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Tuesday, November 3rd 2020, 11:52pm

[PMB 11.1] Warrior's DPS TANK by Dragagon

Hello Sarnautions!
Most will know me by the name Dragagon.
I am a member of the guild Awaken, read by russians as Ashakep. I play actively as tank, support and dps. The class is whatever is good at it at the time.
I played since beta on and off, nonstop since 8.0!
Played always on f2p EU until 9.1 where psi dps was meta thanks to blade storm timer extention, then moved to eu p2p for 2 years where I learned more than I did all my time in f2p eu. After a good 2 years I moved to RU p2p due to lack of population and care from the dev team for the eu community.
Now that I have teared down the language barrier on RU p2p, I gladly come here explaining you newbies and returnings about the great Warrior, and how it became a beast in tanking.
I love warrior for one thing and it's aesthetics. Looking badass being a fat muscular orc where you can show off big weapons and fancy costumes!
Thanks to the 11.0 update, it's gotten a big trait, and that's tanking. With the fall of the paladin tank, 2 new tank classes rose to meta.
Demonologist & Warrior. We'll be having it all about Warrior here. PVE DPS TANK Warrior to be more specific.
Below you can find a legend where you can quickly jump to what interests you, or simply have a good read overall.
Changes to abilities will be marked in green.

Build: Talent tree
Build: Grid I - Grunt
Build: Grid II - Spruce Guard
Build: Grid III - Mercenary
Rotation... on tank?
Racial abilities for choice
World Mysteries
Potions - help yourself!
Shell abilities

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Tuesday, November 3rd 2020, 11:56pm

Build: Talent tree

If you happen to have more Talent Points left, then go for Fracture r3, if you do have MORE, then go for berserker r2 for more burst frequency, and if for some reason the game adds more Talent Points, then go for the Destructive Blow r3.

Devastating Blow || Destructive Blow:
Our main ability to get Combat Advantage (CA) and our big damage dealers during tramp burst.
Let's not forget it's big brother tho..

Deadly Lunge:
We're using this to keep our damage up during tramp downtimes and to keep us alive during single targets. The DOT helps a lot too.
Good ability, not what it used to be tho :(

A blessing for your damage dealers!
Use this to apply Shock to blue ring mobs, they will take 25% more damage while your debuff on the target is active!
This does apply snare! That means - WATCH IT that no one of your party is near you, otherwise you'll kill your team. (Doesn't work on monsters with the Crowd Control immunity buff)

What used to be OP, is now average. Yet it does that little thing you can't be without!
We use turtle to bridge the small downtime gap of mitigation when Adrenaline Surge runs out.
Covers about the exact duration, you'll see what I mean. Just put Adrenaline Surge and Turtle next to eachother. But don't overlap!

Fracture! Devas/Destruc Blows' big broooo!
Fracture is used along with Destructive Blow during the tramp buff. You'll see the blood spat everywhere!

A great single target Crowd Control!
Use it when you see casts and you'll be a hero in no time! ;)

Bloody Harvest:
This has changed a bit, you can no longer have it up permanently :(
But it's not all bad either! About 4s downtime, permanent enough if you'd ask me!
You used to be able to keep it up permanently with a duration of 10s, and a cooldown of 10s.
Now it's a cooldown for 16s, and uptime of 12s.
We use this right before tramp!

Aspect of Defense:
You're no tank without it!
But what about DPS tank? DPS will come :)

This is a godsent!
Energy free, off-gcd, mutilation removal!
Spam is all I can say. Helps a lot maintaining your stored damage (mutilation)

Vicious Spin:
The big daddy deeps of 11.1!
Bloody Harvest, Berserker, Tramp, Spin, Watch!
Should I tell more? read on!

What's a warrior without headbutting them mofo's!
Rarely use this as it brings your monsters where you don't want them, but got it as emergency Crowd Control.
Don't want your members to die on basic attacks, right?

Use this to greatly reduce your mutilation. Watch the energy tho!
Big change since 11.1 via the Solid Rock ruby, it no longer heals you.
Instead, gives a 10% mitigation buff for 6s!

Keep your enemies close, keep your friends closer.. or was it the other way 'round?
Anyways, use it to draw lots of enemies straight to you, great to follow up on this with Leap for applying vulnerabilities on all of them.
And also to start your sick aoe burst thanks to tramp >> Vicious Spin, but that's for later!

This has been an ass kicker for a while, but boy did it make a new snowball!
Use tramp whenever off-cooldown, brings your fractures and Destructive Blows to the top damages!
Don't forget about Vicious Spin tho, that's the real kicker!

This pretty contributes to the sick deeps, aslong as you can time it well!
Hint, Tramp is the beginning!

Great ability to apply aoe Vulnerability. Also to move around quick, but especially for the Vulnerability!
Usually used right after Harpoon, and usually used right before Tramp. Don't make me make it more obvious!

