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Make virtual goods blockchain-based user owned property

Basically the economy and properties of this game (even the accounts itself and the progress) could be tied to a blockchain-ecosystem like ethereum offers. This would profit all players as it would make it easier to trade goods. Players would get an actual property in their items.

The company itself could emit allods-specific tokens (e.g. for BC) and so on. Offering payments in cryptocurrencies would last but not least make chargeback impossible to fraud would become technically impossible.
There are a few games which already do something like that, most relevant "gods unchained". its a cardgame but the thing with virtual goods is the same in the end.

This topic is far too large to discuss this compleely n a suggestionpost here but i think its already imagineable what would be possible.
these things would happen in the background so players which are not interested in these things are not confrontated with it so no entrybarriers would be erect

oh and dont forget the amount of new players which would get in here if this news would spread through the cryptocurrency-world.
If it is still not clear enough this means the company can make a lot of
$ and the users profit aswell so its a win-win in the end :thumbup:


too much to implement for old game like this

+ you need here ppl whos know on it, and other ppl to implement it to game

beter alternative is having card with crypto, and evry time you cash in game card exchange crypto->euro

your idea is good but on cards/chess/poker games as thay not complicated to make, and this think it's ther more for advertisement

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its likely this suggestion wont get implemented but still i wanted to post it
exchanging crypto to € is no problem for me, the taunting thing was to make all the items you have in this game blockchain-based assets
making the item xy an asset would also be a relatively simple task. its not like you would have to re-write allods' code from the scratch, just add some things to the existing

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