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Wednesday, June 26th 2019, 5:45pm

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  • A Tempting Offer quest is available again, allowing players to buy level 8 runes with a discount.
  • Fixed an issue where Click to move setting would get automatically enabled.

  • The maximum artifacts' level is increased to 10.

- The Blueprint of Perfection item is required to increase artifacts' level above 5. It can be created at the Anvil of Artifacts. Increasing artifacts' level will only increase their base bonus.
- Ornaments don't give any additional bonuses for the artifacts above level 5.
  • Any artifacts' fragments can now be exchanged for the Dust of Creation (3 fragments = 1 dust).
  • After exchanging artifacts above level 5 at the Relic Master, players will receive the number of fragments required to create a rank 5 artifact and the full amount of the Dust of Creation.
  • Added visualization for the Dragon's Heart effect (Dragon Aspis rank 5).


  • Characters of the League fraction that died in the Nezebgrad arena now resurrect correctly through the Purgatory.

  • The Final Burst quest: fixed an issue where players couldn't get back to the quest location. Players who already encountered this bug, should discard the quest and take it again.


  • Changed positions of the Deadly Notes rubies.
  • Reset all the rubies.

  • Devastating Blow ability: the cost of the ability is now 32 energy points regardless of the weapon speed.
  • Destructive Attack ability: the cost of the ability is now 40 energy points regardless of the weapon speed.
  • Turtle ability: fixed an issue where critical damage only affected the effect's duration in the Aspect of Defense. Fixed the description.

  • Spectral Assassin ability: maximum hp increased by 1430%.

  • Stormy Arrow ability: base damage increased by 200%. Each subsequent hit on the same target deals 50% of the damage.

  • Descent ability: added information about the Last Battle effect to the description. The effect's radius is 20 yards around the destination point.
  • Seal of Righteousness ability: increased the damage to keep its progression with the Seal of Inerrability ability.



  • Now Fate Elixirs can be received from the Trophy draw after finishing a skirmish, purchased with embrium on private allod, or bought from Gerasim Rivin.
  • Victory Cross (rank 5):
    • Added visualization for the Victory March effect.
  • Unity Triquetrum (rank 2):
    • Fixed incorrect limits for the number of stacks and strength of the United in Sorrow effect.



  • Fixed the model of the Midnight Strix.
  • Fixed shadows of Gaurs.

Trophy draw
  • New trophy draw: fixed the chance of getting special trophies, changed the amount of gold. Specks of True Light were removed.
  • [p2p] Now trophy draw is available for the subscription server.

- Matter Transmitter that is used to make a new draw can be received from Boxes with Loot opened with astral keys or bought from Rosie de Tristesse in Al Rihat.


  • Turtle ability: fixed an issue where critical damage only affected the effect's duration in the Aspect of Defense. Fixed the description.

  • Stormy Arrow ability: returned the increase of its damage. Each subsequent hit on the same target deals 33% of the damage (instead of 50%).


Witch's Hollow
  • Increased the amount of points received by teams per second:
    • 1 captured point - 2 points/second (not changed);
    • 2 captured points - 5 points/second (instead of 3 points/second);
    • 3 captured points - 25 points/second (instead of 12 points/second).

Allods Online Administration

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Wednesday, August 7th 2019, 11:45am

  • "Lisad" started this thread

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  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to log in in-game unless the login and password were entered in the launcher.
  • Added a scrollbar to the title selection interface.
  • The Hero's insignias usage on the items that are bound will no longer pop up a confirmation window.
  • Now players can help each other with the Tka-Rik's Spark (runes in the Uskul's ruins) and Ath-Zak's Spark (distraction of Noel de Blizare) quests, regardless of whether they have them in the quest log.
  • The items from the Luja-Gialla's Spark, Tka-Rik's Spark and Ath-Zak's Spark quests can now be discarded.

Spark Talents
  • Crab vortex buff can no longer be taken out of the astral island adventure.


  • Demonic Onslaught ability: can no longer be used by a player carrying a captured object during skirmishes.

  • Teleportation ability: engineer can no longer teleport players who are carrying flags, spheres, or controlling golems.

  • Psionic Shell ability: fixed the name; the spell is now categorized as a defensive ability.


Arena of Death
  • Fixed an issue where a character awaiting resurrection could be taken as a Lightning Bolt's passenger.

