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Tuesday, June 2nd 2020, 11:51pm

How does vigor calculation work?

Hi guys,
What I am seeing with my high school math, I am missing a draconic relic piece worth of vigor?
Can someone shed some light on this for me?
I reduced the total vigor by the ruby bonus and calculated the ruby bonus myself.
As rubies are supposed to give 9%, I reduced total vigor by 1177, so that comes to 13405. Adding 9% to that myself with the formula I am not sure of being correct as you see on the screenshot, I get to an outcome whihc is higher than I actually have.


Wednesday, June 3rd 2020, 9:44am

The cape bonus isn't affected by the rubies.
So the calculation is: Base 100 + Patronage bonus 121 + Equipment bonus 12853 = 13074 * 1.09 = 14250.66 + Cape bonus 331 = 14581.66


Wednesday, June 3rd 2020, 6:58pm

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