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Thursday, May 28th 2020, 3:09am

Worth coming back

Is it worth coming back to allods? Havent played in 2 years, had full cs items and full 8 runes. Or is the p2p server worth going to? Has the population increased or is it still as dead as ever.


Thursday, May 28th 2020, 4:16am

I just came back today to the p2p server and the surprise is the server is more alive than it has ever been i would give it a shot if i were you ^^


Thursday, May 28th 2020, 6:34am

yes it's worth to pay 11 euro for 3 months to see whats new, and then when you get bored you change game or buy another sub

it's not worth backing on f2p as this game old and too much p2w, you can farm items in game but for 300-400ppl population idk thers other games wher have duels 50vs50vs50 and you building eq only once+ max you can p2w is visual costume

right now only veterans play f2p cuz thay spended too much to move on to other game, or thay have friends ingame and coming more for play with them than play a game

p2p give you what f2p did 4-5y ago, + on top of that most items you geting in game, same as boosters droping from allods, parts to armor drop from heroic, and spark exp or golin are on ai-rihat
thers only x2,5 dmg diference between new person and veteran, so you can ez catch up, and mostly evyone will want to do content with you


Friday, May 29th 2020, 12:49am


Friday, May 29th 2020, 2:01am

I just returned today, I'm enjoying the p2p server quite a bit.


Friday, May 29th 2020, 6:23pm

How can you recommend that cashgrab server tho? Not everyone has thousands of dollars to throw in a fire, or 5 years of their life to farm on Allods 24/7


Saturday, May 30th 2020, 12:47am

How can you recommend that cashgrab server tho? Not everyone has thousands of dollars to throw in a fire, or 5 years of their life to farm on Allods 24/7

As it has all content and is free
you dont need to throw a single dollar at it and your progress accordingly to your effort as anywhere else aswell, as it should be
would be wicked if someone who plays 10 minutes everyday progresses samewise as someone who plays 5 hours, right? :rolleyes:


Saturday, May 30th 2020, 5:15am

You end up paying a ton more in the F2P. Don't be delusional and do not lie to people just because you want more players, do what is better for them. Which is not to play Allods, but if you really want to, P2P is the better option.
Also it shouldn't require me 5 hours each day to "progress" and time investment doesn't equal effort, I'm sorry if you believe it as such.


Saturday, May 30th 2020, 6:44am

you "end up paying" only if you want to do this. it does not "happen", you have to do it
same as children do not "happen", you have to engage in order to get them

i dont lie to players (never did, why would i) and i feel like the normal server has more than enough players
(actually it would be much more reasonable to make false promises for those who play on the unfamous server with underpopulation but lets stop with this nonsense)
however i share my experience to make it easier to come to a conclusion for those who are not already know how things run here
i would feel ripped off if i would pay only to discover that paying makes me have to cope with a shareware-version of a game while on the other server the same amount of $ would have got me fruther plus game is free plus i can get everything just by farming anyway, but thats just me

at some level time effort DOES equal effort, at the point where you reach maximum efficiency or are very close to maximum efficiency

for example in al rihat, by doing the repeatable quest "kill 100 mobs" when you kill 100 bees you will get 50 currency there. with this currency you can get elixiers of fate
now i can kill these bees faster than they respawn and with my mount move fast enough to keep them all down so i have to wait for them to respawn. cant get more efficient, however i can do this longer to get more EOF in the end which ultimately could result in me having some artefactlevel before a fellow player
this is just a general example to clarify what i mean.

actually i dont give a flying fk about having the artefact earlier or not, in the end i get it anyway, i am not in a hurry
there might be someone who becomes superior to me by putting in more effort but i dont really care - on the other side the player doing this might care and feels happy because he was able to win against me
he rightfully won as he put in more effort than i did

hard progresslocks are astralkeys
soft progresslocks are things like up % of gear as theoretically you could nonstop play and get these up

so it is with items, you can farm as long as you want, up to 24/7
donations only grant you things faster you would get anyway over time
on the paymentserver there are things you can never get at all, no matter how much effort you put
thats one of the many reasons why i prefer the free server but each to their own
if someone enjoys having less items thats fine too, who am i to judge?