Training ground (Chaos)
  • Fixed the rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where players' assault shell got diactivated if they took the flag.
  • Fixed an issue where players carrying the flag couldn't use their skills.


  • Transforming crystals previously received by players for defeating Fierce Octulhus were converted to the correct type.
  • Fixed an issue with the visual display of ship devices that might've caused visual disappearance of the ship motor.

Allods Online Administration


Wednesday, August 7th 2019, 2:56pm



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For additional informations about the Update please visit the official news site.
In-game: Poloo • Faction: League • Server: Evolution
Best regards,
Allods Online Moderator Team


Friday, November 1st 2019, 11:42am


● Expanded the configuration functionality for extra skill panels. Added a function to lock spells on the panel.
● Fixed a bug that prevented pridens from accessing the “Gravestein, Siveria” portal when using a Miraculous Ark.
● Fixed the inability to transfer a range of items to another character during a direct trade.
● Converted players’ character bound Matter of Creation.
● Fixed a bug leading to the disappearance of additional skill panels.
● Fixed a bug that prevented windows in the game interface from displaying.
● Fixed a bug related to the inability to transfer a range of items to other players during a direct trade.
● Partially fixed a range of situations that result in hotkey settings being reset when the game client is launched.
● Updated the description of stage 4 of “The Absolute” World Mystery.
● Updated the description of stage 2 of “Sarnaut’s Gods” World Mystery.


● Pilgrim’s Crown (Rank 5): Pilgrim’s Trail effect can no longer activate pointlessly when reaching the maximum level of Tenacity against immobilization (the Unstoppable effect).


Astral Academy

● Fixed a bug that arose when handing in quests from the Astral Patrol with a full bag which led to the quests failing to complete.
● Quest “Astral fleet needs you!”: fixed description. The quest is now correctly displayed in the journal as active in the current location.
● The Anomaly Scanner now correctly disappears from the bag when quests it is related to are completed or discarded.


● Aspect of Support ability: the increase in support effects has been reduced from 7/14/21% to 3/6/9%.
● Power effect: effectiveness reduced from 20% to 5%.
● Treachery effect: bonus to stats raised from 350 to 400. Now increases not the highest, but the lowest stat.
● Magic Reflection talent: now also constantly reduces damage taken by 4/8/12%.
● Space Shift talent: removed from the game.
● Shooter stance: reduction in damage taken lowered from 15% to 10%.
● Stormy Arrow ability: damage of each subsequent shot on the same target reduced from 33% to 15%.
● Swift Fletching ability: fixed description.
● Radiant Chain ability: now correctly neutralized by effects that prevent immobilization.
● Source of Life ability: fixed description.
● March ability: allies now also get a barrier of 5% of their maximum health for 6 sec.
● Drums of War talent: now bound to Aspect of Support and increases damage of etudes by 10%.
● Valiance effect: bonus to stats increased from 350 to 400.
● Defense effect: damage reduction boosted from 35% to 40%.
● Acoustic Barrier ability: usage animation outside of battle no longer interrupts in movement.
● Jagged Slice ability: bonus to skill damage for each level of the Fractured Armor effect on the target reduced from 100% to 85%. Included missing information about this bonus in the skill description.
● Easy Prey talent: bonus to Treacherous Strike damage on targets under control or slow effects reduced from 10/20/30% to 10/15/20%.
● Thick-Skinned talent: now correctly takes into account Double Attack stat.
● Damned Flame ability: removed delay before initial damage.
● Phantoms and Spectral Assassin are now impervious to damage.
● Master of the Woods ability: information about the summoned ancient now correctly takes into account the quality of equipped Tears of the Dragon.


