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Monday, July 27th 2020, 4:27pm



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Luja-Gialla's Spark Quest [Guide]

'im doing this quest now, since it's a bit hard cause the majority of guides are in russian, I will try to explain what i'll discover here.
I suggest to make some gathering because this quest is very long. (I collect many herbs :D )

1 - First you start the quest in Coba Plateu, in the Prospector's Inn. Talk with Gorislav Gipitsky, he will give to you a quest to find the pages of journal of Marianna in Eljune. Travel to Eljune Bazaar and go to Wispwood Forest.
Here you will find lots of corpse of dead soldiers, you need to catch the first page of log in one of that corpses. Search for a crow that wonder in this area and follow him. When he stops in a corpse, interact with that soldier to catch the first log.

2 - The first log will give a clue for the second page. Now go to the camp near Tipsy Thickt. There you will find the second page inside a cage, you need to catch the key for that cage. The key was guarded by a dog inside a specie of camper. Everytime you try to catch the key, the dog stops you. Buy a Warm Mead in the food seller in this camp, and give for the dog, it will put him to sleep. Catch the key and go to open the cage.

3 - Now go to the Zoiloi Outpost and search for a flying burning scroll in this area. It can be inside a construction, below a carriage, or hidden in a corner.

4 - Go to Eljune Bazaar and again, search for a flying burning scroll.

5 - This part that lots of people get stucked, got to the house in Merry Forest, and get hidden in a bush near a couple. The two NPC will start talking about a collar that's with one of the three kittens near the house. You need to go to the right kitten after see the two NPC talking, Unless you had heard the talk, all the three kittens will only give to you some fur. After heard the talk, get the collar and go to the next point (the kitten will run scary when you get to near, only keep trying).

6 - After get the pendant, go to the house near Wispwood Forest with a Elf (Louis de Blizare). Talk with him. He will say that he knows Marianna and She left a note in his house. Search a flying burning scroll in the area of the house.

7 - Go to Bloody outpost near the Eljune Bazaar and the enter to Asee-Teph. Go to one catapult and interact with it. You need to interact with it when the Reaven Thief is pacing with a page of the log, the catapult will throw you for you get it.

8 - Go to Takalik Harbor. Go to the stage and play with the band. After play, search for the NPC that is dancing for your music (the NPC is random). He will give to you a bottle for the next part.

9 - Go to Maddox Depot, and search for a Satyr (Crybaby the Crud) near it. He will give you a piece of cloth.

10 - Go to the astral ship near Icemirror Lake. Talk with the goblin inside the ship, he wil say a number to you. Go look into the crew notes around the ship to search other number (ignore all numbers with more than one digit). Insert the numbers into the Code Lock. Try all the orders with the numbers founded. When you set the right password the door will open and you will can get a treasure with the next item.

11 - Go to Itsmal Ruins (there's a log of Marianna in the ship that saw about this ruin if you want to see part of lore). There will be a elf in blue clothes near a pillar. Interact with the pillar. You will gain a skill in key Z that allow you to jump high. Use it to jump into the pillars around the ruin and get a log above a pillar near a demon. I though it was difficult to jump into pillars, and i begin to jump since the first pillar that I found (I saw a video of a player taking a alternative path).

12 - Now you need to go near the Kotelny Camp find a Treant (Stoneroot) he will give a piece of bark to a man tha sell mirra in wilderwoods.

13 - Go talk with Zosim Nikulin, he will say to you hear the sound of astral. Go walk in the border of the allods near Zosim. I recommend to remove the music and keep quiet to listen the diferent sound that appear when you approach the right spot. (the sound change of place like it was walking by the border). When you reach the right spot, interact with the Z button to get the item.

14 - Go to the the ForestFolk village in the north of the Whitewood Forest. Talk with Beech the Thickskinned and ask for participate in the ritual and he will give a Forestfolk mask. Enter in a tend and talk with Hurcha the Gifted ask "How is everithing?", after ask "that clothes are made of leaves?" and he will give to you a Forestfolk cloth, go talk with Ird the Deadly and Ask for green mud. Now press Z to pretend to be a Forestfolk, you need to do the same movement like the Forestfolks NPCs doing the ritual. Each movement succesfully executed will stack a buff of the ritual, even if you pass a movement they will stack (if you miss a movement you will lost all stacks).
After stack 8 ritual buffs a spirit will appear he will give you the next item.
*I passed using only the first and second movement, because the third had a bigger cast time.

15 - Now go to the Edge of Eternal Night and enter in the yellow ball that was wandering in this area, Each of them will teleport you to a plataform, you need to enter in the right portal that lead you to the plataform with the next log page.

16 - Go to the camp in Zosim coast and search for a flying burning scroll.

17 - Now go to Icemirror Lake, dive in the frozen lake and search for another burning scroll.

18 - Go to Jakala Ruins and when you walk there, the June spirit will appear again. He will appearing and pointing to where you need to go. When you reach the final point, you will be turned into a bird ghost and will need to fly to the top of a mountain. In that mountain will have a portal, After interact with that portal a NPC will appear and you can complete the quest.

I used this two videos, check them if you have any question (give a like too :P ).

If you think that part of this guide is incorrect or if you want add some more detail, please post a reply.
Rupeck - Psi
Lkledu - Healer
LEAGUE - F2P Server - Guild Vallhalla

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Friday, July 31st 2020, 1:41am

Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together :D


Saturday, August 15th 2020, 11:50am



  • "Rupeck" started this thread

Posts: 40

Location: Irene Brothel

Occupation: drunked gibberling

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Thanks for your reply. I've some difficult with this quests despite the guide in russian, it had some parts that i've had difficult to figure out, and i thought someone could had the same problem.
Rupeck - Psi
Lkledu - Healer
LEAGUE - F2P Server - Guild Vallhalla


Sunday, August 16th 2020, 8:58am

Good work on the Guide, it will help alot of People.
Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle.


Friday, October 2nd 2020, 1:51pm

This is a good and working guide. Thank you a lot for your efforts!

For no. 13: Don't go too far away from Zosim Nikulin to find the effect.

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