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Sunday, January 5th 2020, 10:37pm



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Hey, I am Dragagon, and I am here to recruit and advertise for p2p.
Don't close this thread yet, keep on reading. here's my story on why I post here this and now.

I used to be like you, on f2p. Happy with my small CS here and there, a mount of 80 euros, good for a few weeks to be proud on. Upgrading runes on sales where I think I got them cheap. Next sale where I can get more temporary stats again to compete somewhere. Not to be just someone somewhere in f2p like everyone else.
Working my weekends every week so I can spend them in f2p to get nice things. Meanwhile studying throughout the week and trying to keep up with the work for school and balancing it with the love and passion I have for this game.

Getting good money at the end of the month cause of all the weekends I worked so I can spend about 3/4th of that for satisfying CS mounts, temp items, core sales, new trinkets, new shells, and so it repeats. Each half year you spend the same earnings on the same items.

Life of a student for Allods Online is hard, and empty. Empty and futureless.
it drains you from everything you tryhard so hard on, this is my story.

I was realising that this can no longer continue, looking back at all the money I made and looking at how much I have left now, wondering where it all went.

It's a game, it's part of the f2p game, but money shouldn't get mixed up with games. Not that much money for sure. Not for me.
I was lucky enough to have found myself the p2p server. Others are not so lucky. Others just give up, quit and move on.
I want players to be aware that there is a p2p server. A server just like f2p, without the cash competition. Without the pressure to spend so damn much to feel good to sit on that mount that other player has. Or to look as good as the other cause costumes that cost tons of euros. Nothing ingame, purely euros. Or getting beaten all the time by those players because they spent so much more, knowing that if you had equal CS, if you had equal, you would win. You lose, because they spend more.

There is p2p, my dear reader. It's the same game you know from f2p, with pleasant surprises. Ingame drops as it should be. Mounts from raids, not boutique. Bags from raids, not from shop. Permanent blessing, not from shop or the daily chore quests. Replicators from astral, not from shop. Insignia's that you NEED, NEEEED to be flexible on your stats. These are core items in gameplay, gained by gameplay. In f2p it's ONLY from boutique. All of f2p is mixed up with real money required to do anything you want to do.
p2p is all of that, all of what you read and more of what I can't think of right now, for 5 euros. 5 euros a month is ALL it takes. Now look back at f2p, look back one month. One month, look at what you spend on f2p. Were it important things? Or were it "must get that power" in the moment items? Were it "gotta look smooth for a week" in a moment burn? Premium, trying to hoard numbers in f2p thanks to premium boosts to keep that other guild down? No wallet competition in p2p. None of that. Purely you, and the game. No wallets allowed, no power of the rich. Play the game it was meant to be played like in gipat days. In gpotato days. It's untouched, it's even better with updated mounts.

Hearing stories of p2p players of how awesome and great it was back in the day fills me with regret. Regret that I didn't look further than my wallet on f2p. All the fun I could have had on p2p, was overshadowed by competition and tryharding on f2p, at the cost of great amounts of real money.
Hearing these stories makes me feel responsible in some way to atleast make others aware to avoid the same regret I have now. Do not keep going on f2p if you're doubting about wether to spend x euros or not to get that one item while the next one is around the corner for that same price, if not double.
On p2p it costs nothing, the game and the joy is free. As free as an mmorph allows it to be. Do not feel regret in the future, for I have felt it for you. I suppose we all have to walk the same path of troubles to learn the same mistakes. But let me alteast warn you this way, it's an expensive way to learn this. If you happen to learn it on your own, or you happen to trust me on this and already take a turn around, I hope to see you soon on p2p.

Let that sink in for a while before you decided to quit the game due to real life financial issues or lack of time to grind gold here and there.
f2p is a farm simulator, p2p is the game.

Check p2p, you should have a 7d free trial if you never tried it before. Otherwise it's 500 bc (5 euros) to top acces for a month. Planning to play longterm? Let's say 2 years from now. Sounds far enough, right?
80 euros. It costs you 80 euros to play 2 years Allods Online at full potential, nothing locked behind paywalls. You're able to do anything the other can too.