● Access unlocked to the Raging Astral.
● Added supply officers to the Astral Academy. They sell ship equipment for Astral Nuggets.
● Added the first part of quests related to exploring the astral. For completing them, you can get gold, Astral Nuggets, chests of loot and other useful items.
● The Ghost Ship anomalous sector event is available again.
● Reworked the mechanics of the Demonic Portal, Ghost Ship and Research Ship events.
● Ships with a raised Pirate Flag can now correctly attack other ships of their faction using cannons. The Scan for Enemy Ships ability now also detects ships of your own faction with the Pirate! effect.
● You can now build a Guild Stronghold.
● To start the construction quest chain, you must talk to the Navigator at the Astral Academy. You can create a Stronghold only in a guild with at least 30 members.
● When you create a Stronghold, you’ll need to choose a Keeper — a monster that will protect it from attacks from other guilds.
● The Stronghold is in a separate location which only members of the guild that built it can access. By completing quests available at the Stronghold, guild members get the ability to upgrade the Stronghold and upgrade the Keeper and its abilities. You can also earn Guild Coins for completing these quests, which you can spend at the supply officer in the Stronghold.
● Only the leader, treasurers or guild officers can buy goods. They can later be transferred to any other character in the guild.
● There are now guildbound items that can be transferred only between characters in the same guild.
● Added Commander’s Banner, Tactician’s Banner and Keeper’s Banner — special items that can be equipped in the Tabard slot. A character with a banner can use special abilities and casts a strengthening aura on nearby guildmates.
● You can now get the Crystal Experiment quest from the Sculptor. It gives you the chance to get 1 extra shard of Red Meteorite.
● Matter of Creation can now be correctly transferred to other characters.
● You now get a notification that you have received Matter of Creation when the item appears in the character’s bag.
● Fixed a bug leading to the inability to redistribute guild talents.
● Changed the mechanics of the Artifact Hunters talent. The talent now increases the amount of Dust of Creation received for victory against Stronghold Keepers.


Friday, November 1st 2019, 11:43am


● Description of inaccessible island added to the Astral Map.
● Corrected the size of critical hit area for some astral demons.

Anomalous region

● The Energy Accumulation effect has been moved to the positive group.
● Skirmishes
● Lowered the amount and chance of getting Pure Etherium when killing astral monsters.
● This may be adjusted further based on statistics.

Battleground of Chaos

● Training Camp: fixed incorrect notification about the loss of red banner.


● Strongbox of the Conclave
● Fixed description of the Sacrament of the Conclave (bonus increased to 150).

Known bugs

● Spellcasting animation incorrectly displays in motion.
● Unable to get additional Tournament of Blood rewards for levels already gained when buying a ticket after starting the quests.
● Hotkey settings can reset on their own when reloading the game client.


Thursday, February 27th 2020, 9:57am

Update 11.0



  • Maximum character level increased to 90.
    - Level 86: 1 talent point
    - Level 88: 1 talent point
    - Level 90: 1 talent point and 1 ruby.
  • All modifiers that increase rewards received now stack instead of multiplying.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the correct movement of the second passenger of Lightning Bolt when the map is changed.
  • Updated interface for dialogue with many non-player characters.
  • The level required to complete quests linked to Rebirth has been increased to 85.
  • Fixed the magic horses’ movement animation.
  • Fixed a bug leading to inconsistencies between the information on the amount of gold received and the actual amount received.
  • Fixed a problem preventing race changing by Xadaganians in the Hall of Changes.
  • Reset the following items and valuables players had:
    - Astral Keys;
    - Enchanted Material;
    - Enchanted Matter;
    - Unsteady Matter;
    - Enchanted Dust;
    - Sparkling Dust;
    - Enchanted Shards;
    - Enchanted Reinforcement Scrolls;
    - Combat Emblems (traded for gold);
    - Resistance Emblems (traded for gold);
    - Achievement Marks (traded for gold);
    - Resistance Gift (traded for gold);
    - Coins of Free Traders;
    - Reforged Material;
    - Enchanted Demonic Steel Ingot (traded for ordinary ingot);
    - Enchanted Processed Demon Skin (traded for ordinary skin);
    - Enchanted Roll of Demonic Silk (traded for ordinary silk);
    - Amalgam (transformed into Pale Amalgam);
    - Amalgam Drops (transformed into Pale Amalgam);
    - Realgar;
    - Grains of Realgar;
    - Dominion Tools;
    - Awakened Matter (traded for gold);
    - Hero’s Insignia;
    - Hero’s Compasses;
    - Particles of Anomalous Matter (transformed into Decaying Particles);
    - Emanations of the Mysterious Astral (transformed into Emanations of the Unexplored Astral);
    - Astral Nuggets (traded for gold);
    - Transforming Crystals (traded for gold);
    - Ship Hull Parts (traded for gold);
    - Meteorite Fragments (belonging to characters who have built a personal Allod);
    - Crystal Soul (traded for a new item);
    - Contract for Construction Golems (traded for a new item).

