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Thursday, September 17th 2020, 7:35am

Irene [GUIDE]

I made this tutorial for the russian P2P, but since you have the patch now too, it could be usefull


Thursday, September 17th 2020, 12:09pm


Thursday, October 1st 2020, 2:38pm

How can i complete Great ball: Espinoge quest ?


Thursday, October 1st 2020, 3:46pm


Orta Düzey

Mesajlar: 511

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read the quest, its not hard
I am PioPico


Friday, October 2nd 2020, 3:38am

see my personal notes with added english comments, helps maybe

some text has not been translated to german so its a mix of german and english on the screenshots


Wednesday, October 7th 2020, 10:32pm

I want to know how to get the 4/4 stacks at the manners' event, next to the palace:

i just go there, take a cup, throw it on the floor and start slapping everyone (although you don't always get the slapping move after), till i got like 3/1...

But idk... it seems to work better with people instead of npcs.

So if you guys know about it, pls share. Thanks.


Thursday, October 8th 2020, 1:24am

i always go to the table behind where 3 glasses of wine are already standing, then throw it at the people there, slap the one next to me and repeat, then go to the desk next to the one where i standing (more wine) and repeat my destructive behavior :cursing:

the poor visitors are like 8| ?( is he crazy wtf

its a matter of like 1 or 2 minutes

still makes me grin doing this
imagine it was real :thumbsup:


Thursday, October 8th 2020, 1:51am

so... 4/4?

cause, yeah, i used to do that too, to move on with the quests, but knowing that i can get prices (costumes...? pets...?) by getting more stacks... also, idk how it works, didn't catch the pattern there on when i'll get the reward, so i went and talked to the npc and it says that you can choose to get your reward atm (rare, epic, leggy... only got leggy once and got me an ability).

also today i saw this scout doing something funny: you can use the candelabra to hit people... at some point!, idk when. Same with the guitars, you can play them. When? What for?, can i stack more points that way? cause i didn't :(


Thursday, October 8th 2020, 8:22pm

there is something else than getting 10/10 social interaction to hand in the quest as done? 8|
now i am confused, i need to pay more attention i guess


Friday, October 9th 2020, 12:05am


Orta Düzey

Mesajlar: 511

Konum: Sweden

Meslek: Studying

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well I saw someone having 4/4 today, and I tried to get it with 2min left of imer but only got 4/3 so it is possible to get ;D
I am PioPico


Friday, October 9th 2020, 2:08am

looked into it and got 3/2 and after the event i got a blue box with confetti in my inventory :rolleyes:
also managed to play the mentioned instrument and flirt with some hot girls

so what can you get out of this? i assume its not always confetti?


Friday, October 9th 2020, 12:11pm


Orta Düzey

Mesajlar: 511

Konum: Sweden

Meslek: Studying

  • Özel mesaj gönder

I am PioPico

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