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Friday, December 20th 2019, 3:50am

The Compass Heroics -the problem!

Some are doing it, others want to do it, but no party, others don't want to do it.
Everybody want to have 115% gear. :) Now what?

103% not needed to do Compass, because we got from daily training win-win.
106% not needed to do Compass, because we got from BG master, weekly a few.

If you have alreasdy 106% why to go and fail ( and learn tactics) for 103% ? - just waste of the time.
Other issues: 6 ppl working to 1 get a loot. To much drama ( agree) it could be "fragment of insignia" and the loot isue could be solved.
After 106% need the 109%. And this is the point where or you do Compass and get it, or somehow are you boosted really at pvp ranking to get it.
The 112% you get weekly 1, if you have luck - from Chaos BG. Using replicators it gives you 1 slot updated ( from 109% to 112% or from 106% to 109% )

This is my example:

Only 9/8 runes and he has 115% already.
It has only 1 crafted gear!!! (when almost all slots are crafted you have much more defense and stats, so it is safer to go higher levels)
Maybe the team of him all 5x players has 13/13 runes, I don't know, but for sure he doesn't have.

I wanted to get a party, sometimes went with others. Usually the party leader and they frirnds get loot, and what is left, if left it is given for "strangers" . so for example if we kill only 2 bosses, very probably I will not get a loot, no problem I wil go second times to: the same :(
Sometimes I went in 4 allods we killed around 12 bosses and in "party" some had 4 chests, I had 0. I stoped to go with random players from top guild...
Anyway there are second top guild which are more fiendlier, from there I got loot.

What is missing in the gsame and the game creators could add a "+" sign to the insignia chest, which leads to buy those replicators.
People don't know many of they if they buy 1x cheapest replicator with 8 crystals can get 2x loot, and that price can be "farmed" very easy even bay free players, who just do Rihat quests for sell gears...

This compass sadly teleports out , when the die numbers will be 0.
People who want to learn actually can't, or not easy.

I remmeber when was isle runs, can't remmebr compass ornormal alods, when the reward was nerfed if we died to much times.
So all mobs has the same tactics but has lot less stats, hence we could learn it.

Like I said now who has 106% don't want to waste of time with me to help me to learn tactics ( as dps, as supp as tank have different tactic each pack) and they say "I have helped you yesterday too" Hm, but he wants 109%...and the 115%
Actually it is a very well hidden information from where you get the Compass for 109% ! - in game did you saw a hint, or the Heroics Quartermaster it says something about that? :)
Practically for others it is a mistery how to get 115%.
And in they beliefs it stats with buying the rune 13/13.
When Ishow a 9/8 rune, than it is "because Legends".
Well, so many "smart" explanations I can't accept in my head...

Very probably my ideas will not be implemented:
1. split boxes /insignias into "part of"
2. maybe it will be implemented after 5 years a "+" sign to buy replicators
3. nerfed allods after die, probably will be never implemented.

Personally how to deal with this situation:
I want to learn the tactics for all packs in all alllods) and with 106% gear to 103% not so fair, because I feel to strong but I don't know all tactics so my mistakes can be forgiven at a limit with a bit "overgeared"
I would like to find 5 other players like me. Sadly I can't. Or I am running "for free" without getting any loot, and increased compass, and getting teached about tactics and getting argued and kicked if I do any mistakes ( and just a limited times) or I try to get a party who want to rush just like in easy maze or s6 and don't have patience for Compass. It is to slow, need to wait to much. CC why? - wht not rush and aoe, oh it is a wipe, we need higher runes... and so on.

So one of the problem it is m missing knowleadge from each pack. - that I could learn somehow.
Other is to fing 5 other player, who actually want to learn it, have patience it. How to deal with this one?
( like I said with randon people is not working, joining to guild, where has stabil parties and never takes me either not working)

I have higher runes than 9/8, so please don't tell me it is not possible!


Wednesday, December 25th 2019, 10:11am



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First of all you need to find motivated ppl. Ppl who want to improve their skills in heroics and learn tactics on all packs\bosses. After that party can do 103, 106 and 109 easily.
Thats problem, ppl even with high runes can fail in heroics. On low lvl they can do that cuz party have a lot of lives to waste. But 16+ lvls harder and its way harder to get 112 (even not mention 115%), so even high runed and full shop chars die and fail a lot in 16+ heroics cuz they just pew pew without any understanding what is happening.

Find 5 ppl who will do all right in heroics or who want to learn how to do right. You can get atleast one experienced person who will teach others.
Also, strong ppl wont take any random or new person cuz they dont want to fail cuz you dont know tactics. Need time to prove that you wont drag them down.

P.S. "Sometimes I went in 4 allods we killed around 12 bosses and in "party" some had 4 chests, I had 0." 8| Those ppl, who doing so, should be known and publicly censured.

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Wednesday, December 25th 2019, 2:41pm

As darkmatter said, you just have to find ppl who are willing to go for it and learn.

If you were able to examine me, you are probably a league player.
That being said, it is only fair that I put it out clearly that im not a player who is online 24/7, and yet, everytime I am, I see some people on /zone or /world chat looking for ppl in lower compasses (103~109).

What I already recommended to people with "low" CS is that they either play support or tank, if they really want to learn it.
Both enginner (which I mostly play for compasses) and tank can be done with not the highest CS possible, if you know what to do.

And ye, not the whole party is full 13/13, but it doesnt matter, I started doing compasses a few sectors ago and pretty much the whole party had between 9~11, and not higher.

The problem you said about joining a guild and not being taken I would say is mostly cause they have the group of people that they rather do content with, then to keep bringing new people and making it slower.

I'd recommend you either change guild to some that has not only this type os parties, there you will be able to learn.
And don't wait till someone invites you for it, go search people for compasses.
I've been told that I would only learn what to do as I kept wiping till I didnt anymore.

Also, you talked about getting 109% compass.
Everytime that you finish a Isle, you get 2 compasses, one straight to the party leader bag, and the other is looted randomly in the party.
Levels 1~5 = 103%
Levels 6~10 = 106%
Levels 11~15 = 109%
Levels 16~20 = 112%
Levels 21~25 = 115%

If you finish a island on level 5, you'll get a compass level 6.
And that goes up, till 25 that, when finished, will give another 25 compass.

About the loot sharing being unfair, I'd just say that these people should be blacklisted or something.
That is, again, where you find comfort in making a party of 6 people who want to improve are fine with fair loots.

Also, there are a couple videos in youtube of some compasses islands.
Try to take a look at them, you can have a very decent idea of what to do.
But in general, you'll only learn when you start really doing it.


Thursday, January 2nd 2020, 12:39pm

First rule of mmorpg is to get friends. This will solve almost all of your problems. There will still be paywall at some point so you will have to grind it. You can also always come to server which doesn't require any cash shop for heroics.


Friday, January 3rd 2020, 5:06pm

First rule of mmorpg is to get friends.
Excelent point!


Friday, January 3rd 2020, 7:46pm

Having friends is good, being dependent on them not. playing together should be making things easier or more fun, not a requirement
Game would require proper mercenaries which can withstand the attack of the heroic adventures. Would solve all gearing-related problems.
Alternatively, bind heroic rewards to tasks with the difficulty of very hard distortions, removes the need to tweak mercenaries.

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