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Saturday, April 25th 2020, 2:57am

Inflation - how much to pay? - how long?

1. There are free players, who aren't so active
2. a. Thee are free players very active and arming gold, and buy CS items, the cheapest
2. b. there are players who pay some and play some
3. there are players who pay a lot and usually play enough.

If I take the free to play and farm gold, than it will be very valuable our time in game also.
This is very similar in real life with selling your time to earn some money : employment

Both cases are limited time and the mage master / your boss will limit how much can you earn.

For me it was always a dilema where to spend moeny or spend it or keep it.
There are events, when the crytal chips are on sale. So saved my money and waited for the sale and purcased it.
While I waited I didn't enjoy the game, since I was weak for everything.
After sale in max 1 month a new patch is comming and kinda needed the +1 level runes, so I wasn't strong again and needed to save money and wait. Not so fum. I see people with 6x lvl 10 runes in this days, who not all day farm gold for rune.

When you want to join to a top guild they will ask your rune ( and patronage) - so for this readon need to look good.
When you want to join to a party you have to have the gearscore. But the gearscore boosting need other money to be spent and those are temporaly. Once new secor is opend your gear will be aoutdated, all money for Tools , replicators, purify scrolls will be flushed.
So here is a question how much to spend to permanent items and how much on gears ( temp items)

Now is a sale of whatever box, which will increasse my defense points, if I would buy it, but actually it is a temp item:

Very nice, but just 180 days!
This means for 1 years you have to pay only for this item 2x.
But there are other temp items too, in this price range.
18.000.000 gold / 180 day = > 100.000 gold / day for this item only!

Of course you have for the attack, for everything...

Probably can be calculated exactly how much , but I think it is around 30 eur / month are the costs of this nice temp items, just to have it updated.

As soon the max level increasing new , harder mobs will come out and new crystal chip will be on sale.
Depending on what level rune have you already, but +1 level rune from 11 to 12 it is: 202.057.454 gold ( more or less) but you need kinda +1 level on all 6 slots, so this would be 6x200M gold = 1200M gold => 2.000 eur. If I misscalulated or rate are different, maybe "just" 1.000 eur. => 80-160 eur / month.

(but 1x lvl 12 to lvl 13 it is 407.037.347 gold. )

If I choose to pay, lets say 100 eur /month => 10.000 crystals => 60-70 million gold.
This is almost the same effect if I could farm 2.000.000-3.000.0000 gold / day.
=> need to farm around 160.000 gold / hour x 12h / day x 30 day / month, just to keep progress with the inflation!

Than when to play the game? - the daily other 2-4 hours?

I have a character left on the other fraction, very long time didn't play and just logged in and I see:
- my runes barelly enough for a regular astral 7/6 but when I stoped it was considered high ( not top)
- missing lot of CS items.

This happent in the last 5 or 7 years: inflation.

The subscription server it is a lot cheaper of course compared to this.
But the leak of mark of acomplishments makes the game unplayable, leak of basic items.
I don't want to farm gold 12h /day all day and even if I do the source of the gold will be lowered.
I don't want to pay 100-200 eur / month.

Just stop to play ?

BTW I have any content to enjoy:
- regular astral is just to easy
- BG free players are 1 shot, full CS players are invincible
- no heroics party.
- fail raids.
- no guild, where are friendly players and not selfish ones.
- Domi: same as BG or very weak or to strong, we can't fight, just run: or after they or from they.


Saturday, April 25th 2020, 1:09pm

Why won't you join p2p server then?
Arah - Smuggler's Paradise - Empire - Legacy


Saturday, April 25th 2020, 1:19pm


i another game you have 130-150g for 400bc

and 1 costumes, delux weapon desing cost 600

dlc cost 600-1000 and many times ther puting 44-66% discout

mount skin cost 1200-2000

and thers no p2w items

also just from pvp you geting 20g or pve maps 20-40g per meta

allods is no worth monays if your not veteran


Saturday, April 25th 2020, 6:05pm



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dont take prices from AH serious, always take 30% off and u have a fair price
I am PioPico


Saturday, April 25th 2020, 7:24pm

dont waste gold on temporary items -
after 180 days your investition will be gone for good without any advantage staying

get the permanent ones, play for the long run

every AH item can be bought for at least 5% discount as this is the AH commission
most things are overpriced anyway
text the player selling it directly and try to negotiate

just for reference i am at 26.000 GS now with almost all items (except the 180 day ones) and have 8 years experience, but lacking dragonrelics (and not doing heroics) limits me
i also do not get temporary boosters like tools from itemshop or amalgam duplicators as effects from these get purged in new season anyway
this means i have to go with a 2nd or 3rd place in BG sometimes which is totally OK to me however
i would have to change class (scout / paladin / warrior) and get dragonrelics to reach an optimal state
coremorpher will drop from daily quest (not a day witout a gift) at some point and dragonrelics will come from battles / grail artefact over time - so i just have to keep it up and things will be fixed eventually

just 500 more gearscore means a "full cs" player can no longer reasonably kill a medium equipped one - if you look for competition go for the high gearscore, not the items from shop
if you fight some superior class (warrior / paladin / scout) even an undergeared player can win (+use skills at correct time)

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