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Sunday, February 9th 2020, 8:34pm

CC-Psi and Warrior-PVP-Tank have found a new friend!

Disclaimer: i am aware this belongs to the "classes / demonolog" section; posting here for better visibility, forum needs some activity!

+++ Along with the awesome builds "psi - cc" and "warrior - PVP tank" there is another awesome build, "demonolog, PVP tank" +++
I want to share some of my experiences and talk about this funny special-porpose build. Dedicated players likely have already found out this long ago but might still enjoy reading about it as lecture.

This build is all about being a tank and reflecting dmg. You dont deal any notable active dmg, but even more passive. Awesome build, a bit like the old bards catana! So since i love passive things i spent quite some time with this build and want to share a few observations and ideas.

Although being undergeared (30.000 GS while active players are around 35.000) this allows me to do massive dmg and (self)heals in battleground while still being extremely durable. If you play while watching movies and dont want to concentrate and pay 100% attention, this build is even more awesome as it forgives lazyness and slow actions.

- Absorb dmg with "Veil of madness" and "veil of darkness"
- Absorb dmg with "Wall of blades buff"

- Heal with Skill named "Reincarnation"
- Heal with "Censor"
- Heal with "Seal of Dryness"
- Heal minimal with Blades of Torturer + Rubies

- Apply weakness buff all the time with blades of torturer
- Apply debuff with "sigil of decay"

- Stun with demonic onslaught
- Distract with "challenge" and "massive challenge"

- Poke the beehive with the "soul devourer", this usually gives you the attention you want.

(Picture 1)
The base of this build are the chaos rubies
which will reflect 25% of incoming direct dmg

(Picture 2)
Sphere of negotiation will double the dmg reflected so its 50%

(Picture 3)
Leashes of Pain will add 10% more of received dmg

This is kind of a supportrole as you can distract enemies, debuff them, annoy them and so on.
Smart enemies will ignore you as you cant deal any notable active dmg (so this is not viable in 3vs3 or dominion or serious 1vs1) but most will fall for it and attack you. This will lead to dmg-reflection and the fun begins. If you have a healer in your team who heals you up, he can literally heal the other players to death as healing you will give you ore HP which translates to more dmg for enemies. But even without a healer you have pretty sold selfheals. I am often #1 in heals at the end of the battle, topping decent fullhealers.

(Picture 4 and 5)
Conclave to Health points (the more HP the more dmg we do!)
off. Stats from gear to swiftness (more sphere of negotiation, heals, shields and so on)
offensive stats which can be distributed to health! (aim for ~1000)

total health -> ~310.000 HP 25% of this are 78.250. So basically if a char kills you, he gets 78.250 dmg as punishment. For some this is enough to kill themselves. It is tremendously satisfying to see a player killing himself by attacking you wile you do nothing at all except watching.

Capturing the golem in battleground never was more fun. Had many times attacker kill themself. Priceless.

Click on image to make it bigger

Of course, this build can be adapted to a more offensive playstyle as it works in assaultmode aswell, wih the "hero killer" rubies in 1st grid this is very interesting aswell and no longer purely dependent on the enemy attacking you!

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Sunday, February 9th 2020, 10:39pm



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squishy in bgs tho
I am PioPico


Monday, February 10th 2020, 1:21am

Yes tankbuilds have been weakened in "random battle" but its still relatively tanky due to the absurd high HP it has, same as warrior-pvp-tank still does really well, gave it a try a few days before with only blue gear. Still rocks.
Playing in assaultmode is what really feels squishy to me, haha
Considering Golem:

Interesting thing is you can change form to tank-demon BEFORE entering the golem and it keeps the tanks dmgreflection. With just a little love from the healer, the golem usually wont go down at all.


Monday, February 10th 2020, 7:06am

tried it in p2p ppl just ignored me, and focused others, also i made my team lose more ofthen as thay lacked dmg

maybe it can work in f2p wher ppl play less smart, and not gear themself or 1 over cs player can solo whole team, than yest that weakens + stuns benefit that player to kill others

don't forget that "60%" is reduced be caution armor shell, absorb, shields and f2p fatality skill

as well the more tanky you are the less dmg you back to someone

and thers pot in bg who block somoene healing same as cs turrets, idk how often ppl use it in f2p, but demo have only 1 puri (if not engi inc skill)

and when you shield yourself with big yellow shield, only ppl who not know this class will use burst on you at that moment xd

better to play dps spec with hight swifness, to absorb yourself all time :thumbup: and deal dmg thx to hight runes and adional cs stats :thumbup:, and heal yourself on human form while you got absorb on yourself in that time if you used all pots/heal skills
then use buble from cleric cs tear skill as panic button

cleric 2.0 confirm

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