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Saturday, September 12th 2020, 7:58am



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Ath-Zak's Spark Quest [GUIDE]

This quest is part of a chain of quests, if you doesn't have did the Luja-Gialla's Spark quest or Tza-Rik's Spark Quest, go see the other guides:

Luja-Gialla's Spark Quest [Guide]
Tka-Rik's Spark Quest [GUIDE]

After completing the Tza-Rik's Spark quest, Nihaz will give to you the next quest, and the first note will appear near him.

1- Go to Mountain Crag and search for two rocks that form an arc, pass between this rocks. You will receive the buff specter that allow you to see Living Memories, talk with one of them. You will receive a Flashback.

2- Go to Southern Bank and talk with Yasskull Mermid, he will tell to you find 5 notes about termites, go search for them inside the termite nest behind his camp. The local of the notes change by player.
After get all notes go back to Yasskull Mermid, he will do some questions for you. The answers are:
1 Tlatoanim
2 Akto Nuntley
3 Yk Ome Nuntley
4 Yk Hey Nuntley
5 Tlacattl
6 Maitl

After answer his questions, he will say that a elf girl friend of him can help you. He will give to you the Eccentric Researcher's Journal.

3- Go to Savage Steppe and talk with Chum, he will say that he found a girl and he gave a book to him, but this book was stolen for someone with a ship.

4- Go to Meridian Outback and enter in the pirate astral ship, go to the lower part of the ship and search for a book. They had alot of books, you can spend some time reading (they had the same story, and you can read after the quest), they have some fun lore trivia. The book that you are looking for is a tin green book.

5- Talk with Noel de Blizare in Meridian Outback, she is the eccentric researcher that we are looking for. She will say that she carries a zen artifact in one of her backpacks, go search in the backpacks behind her. You will need a friend for this. Ask help for someone, he need to distract the elf while you go search in the bagpacks. For distract, you only needs to interact with the buttons 1,2 and 3 that appears when you get close to the elf.

6-After get the artefact (Zem Revealer), go interact with the catapult near here. It will send you to Barren Boneyard.
In Barren Boneyard and find a pillar with a vapor visual effect. You need to climb it when it is smaller (try to jump from ramp). When up the pillar, use the Zem Revealer to make the pillar teleport. You will be floating and need to jump to the pillar's new location. Do it until you reach the flamming scroll.

7- After get the scroll, go to the south of Blackjack's Bid, in the goblin camp and find the spark thief. Talk with Seedling. He will turn you into a goblin.
After getting the buff that disguise you like a really convincing goblin, go to their camp and see what they talk. You need to find a peace of paper. The paper will in a different place for every player.

8- After get the thief message, go to the Giant's Table. You need to walk by there and get really small. After that, search for a small cavern near the altar and get the letter inside there.
**You can use mounts while small.

9- After get the last letter, go find Gorislav Gipitsky in the Prospector's Inn, you will finish the quest. (gratzzzz :thumbsup: ).

I need to thanks to this video. It help me alot, if you get stucked in any part, try to watch this and follow his steps (give a like for him too).…%BF%D0%BE%D0%A2

Tankyou to Vaerun that help me to do this quest.
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Friday, October 2nd 2020, 1:54pm

Thanks a lot for your guide. Its working and correct. Jump puzzle at no 13 took me ages :)


Thursday, October 29th 2020, 9:33am

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Friday, October 30th 2020, 7:40am



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Great Guide, i just gonna moove it into FAQ/completed guide to help ppl to find it easier ;)
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Sunday, November 1st 2020, 1:25am



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Thx, it'll help a lot for new player (and returning players) to find it.
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