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Tuesday, October 13th 2020, 8:03pm

what faction should i choose

what faction has more players in it?


Tuesday, October 13th 2020, 9:50pm


Tuesday, October 13th 2020, 11:30pm


Friday, October 16th 2020, 2:33am

i would go with empire in this case as they have a tighter "Infrastructure" than league (NPCs reachable faster) - at first this might seems irrelevant but if you play this game for years you will really feel happy having saved all these paths 8o


Sunday, October 18th 2020, 4:50pm

If you play for years you have fast mount which kinda "compress" infrastructure in league. No mounts allowed in Yasker's tower.


Sunday, October 18th 2020, 11:16pm

if you play years you likely also have shell with "galopp", alechemy potions, faster running skills and pilgrims crown artefact but i get what you mean

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