    • Fixed style item sorting.
    • Spells that activate nimbuses and auras have been moved from the Skillbook to the Toys/Gifts section of the Wardrobe.
    • The effects of visual auras are no longer reset when the character leaves the game.

    Equipment and Artifacts
    • Unsteady Matter now automatically transforms into matter for transforming equipment items that correspond to the current stage and level of the character’s equipment after it is put in the bag (it used to be when used).
    • Artifacts received by players in update 10.0 have been transformed into Pale Artifacts.
    • Pale Artifacts have a reduced bonus to stats, but can be returned to Relic Masters in exchange for all resources spent on them (except for gold).
    • You can make the artifacts you need on the Artifact Anvil using the same resources.

    • Click-to-Move setting now disabled by default.
    • Deleted the settings linked to Progressive Downloads.
    • Disabled options linked to social network integration.
    • Fixed a bug related to the Class Effect Activation setting value resetting on its own.

    Spark Experience
    • The level required for completing quests linked to getting Spark Experience has been increased to 85.
    • Added 77 new rubies:
      - Prestige Strength (10) + Protector: increases Order Prestige gain.
      - Gladiator (10) + Glorious Battle: increases damage dealt and healing done and reduces damage taken in Trials of Blood.
      - Strength and Success (10) + Usurper: increases Combat Emblems gained.
      - In Search of Treasure (10) + Treasure Hunter: gives a chance to get a double reward from strong enemies, common and antique chests in the Al Rihat Ruins.
      - In the Name of Honor (10) + Warrior of Honor: gives a chance to gain honor for victory in random battles.
      - Astral Conqueror (10) + Astral Wolf: gives a chance to get double loot when using a handful of astral nuggets.
      - Numismatician (10) + Collector: gives a chance to get an additional anniversary coin.
    • Defeating opponents (both on normal and on advanced difficulty) in the Observatory now brings an identical amount of Spark Experience.
    • Now, after claiming the weekly activity reward, every completed astral island and fight won (standard fights and ranked duels) will reward the charater with a certain amount of Spark Experience.
    • Fixed the description of the Focused Power ruby.

    Draconic Aspect
    • Draconic Aspect items (apart from amulets) no longer provide a bonus to special stats (replaced with a bonus to Vigor and Stamina).
    • Items added to update 10.0 can still be obtained in the Observatory.
    • New items can be obtained in the Citadel or purchased from the Dominion Quartermaster or Experienced Duellers.


  • Added a follow-up to the storyline for level 85-90 characters that unfolds in a changed Foul Dale.
  • In addition, you’ll be able to get blessings from three new factions and claim your reward from each of them.
  • You can also expect achievements (and a reward for getting them) related to the Foul Dale, the new World Mystery: God of Darkness, and a continuation of World Mystery: Creation.

    Foul Dale
  • Completing the quest Preventive Measures now correctly unlocks the Wellebell Preserve Portal ability.
  • Characters that have completed the quest, but not gained access to the portal, will automatically get it after installing the update.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the following quests from being accepted:
    - Successor
    - At the Helm
    - Demons’ Advocate
    - More air!
    - Warning shot in the foot
    - Survival Basics
    - Not a day without pyrotechnics

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the quest Deal with Demons from being accepted.
  • Quest Dionic Games - Air Triathlon: fixed a bug that led to the character being teleported and immobilized after colliding with the dodgeball.

    Tka-Rik’s Cave
  • Tka-Rik Revelation quest: fixed a problem leading to the inability to use the magic chain to bind Sarn.
  • The ability to get Astral Keys will be available after reaching the level cap.
  • Characters will get 42 starting keys and 14 keys each for each day that has passed since the time the update was released.
  • Please note that the maximum number of keys a character can hold cannot exceed 196.


  • All characters at level 10 or higher will get Drops of Living and Dead Water.
  • The Double Attack stat now extends to helpers using melee attacks.

