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Thursday, October 22nd 2020, 3:27pm

Difference between allods client and steam version?


I've been playing allods for a while now through the official client and I just realized that there is a steam version as well!

So, do we already play with the players from steam or are they separate servers? If so, which server is more populated? I might switch to the steam version if there's more people.

Thanks for your help!

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Thursday, October 22nd 2020, 4:29pm

iirc this steam thing was only to advertise the game

there are 2 servers, the normal, well populated free one "Evolution" and the "dead" (almost empty) paymentserver "Smugglers Paradise"

using steam or not is NOT related to servers; i dont think steam has any advantage but your account is maybe tied to steam or something, dont know, personally i dont use it


Saturday, October 24th 2020, 12:09pm



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it's neither tied your account to steam, it's just for advertise the game and a easy way to download the game. When you download by steam it start the launcher and you login there. I use cause i can take screenshots and save in steam cloud
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