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Sunday, September 20th 2020, 3:04am

[BUG] (Version Shell is Unequipped after Dismounting

I'm not sure if this is the right place to provide awareness for this bug. But I hope it brings the attention about it to where it's necessary (to the developers).
Since the latest update (as of this writing, version, if the player equips a Shell, for example a 'Monolith' Shell, and then Mounts a regular mount, then the Shell becomes un-equipped after Dismounting; either dismounting manually, or because of combat.
Before the patch, when a player equipped a Shell and then mounted any one of their mounts, they would always keep the Shell equipped when entering combat or dismounting manually.
So, in other words, it makes equipping a Shell practically useless, because we constantly need to use our Mounts on a regular basis. Or, it means that running dungeons would be preferable while staying on foot and keeping the Shell equipped, but no one does that. It's a bug, and frankly a "problem" now because people buy their Shells, upgrade them, etc... and then they realize they won't really get a chance to use them, with maybe the exception of places like the Observatory or Battle Vs Keeper (places where the Mount is not a priority or used regularly). In places like Astral runs the Mount is favored in order to speed up the process, so in Astral trying to equip the Shell is a headache.
I just wanted to bring this bug to the attention of the developers because it wasn't like this prior to the latest patch.


Sunday, September 20th 2020, 8:15am

Make sure you have Auto Defense skill active.


Sunday, September 20th 2020, 11:49pm

Oh I wasn't aware of that skill. I learned it was from the Inventor manuscript.
Before the patch, I had an Unstable (Legendary) Assault Shell, and it must have included that Auto Defense skill, before I never lost it when dismounting. After the patch came out, I didn't have that Unstable Shell anymore, and decided to buy a new one (and upgraded it), but it didn't have that skill, since I never buy any of the Inventor manuscripts before. Also, I only came back playing the game in August, after 7 years, so all the stuff related to Shells was unknown to me.
So it wasn't a bug, it was just a missing skill from a manuscript.
Thanks for this reply because I'm not sure I would have ever found out about it otherwise.
(And on a side note I have the skill now, and also got the Gallop skill too)

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