  • Bedlam ability: fixed a bug that caused the ability to fail to provide immunity to slow effects.
  • Teleportation ability: using the ability no longer deactivates adaptive armor.
  • Deadly Lunge ability: fixed a bug that caused the ability to extend the duration of the Fatal Wounds effect on the target, instead of reapplying it.
  • Adrenaline Surge ability: fixed a bug that prevented the ability from activating in disabled Aspects.
  • Slaughter ability: fixed description.
  • Whirlwind ability: fixed a bug that caused the ability to not deal damage to player opponents when used in Aspect of Defense.
  • Bloody Harvest ability: fixed description.
  • Flaming Blade rune: fixed description.
  • Thick-Skinned rune: health level increase effect now displayed correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Flaming Weaponsmith’s Insignia to give demonologists weaponry which did not match their class and which they couldn’t use.

  • Engineer’s Turrets can no longer choose other mechanisms and summoned helpers as targets.
  • Enemy characters now become a turret target with a higher priority than other creatures located closer to the turret.
  • Burst of Mana ability: fixed description of ability’s effect radius.
  • Defensive Perimeter ability: fixed description of ability’s duration.
  • Teleportation ability: fixed an error that allowed the engineer to teleport a second passenger of Lightning along with himself.
  • Sanatorium ability: fixed a bug that caused the mechanism to try to heal a dead character.
  • Colossus ability: the Colossus’s damage now correctly changes when the skill level increases.
  • Acid Turret ability: fixed description.

  • Phantom ability: phantoms can no longer choose mechanisms and summoned helpers as targets.

  • Holy Pledge and Pledge of Purity abilities: fixed description.
  • Conviction ability: fixed description.
  • Hallmark and Entangling Chains abilities: fixed an error that caused these abilities to have a separate cooldown time.
  • Seal of Inerrability and Seal of Righteousness abilities: fixed a bug that caused these abilities to have a separate cooldown time.
  • Triumph of Light and Ex Voto effects: fixed description.


Thursday, February 27th 2020, 10:00am

Update 11.0

Update - Part 2


  • The guild season is over.
  • Fame earned by guilds has been reset.
  • The guilds in the top 10 for most Fame earned have been given rewards.
  • Rubies have been reset.
  • Tabards received by guilds in the last season will remain available until 18/03/2020.
  • Added the ability to configure displayed stats and calculation period in the context menu of the Members list.
  • Increased the amount of Dust of Creation gained for realgar at the Dominion quartermaster.

  • Leaving the game will no longer result in the character being forcibly moved to the capital.
  • Changed the mechanic of quests related to building the Citadel: old quests have been deleted, and each guild member can now independently hand in items and increase the progress bar by doing so.
  • After the progress cap is reached, handing in items will stop increasing the progress bar and will start generating Guild Coins instead.
  • Added a repeatable personal quest, Citadel Contribution, which can be taken from the quartermasters within the citadel.
  • You can get 1000 Grains of Realgar for completing it.
  • Vials with Sealed Souls will automatically turn into Guild Coins after the update is released.
  • Experience received for defeating enemies inhabiting a citadel has been replaced with Battle Trophies that can be handed in to the citadel overseer.
  • The Crystal Experiment quest can now be repeatedly completed continuously.
  • Pack of Ship Diagrams cost reduced at League and Empire Suppliers.
  • There is also some chance of getting the item when defeating enemies on citadel grounds.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Eclipse keeper ability to activate only once.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Commander’s Banner effect to randomly stop working.
  • Using upgrades obtained in error from the quartermaster (such as Citadel Chronicles, Growth Generatores and keeper abilities) and previously activated now return their full value in Guild Coins. If the item was received as loot from enemies, then the amount of coins received will be reduced to 25% as before.


  • The hull level of all ships has been increased to 27.
  • Chest of the Adventurer and Chest with Crafting Resources received as quest rewards now have a duration of 7 days.
  • Added a visual display of the effect radius of anomalies on the astral map.
  • Astral Echoing Fates, Astral Fate Elixir and Astral Fatal Entanglement now have a duration of 7 days.
  • Resources obtained in update 10.0 have been transformed into Pale versions.


  • Reforged Material is no longer required for crafting equipment items.


  • You can no longer get extra resources for crafting artifacts when you defeat opponents at high difficulty.
  • The conditions for getting style items and achievements remain the same.

  • For defeating enemies, you can now get equipment of one grade higher quality than the current layer.
  • Such items will always have a stat effectiveness of 100%/100%.

