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Thursday, February 27th 2020, 1:14am

There is an anime related to Allods...

Well, actually it is related to MMORPGs in general but while i watched it, almost everything was familiar to me because i play allods. It was really nice to watch and made me smile, there are also some subtle erotic innuendos, i love this
So i thought i share this here incase someone else may enjoy it too

Plot is about a player who finds himself inside his beloved onlinegame, being his char from the game, himself
all NPCs are alive now with an actual personality, he finds himself on his "Private allod/ guild allod" and the defenders of his "Maze" swear loyalty to him and then he starts exploring the world, gets into adventures and so on

things i remember aswell seeing in this anime:

quests, resistances, superior players, potions, classchange, ultra rare powerful items, passive and active skills, classes,guilds, groups, mounts, mobs, ... certainly forgot some, but i had a smile on my face watching this
there is even a golden weapon which looks a bit like the level13-rune weaponskin
As the article says, this is not just a manga (comicbook) but there is an anime aswell...

If you like anime aswell, this might be worth looking into 8o

some images

More images ->…ages&iax=images

Credits somehow go to Lioo as he dragged my attention to this anime. Now, 2 years later, i found the time to watch it :rolleyes:

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Thursday, February 27th 2020, 8:51am



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Thursday, February 27th 2020, 5:53pm

I never understood how someone could dislike funny or interesting stories and thrilling fights along with cute & sexy girls... but to each their own :rolleyes:


Monday, July 20th 2020, 4:41am



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if you like isekai, try watch log horizon
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Monday, July 20th 2020, 1:06pm

if you like isekai, try watch log horizon

thanks for your input! you are the 3rd telling me to give it a look :thumbsup:
have already downloaded it and currently watching episode 5 or something ^_^

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