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Tuesday, October 27th 2020, 1:58pm

Gold in mail deleted O_O


can you please make that i can't delete mail with gold or any content? :D
It hapens to me alot...

I open mail to look what i sold and then forgot to pick gold and i select delete O_O

That hamend me today, sold bisqiut pet and deleted 1,5m gold ;(

thats auful, who would want to delete gold? ;D

Thank you ;D


Tuesday, October 27th 2020, 3:14pm



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isnt there always message that it has content inside it before u delete, I have that
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Tuesday, October 27th 2020, 3:43pm

jea ;D and i click ok or accept ;D i always click ok ;D ahaha but still... gold shuld not be deleted O_O


Wednesday, October 28th 2020, 8:55am

There is many trash items you can receive in mail and want to delete.
Mails without any items are deleted without confirmation so warning popup you have to confirm is enough protection.

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