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Sunday, February 24th 2019, 6:49am

New to play

Hi, i want to play here (P2P server) and i like the Arisen (miss Space Undeads from Wildstar).

So, i like support and heal. Wich class should o go?

Ty in advance.


Sunday, February 24th 2019, 8:05am

Summoner can either heal or off-support (mostly PvP) and can be Arisen.


Sunday, February 24th 2019, 8:42am

It depends on what kind of support do you want: offensive or defensive?
If you want offensive support, there are multiple classes that can be arisen: summoner, psio, mage, priest.
If you want defensive support, there are only two in game but only one of them can be arisen: engineer.

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Sunday, February 24th 2019, 3:27pm

Of the one mentioned by rave, only summoner and priest can be fullheal


Wednesday, March 20th 2019, 12:51am

Oh, sry for the, Engineer cant heal but Bard can, right?

The best class for active buff is?

And about healers, any healer with active buffs?


Wednesday, March 20th 2019, 7:23am



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Engineer Heals more than Bard, and atm for offensive Engineer best, for Defensive, Bard is better in my oppinion, both Priest and Summy "Can" apply Temporal acceleration as buff but none realy "buff" people
I am PioPico


Saturday, March 30th 2019, 2:19am

hi , im new also , just joined Smugglres paradise last night.Anyway , i can't seem to find the Boutique on P2P server , is it only available on F2P server [Evolution] ?


Saturday, March 30th 2019, 3:17pm


Sunday, March 31st 2019, 4:35am

Confirmed, no boutique on p2p
i see, thank you.Then how do i upgrade/add more bags ?


Sunday, March 31st 2019, 5:36am

i see, thank you.Then how do i upgrade/add more bags ?
Ecipse raid drops the biggest one. For bigger ones, you'll have to keep your eyes peeled out for forum events or announcements about ingame events rewarding pemium BC. On p2p this is being converted to another currency which you can buy bigger bags with.


Saturday, May 11th 2019, 12:14pm

Yeah,agreed..No boutique on p2p My CC Pay

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