits, you get not only experimental replicators and crystal chips at a reduced price, but also special collectible valuables!

More information.


Is it possible to add some really nice and fun stuff like:
1. Enlarge/shrink transparent shell (regular shell stats with no extra abilities).
2. Shapeshifter shell (extra ability to store one animal type target visuals and give it to the wearer)- imagine raid of rats surrounding tank in bear form:)
3. Holy Weapon that can morph into ANY weapon already available in game (for example lower level sword etc).


I bought both editions but didn't receive anything, I sent a ticket already, hope you guys fix it soon :)




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Lightning Bolts Keychain Coupon is GARBAGE. don't know if it works correctly... thought it would give me the mount... but instead... I have to pay 4500 MORE Crystals with the coupon.... I mean wtf? just spent 62 bucks... wish I would have researched this fully before I bought it!!!



Unfotunatly Lightning Bolt's Keychain Coupon give you chance to buy it in item shop ^^

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