    Heroic Adventures

  • The ranked season has ended and rewards have been given out.
  • Legendary Hero’s Award
  • Great Hero’s Award
  • Renowned Hero’s Award
  • Aspiring Hero’s Award
  • Corrected the functionality of the items Infinite Tonic of the Magical Armor and Vial of Areisia’s Blood.


    Weaponsmithing and Blacksmithing
  • Demonic ore can now be correctly mined at Sogot.

  • Crafting the Dragon’s Absorption Potion now requires components with the Defense property instead of with the Bodyguard’s Aspect property.


    Trial of Blood
  • In connection with the update, ranked Trial of Blood will be unavailable until 02.03.2020 inclusively.

    Private Allod

  • The ranked season has ended and rewards have been given out.
    - Low difficulty: Chest with Supplies
    - Normal difficulty: Right on Destruction
    - High difficulty: Right on Destruction x3
    - Very high difficulty: Right on Violence x1, Right on Destruction x5
    - Nightmare difficulty: Right on Violence x3, Right on Destruction x8, Folio of the Dungeon Keeper.
  • Defender ranks and boosts reset.


  • The amount of base rewards received as the Signs of Victory has been doubled.
  • Added the ability to get equipment items that are guaranteed to match the current class through a trophy lottery.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Battleground Gift to award an incorrect amount of gold.
  • Upgraded event sorting in the Skirmishes window.
    Ranked Combat
  • The ranked season has ended and rewards have been given out.
  • The amount of base rewards received in the form of Combat Emblems has been doubled.
  • Ranked season results will now be calculated three times a year.
  • Fixed a bug related to the absence of the bonus to received Combat Emblems when the bonus size was less than 100%.
  • Seasonal rewards:
    - Slaughterer: Costume, Aura: Cry of the Cold God/Cry of the Plague God/Cry of the Blood God (365 days), Title (120 days)
    - Soultaker: Title (120 days)
    - Killer: Title (120 days)
    - Dueler: Title (120 days)
    - Combatant: Title (120 days)
  • Seasonal rewards reset.
  • Auras and costumes given out before update 11.0 can no longer be obtained.
  • The weekly reward in the form of auras and titles has been deleted (but they can still be obtained at the end of the season).
    Now, every Thursday, characters will get the new currency, Dragons’ Blessing, in an amount equal to their maximum ranking in 3x3 or 6x6 duels (this currency is required for buying Draconic Aspect items and stacks up to 5000), along with Hero’s Insignia (will be added to the reward in an upcoming update) in accordance with the following table:
    - Torturer: Hero’s Insignia (115%) x1
    - Soultaker: Hero’s Insignia (112%) x1
    - Killer: Hero’s Insignia (109%) x1
    - Dueler: Hero’s Insignia (106%) x1
    - Combatant: Hero’s Insignia (103%) x1
    Arena of Heroes
  • The ranked season has ended and rewards have been given out.
    - Courageous Champion’s Award: title, Champion’s Radiance, Champion’s Aura, Hero’s Insignias x1000;
    - Courageous Conqueror’s Award: title, Conqueror’s Radiance, Conqueror’s Aura, Hero’s Insignias x800;
    - Gladiator’s Award: Hero’s Insignias x250;
    - Cutthroat’s Award: Hero’s Insignias x100.
  • You can now buy the Frantic Champion color pattern from Persephone.


  • Mysterious Speck: the maximum number of specks that can be stored in a bag cell has been increased to 10,000.
  • Added new items:
    - Fragment of Contract for Construction Golems: 4 ;
    - Crystal Soul Shard (x10): 24 .
  • Changed prices/number of following items:
    - Omnum x100 * 10 - x1000 * 54
    - Tenacious Omnum x100 * 6 - x1000 * 40
    - Enigmatic Leather x100 * 10 - x1000 * 54
    - Tenacious Enigmatic Leather x100 * 6 - x1000 * 40
    - Ethereal Yarn x100 * 10 - x1000 * 54
    - Tenacious Ethereal Yarn x100 * 6 - x1000 * 40

    Radiant Strongbox of the Mentor
  • Essence of Perfection: fixed a bug that caused the item received from trading Seals of Perfection to not inherit the duration.

    Radiant Strongbox of the Conclave
  • Sacrament of Conclave: fixed a bug that caused the item received from trading Seals of Conclave to not inherit the duration.

    Dragon Treasure Box
  • Amulets received from the box are now kept in the Treasures section in the bag.

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