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Thursday, September 17th 2020, 2:01am

[UPDATED WITH BOSSES OF AL RIHAT] Quick and dirty summary of what to do in endgame for new players (rookies) + pictures

As i get these questions over and over again i post these here so EVERYONE can see :love:
Quick and dirty summary of what to do in endgame for new players (rookies)
if you do these things you will get a bit stronger every day
1st: visit the NPC next to the anvil at astral academy and get a full set of orange gear!

- Al rihat (=gear, gear upgraders, elixiers of fate from NPC) - see post below for detailed map!
- astral (= gear direct drops, gear upgrading, gold,spark exp)
- battleground (=amalgam, elixiers of fate, gold, spark exp - exchange bg emblems either for gold or for elixiers of fate)
- kingdom of elements (= gold)
exchange spare amalgam at negotiant NPC at astral academy for some magical dust so you can upgrade gear on anvil to 100% - once it is 100% you can improve it further with gearupgraders from al rihat

- easy raid "auto group" (= elixiers of fate, spark exp)
- get title of greatness (talk to yasker at max level)
- build your personal allod (quest after greatness, yasker)
- get a reincarnation and build a personal allod for it aswell (more gold - yay)


"there are no silly questions, only silly answers"
I put some images below to make things a bit easier to understand

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Thursday, September 17th 2020, 2:24am

Anvil Menu to upgrade artefacts and gear (astral academy)

Insignia to improve gear that has reached 100% (al rihat)
there are 3 type of insignia available here: 103%, 106% and 109%
you should use them in this particular order otherwise you waste them, the higher ones are rare

Buy these tools to get material for gear-upgrade

Click the "transmutation" tab to upgrade your gear to 100% You need dust and amalgam

The NPC gives you a full orange set of Level 108 gear. You cant upgrade it but it is a solid base to farm al rihat for 110 orange gear

The prompt to get the orange gear

Your armsdealer in al rihat ;) he will provide all the items you want for your gearup process

the anvil. click it to get the upgrading-menu

The elven-vampire NPC sells you elixiers of fate which is useful once you have all the gearparts already because you can craft artefacts with them

scroll down to get the sell menu from the anvil-NPC

Gear with this sign can get upgraded at the anvil. gear WITHOUT it cant and drops sometimes direct in astral. so just be patient and one day you will get the desired part
see how i already have a teal wand and mace? i was lucky and it dropped in astral today :)

difference of the gear from the NPC (level 108) and gear from al rihat (110) - you can only upgrade gear from al rihat!

buying dust from the negotiant at astral academy

selling material in order to gain currency to buy dust

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Thursday, September 17th 2020, 2:25am

- DPS meter

to see how much damage you do and get details about it get a DPS meter:
go to this site:

make an account and download the addon ( you can enter random email, there is no need to confirm the mail)

if you think it is stupid to make an account just to download a file, i uploaded it here so you dont have to make an account
paste the file into the folder
\ALLODS ONLINE\data\Mods\Addons
then start game and press escape, select extensions or whatever its called in english client and press the button "activate"
you should now have this display. you can click and move it to a good place. when you fight it shows your damage and the damage of groupmembers

Make an account to download (or download from the direct link i provided) and

paste the file into the folder
\ALLODS ONLINE\data\Mods\Addons
Then start the game (or restart it)

Step 1 - Press escape and go to this menu

Step 2 - press activate

Step 3 - and there is your dps meter

after major patches addons get disabled automatically

repeat the steps 1 -3 to re-enable them

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Thursday, September 17th 2020, 12:07pm


Tuesday, October 6th 2020, 7:25pm

Nice work, thank you! ;)

glad you like it :)



click image to enlarge it

These are not marked on map usually though they are still there (only one of 4 bosses is marked on map for blue quest in al rihat)
all are solo-able with proper bloodlust in damagebuild

i recommend to kill ALL of them every day as their chests consume your astralkeys - this way you only need to do astral once a week for spark EXP
these drop regular astralchests (=gearup-material + chance of direct geardrop)

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