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Thursday, January 2nd 2020, 4:41pm

"Poison Volley" not working?

Somebody, who has higher ego eventhan me, bevelieves the "Poison Volley" runies are not working and we shouldn't take it.
First reason it was: it gives dmg, but how much ( tiny )
The second: the slow down it is not working

Here is now much can be:

I did 1x bombardment only.
Took down the test mobs HP, so the Brutality stats worked and increased the dmg.

At rank 3 Poison Volley has the following description:
The last shot of Bombardment and and Volley poison the target for 4 seconds and deals 3955 Poison damage every 2 seconds.
Every stack of Weak Poison effect applied by other abilities slow down the target by 2 % ( up to 24% )"

So it should be 2x3955 = 7910 total dmg.
Compared to r3 Bombardment:
"You make several shots to the target. Each hit inflicts 2563 damage."

So in my oppionion it is a big mistake to not take it, and this "Scout Oraculum" suggested a wrong build.


Friday, January 3rd 2020, 11:26am

You're 100% right.
you get the Damage over time but you don't get the slow.
Also a thing to note that the number of the damage that the ability shows changes as the determination bar goes higher, your trinket being poped, using a tonic of concentration etc...

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