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Client Alchemy issue


Wednesday, July 29th 2020, 11:02am



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Alchemy issue

Sorry if i'm wrong. But it's not the first time that I did a potion and get the right combination. And even with the combination, the potion creation fail. This is a issue or i'm missing something?
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Wednesday, July 29th 2020, 10:09pm

a higher quality mortar will improve your chance to get a successful result as it will add 1 more line that grants you a potion (your picture shows you only have 2 lines where it will be a success)
but it needs to match within these lines - if it matches outside the red mark it wont work

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Thursday, July 30th 2020, 5:14am

yep for you correct is mid+1 down
you taged +1 up wher it's over range

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