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Thursday, July 9th 2020, 7:09pm

(Empire only) Giving away free statpoints + EXP ^.~

Now that i have your attention down to business
my guild "Nezebgrad" from now offers free statpoints to everyone who joins ( 40 of luck and 120 of bloodlust), i dont care about your experience, gear, items or skill

only requirement is you are not a flamer or beggar - everything else is fine (free speech is endorsed)

[b]on top there is an experience bonus (+8% EXP)[/b]

Send a message to "Aufseher" in empire and i will invite you
i have a few tabards left you can get these "first come first served"
(if i am not online add me to friends list to see when i am online)

i recently had a lot of new disciples from the mentorprogram and all of them seemed a little lost in the game
while i am a soloplayer by decision i understand many players would not enjoy this style
i often have seen players without a guild which seem to be rookies and when i had a short conversation with them they told me they dont meet the "requirements" to join guilds, endeding up with offering them to join the one i founded and it was accepted thankfully; even saw player in endgame zone al rihat with severe problems fighting the mobs there

this is not a regular guild however, rather see this as an "interest group"

"We have no duties, no taxes, no social interaction, no astralgroups, no raids and no dominion - only free statpoints"
so there is no hook attached to this
the only purpose of this guild is to provide a statbonus and the vigor bonus from tabard to my chars so if you want to do what guilds usually do this is likely not for you
it is also fine if you leave in case you dont like it, i really dont care

just want to provide an option for rookies (or anyone else) to get the statbonus (and maybe exchange knowledge in a simple way) :thumbup:

German version / Deutsche Version:
(Nur Imperium) Verschenke Statuspunkte ^.~

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Monday, July 13th 2020, 5:34am

nice move, wish you best, and iron will =b

did same in past with +20% exp guild, even if it's for 5% ppl who will not leave game, it's worth to help others :)

don't forget to spam in zone chats as not evryone read forum


Tuesday, July 14th 2020, 9:20am

did same in past with +20% exp guild, even if it's for 5% ppl who will not leave game, it's worth to help others :)

totally! recently saw in worldchat some messages of a guild offering +20% exp, thought "hey this should be also available for the statpoints"
its true only a small percentage stays in game, however those who do usually become pretty good players. 2 days ago just had a disciple reach level 90, was a great thing to witness :)
don't forget to spam in zone chats as not evryone read forum

i rather write a discrete message to players without guildtag i see, spamming is odd :wacko: guess a note on the ingame pinboard would be appropriate aswell


Tuesday, July 14th 2020, 9:21pm


i rather write a discrete message to players without guildtag i see, spamming is odd :wacko: guess a note on the ingame pinboard would be appropriate aswell

Not rly, when i was annocing info in zone usualy 2-3 ppl asked me to join for 20% exp guild

Thats also eazier than finding ppl by yourself scounting map


Wednesday, September 9th 2020, 12:23am


Wednesday, September 9th 2020, 4:43pm



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I would suggest world shouting a couple times, ppl dont look at pin board
I am PioPico


Monday, October 12th 2020, 5:33am

Are you still looking for members? ive been spamming general chat and no one seems interested in adding people at all. so itd be nice to join a guild and play with a few people


Monday, October 12th 2020, 10:19pm

Yes still have some space for new players
i am interested in adding more (new) players so if i see a request in chat i offer an invitation
hwever i (sadly) cant play all day so its likely we played at different times

to fix this, add me to your friendlist, name is "Aufseher" - you can tell me your name here aswell so i can add you too - this way we see when the other one is online
however we need to be online at the same time for a guildinvite

for the future it is planned to add exp+ guildrubies aswell so the final result should be the full statbonus (already available) + the full exp+ bonus (work in progress)

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Wednesday, November 24th 2021, 4:01am

dont be ashamed, there is no hook attached, only free bonus ^^

+ 40 luck
+ 120 bloodlust
+ 8% exp
+ 4% bg-emblems (=gold)

only requirement is you do not flame and you are not a beggar ("give gold pls")
i also dont care if you cannot write english or if you are shy or just want to play without chatting all the time. whatever
just text me "guild invite" and it know what you want. guild tabards go automatically to those with most prestige
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Friday, November 26th 2021, 1:44pm



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on Imperiumside Mortals is offering +20% Exp-Bonus and leveling players get officerrank so they can invite others. no taxes.

on Leagueside Lightning offers +20% EXP-Bonus, Guildleader is very active inviting all guildless players around and all leveling players get officerrank to invite others. no taxes.

if you wanna help newbies pls recommend real help not that 8%crap. each other endgameguild has all the other statboni too.

btw, by my own experience, most players refuse to get ninjainvited into guilds. many of them even refuse to get invited explicitly informed about the boni, stating "i like/wanna play dis way" having no clou what they are talking about and few levels later never been seen again.

imho its a big mistake to not give newbies the strong recommendation to join levelguilds. most players dont even make it to maxlevel as you can see in mentorsystem. is it the old gamegrafic? is it the overall total inconvinient p2p part in p2w like small bag, feisty slow mounts (sitting on dis fu starterwolf with +40% speed feels even slower then normal walking), no healups, no free respec from 15 to maxlvl? is it quests that are annoying or to hard with 0er - 3er runes without an opclass? false tooltipps, not working rubies, no lootpet? ... this game has too much you can do wrong and less are willing to waste time with explaining coz no1 knows if you will stay as teammates or end as enemy or even make it to lvl50... when i startet 2013 the word was: most quit in assee... but theres isnt even open pvp anymore for real and you can easily pass assee in hours with fatesystem...
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Friday, November 26th 2021, 4:20pm

the reason for this guild to exist is to provide myself a statbonus primarily, though i love to share it with fellow players for free (instead of asking for taxes)
"charity" is a sideeffect, not the main reason

a 20% levelingguild is found quickly and considering how much exp quests give in total you might prefer the statbons as more damage means faste progress. especially the 120 bloodlust is a gamechanger if you dont have to heal up with martyrs salvation after a few mobs

but hey, if you prefer exp over statbonus there you go. honestly, i really dont care. its not like i get something in return for this anyway

as you say ENDGAME-guilds (which usually want taxes, activity and deand hundreads of other things) have this statbonus usually - thats the catch. i want to provide this statbonus for EVERYONE

casualplayers stopping after some time are a normal occurence in a complex game, dont worry about it

if i "ninjainvite" players i send them a short explaination as i found out many think they are "Not good enough" to join a guild - most accept thankfully afterwards


"all leveling players get officerrank to invite others"

funny until you invite a troll which kicks everyone out of the guild :D

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Thursday, June 2nd 2022, 5:33pm


Thursday, October 5th 2023, 2:43am

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