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Saturday, May 30th 2020, 7:39am

yeh ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER, but ppl have diferent playstyle, thay don't want farm

for you content is farming

other ppl like pvp more

other only raids/heroics

yet other coming only for dominion

in f2p you can't pvp or do other activitis witchout pay or farming

on p2p you can skip farming, and focus on think you want

you want to do pvp? get gear from guild bank, or from ah for 5k gold and your ready to go

you want heroics? you starting heroics and geting uprages to your armor shell, so next heroics gona be eazier for you

you want dominion? you just join dominion as diference in dmg even witchout artefacts or other stuff is only x2,5 so your matter and you geting coins to spend for adional stats so future dominion gona be eazier

you want raids? you join raids and you spedning your dkp to get dragon relitcs to make you future raids more ez

you want do astral or arch-demon on astral ship? you got whole guild ready to help with 3-5 ships

you want to do only islands insted of heroics? for evry island you geting scrols whos give you x2 more loot and burning your kays faster, so you can focus only to do it at weekends when you have time

in f2p first you need focus on farming to get besic cash shop items, if you want pvp you need buy new cash shop item coming evry 2 months, you want domi? you can as regular party only as you get two shot from 13 rune player, you want raids? you need have basic cash shop or you gona die or other more cash player steal your spot as he do x5-8 more than you

p2p alowing you to skip all that, and once you hited max lv and got gear you can do practicly evrythink
on top of that if you start p2p thers only 1-2 guilds, so from start your welcome and geting help

if you start on f2p, your practicly alone, or you can join some small guilds whos don't do endgame content much

like i told f2p is for players whos like farming gold, and overtime becoming ritch or veterans whos actualy have it

p2p is more oriented on whats you like, and rewarding you for thinks you do, on top of that if you do many thinks, you geting many bonuses thats help you in other thinks

in f2p 75% what you do is farming gold, 25% your bag in pvp/pve

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Sunday, May 31st 2020, 8:08pm

ppl have diferent playstyle, thay don't want farm

thats why i say its perfectly fine if someone prefers the paymentserver
each to their own

for this reason it is incredibly important to tell players the differences so they can know what they prefer as its frustrating if you have some progress already and then find out you might have preferred the other model

we all love this game the one or other way - otherwise we would not spend so much time on it ;) :love:


Wednesday, June 3rd 2020, 4:35am

you "end up paying" only if you want to do this. it does not "happen", you have to do it
same as children do not "happen", you have to engage in order to get them

Actually no, videogame companies have spend a ton of time investigating ways to make you pay them even if you don't really want to. There are literal conferences on how to "Use whales" or how to abuse people into believing they really want to spend on the game. It does happen and you have much less control over your actions than you realize. It just amazes me the degree to which people are ignorant about how abusive videogame monetization can be, to the point of literally defending some organization that will gladly suck up all of your money.

I like the Jimquisition for this kind of subjects, if you can tolerate the humor watch this two videos: "The addictive cost of Predatory Videogame Monetization" and "Turning Players into Payers".

And well, if you really don't value your time or money enough that's fine, if you just like farming you have plenty of farming to do in the p2p server which is actually gonna get you to the same spot everyone is, eventually. But don't go into f2p with hopes of been someone with just "farming" unless you plan to make Allods your work. And if you think the farming in p2p is minimal, you need to move to other games to actually have a grasp of what farming in videogame refers to. A tolerable and doable amount of farming.


Thursday, June 4th 2020, 7:26pm

pay them even if you don't really want to

this is nonsense. if i want to pay i pay. if o dont want to pay i dont pay. people playing this game are not some mentally unstable kids who dont have an own opinion on things
you have much less control over your actions than you realize

if this is true for someone i feel sorry for him but at least for me this is certainly not true at all
i know some people like to blame others for their low willpower but it is them who do the transaction. similar to those who lose money in casino. they choose to do this
how abusive videogame monetization can be

abusive is definitely the wrong word. it might be tempting at best but nothing more
some organization that will gladly suck up all of your money.

everyone will gladly suck up the money of everyone he can, this is nothing worth noting at all, it is self-evident
get you to the same spot everyone is

actually a lot of players do not want everyone be on the same spot. me for example, i want to gain more items and thus superiority so i am at advantage even when only giving low effort in battle


Friday, June 5th 2020, 9:21am


actually a lot of players do not want everyone be on the same spot. me for example, i want to gain more items and thus superiority so i am at advantage even when only giving low effort in battle

for me overtime i wanted evryone to be around equal, and concept when superiority you build by skill, working on your build, or tryharding on stats to make thinks work uniqe way to bring you victory, when your strong becose your spended more time on farm/ cashing up, it fast ending like with Fakenews, when he did 50 kills 1 death on bg, it's geting boring as in the end you geting that score not be skill, but swinging 2-3 times enchanted weapon, you not even fell adrenaline or any danger at all

thats why goblinball bringed me more emotions than any 3vs3 or bg in f2p as here you never knew what will happyn, and you alwyas had presure on your actions and satisfaction after you wined hard duel

in p2p it's look better as you can't rush alone on more than 2-3 ppl (until your bunker with low dmg) with similar pover to you, what force you to more teamplay action, and more communication

same 3vs3 or domi are more fun as your actions matter much more offten, as limits of your class proc more often, same you can much more eazly compare to other ppl than in f2p when evryone have xxxx cash shop and diferent numbers in dmg and tanknes in f2p

i think 80% felled same as me, and thats why thay moved to other games or to p2p

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