Will you manage for 2 years on f2p with 80 euros? Check p2p before you decide leaving the game and the potential great memories you could have with us, with them, with Sarnaut :)

See you there?
It was a great game until bought it. Since then, a lot of things have been changed. Items added to the cash shop began to have a great influence on the gameplay, completely shifted the balance of the game. And even the merger of the servers did not help the situation: even considering the number of servers that were combined, online is falling every year. kills game projects, and this is a well-known fact. And this happens not only with Allods Online - Revelation Online, ArcheAge and many other games have slipped into the trash thanks to the pay-to-win system. If someone really like Allods Online and remember good old school days, they would better to pick a subscription server to play, which is the last resort of this game.


Monday, January 6th 2020, 12:58am

f2p f2p, but where, which fraction?

Those who want to escape Dragagon's gears are running to imp side :)
Because Avarice farm league, sadly.
and Dagagon his guildies or some of they or most of they as how you like it.
It is worse than Legends+ Ascendancy together :)


Monday, January 6th 2020, 2:53am



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Monday, January 6th 2020, 5:01pm

f2p f2p, but where, which fraction?

Those who want to escape Dragagon's gears are running to imp side
Because Avarice farm league, sadly.
and Dagagon his guildies or some of they or most of they as how you like it.
It is worse than Legends+ Ascendancy together
Excuse me, english?


Monday, January 6th 2020, 5:06pm

f2p f2p, but where, which fraction?

Those who want to escape Dragagon's gears are running to imp side :)
Because Avarice farm league, sadly.
and Dagagon his guildies or some of they or most of they as how you like it.
It is worse than Legends+ Ascendancy together :)
Yes we need more volunteers to work on meteorite mines in kirah, brewery could also use some more grain from our lightwood farm. Don't hesitate and come to work on league side!*

*food, shelter and payment are not provided


Monday, March 16th 2020, 8:44pm

Yeep, game over

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Tuesday, March 31st 2020, 3:24am

Left out

I think OP is just talking about wishy washy stuff that could happen, but isn't happening. I played P2P for like, a couple of good months last year got my character to end game level, even got some decent gear... but then some drama happened between the two guilds at the time, some split ups, some people not talking to each other on a server that's already severely underpopulated... and then it got to the point where I got stuck. Yes, stuck. In the guild I was in there was just 1 party doing all the activities together and leaving everyone else out (and most of them were the leaders, unevenly distributing their power; I don't want to give any names). You had to compete for a spot in a party... because it's impossible to get items in any other way than doing things together after a while. End game maps require you to be in a party of at least 2 to survive and make things smooth. I gave all my ship items to my friend who made a ship, but didn't use it, cause he always went with the main guy who had a stronger ship to astral in their little VIP party. I got stuck in P2P with no ship, nobody to play with, market is dead, even if I wanted to buy my way out and solo something, I just couldn't. I felt like I wasted that 1 month of my time of leveling and grinding and trying to gear up my character, only to be left at the end with my character sitting in Novograd doing nothing but waiting around for some party to have a spot for some activity in my guild. I left the guild and wanted to join another one, but even the other one was doing the same so then I just rage quit. There's greed everywhere because of people, not because of people's circumstances. And yes maybe you pay 5 Euro but you get no enjoyment out of it due to the low population and the greed of the few that reign at the top in P2P who help you out only a little bit to keep you going, but then most of your day you got nothing to do if you don't have a ship and a crew. No good way to grind gold to do anything by yourself in the game. So for what to waste my precious time and sacrifice my enjoyment only for the sake of paying 5 Euro a month? I don't get anything out of that 5 Euro at the end of it all. That was my experience with P2P. I really tried. It was severely disappointing. Not because of the game, but because of the people.


Wednesday, April 1st 2020, 1:49am

I'm playing again on Empire side and really enjoying myself. We do content as a guild all of the time and if anyone wants to do anything they speak up about it. Heroics, skrimishes, 3v3, or whatever someone wants to do. It's been a real pleasure so far with this patch and hope to see some new faces pop up so we can do stuff together (hopefully during NA times since it gets a little lonely with 90% of people being EU).
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Wednesday, April 1st 2020, 9:09am

Well same is in leauge side, if you have any problem to find team/party to play with write to officers to help, thay gona put you in one of teams wher is spot

ther always gona be some competition, no matter what guild/game you gona go, whers 8 ppl for 6slot, you can only try make new party to fill other ppl starting game, or be better than your competitors

in avarice stronger partys always try to take 1-2 ppl to carry them to learn them tactics in heroics
if you had problems to find team for ship adventrures, you culd alway try pm to someone with ship and save slot before that person even started to search for team

other than that you can try get gear droping from astral den boss whos droping orange ship parts, or ask ppl to sell you no needed parts

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