Adrenaline Surge:
This has gotten a huge buff since 11.1!
Combined with a high Dominance/Supremacy, this single ability yields a 50% mitigation for a whopping 25+ seconds!!
Looks lazy? It is ;)

A huge spin with great Crowd Control. Can save your party often! Press "esc" to trigger the stun faster.

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Wednesday, November 4th 2020, 12:06am

Build: Grid I - Grunt

Brutal Cutter:
More stats, more damage!

Perfect Sharpening:
Extra Dominance/Supremacy, the more you got, the longer your Adrenaline Surge lasts!

Rampaging Menace:
Vigor is the BASIS! No vigor, no damage.

Fatal Wound:
This is what makes Harpoon apply Vulnerability, at the cost of a longer cooldown on Harpoon.
Preeeeetty importanteeee!

Dirty Blows:
Talk about dirty!
More pew pew on your fractures and Destructive Blows.

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Wednesday, November 4th 2020, 12:08am

Build: Grid II - Spruce Guard

Big change since 11.1!
This used to apply a DOT on each hit via Vicious Spin.
Instead now, it applies a debuff on all enemies hit that make them take more damage by 5% per stack, up to 3!
Way better!!
Pushing few blows after that Vicious Spin full buffed into that debuff, oof!

Unchanged, still as reliable!
More health is always welcome as a tank.
A real meatshield! 60% more HP when both rubies are taken.

Deep breath:
Using this turns Break into a buff which decreases stored mutilation per second.
Free of energy! Quite insane.

Experienced Fighter:
Increases damage, increases aggro. Both welcome additions as a tank.
5% damage, 40% aggro.

God of War:
Turns your Charge into an offensive debuff!
Applying always 25% more damage taken from now on on every mob except red rings.
Charge your way through those heroics!

King of the Hill:
Makes your Leap and Harpoon free of energy costs!
You don't want to run out of energy after applying vulnerabilities!

Marching Trill:
Show that you care about your group by taking this ruby! (unlike me, damn world mystery questlines)
Applies Defense effect when using Turtle to your whole group.
Defense is 40% less damage taken.

Makes your single taunt becomes some sort of Crowd Control.
Pay attention, it only works if the target wasn't cc'd already!!
Used to be 5s, since 11.1 it's now 3s.
Sort of looks like this..

Like single taunt, but then aoe.
Quite helpful! You'll figure it out.

Raging Storm:
Increases combat advantage during Vicious Spin by 1 per second per rank. Really bad, but gotta get to it for that sweet Bloodbath.

Rampant Slayer:
Reduces your Deliverance cooldown by 1s for each melee attack - which you do all the time!

Aside of it being a cool name, increases your survivability (more external heals for you) and aggro made on monsters!
30 surviva per rank and 10% aggro per rank.

Second WInd:
A bonus to the mutilation removal when using Break.
Again, Break is an energy-free, off-gcd ability!

Solid Rock:
Another big change since 11.1!
Used to heal you when using Deliverance based on the amount in your mulitation.
Now, gives you a 5% mitigation buff, 10% for having both rubies for 6s. It's better now since healers got more viable.
Or bloodlust... :)

Strong Shell:
Makes Turtle the way we know it. Turtle without these rubies ain't turtle. Not for me atleast.
Makes you able to move when turtling, and makes turtle more effective!
12% more mitigation (50% base on turtle) and 100% move speed, you cannot move during turtle without these rubies.

Not the stat, the warrior tank mechanic!
Without this ruby, there is no mutilation. Without Mutilation, there's no warrior DPS TANK.
Preeeetty Importanteeeeeee.

Tireless Fighter:
Gives you that edge in energy restoration you'll need. You're already coming short with these rubies, don't want to know what happens without these!

Vortex of Steel:
And now you can move during Vicious Spin!
Same as with turtle, you can't move without these rubies during your spin.
Helpful when having to avoid circles/aoe's!

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Wednesday, November 4th 2020, 12:10am

Build: Grid III - Mercenary

Reduces your Charge's cooldown by 50%, just like that!
Double so many debuffs on monsters!
Makes you think you're an Athlete! I mean.. Athlet.

We have this because it's on the way to Athlet. But -15s cooldown on Kick is a really nice bonus.
Everytime you do charge, you reduce the cooldown on your kick by 15s! That's a big help.

Easy Prey & Warpath:
It's about Warpath, Easy Prey is just how we get to it.
This is why we use Bloody Harvest to burst, increases damage dealt by 30%!
Yes yes, also reduces incoming damage, but come on we have so many already.. DAMAGE!!

We take only rank 1 because the energy cost would go too high for the blows we're dealing. Why r1 then? It's just hat sweet spot where you get more CA, but at the little cost of energy you can afford losing.
The passive CA income is also a great bonus.

Flaming Blade:
This changed quite a bit in 11.1, and with that the rotation.
It used to reduce the energy cost of Fracture for the full 8s buff duration.
Now you need to rotate between Destructive Blow to get the buff, and Fracture to spent the buff. Then back to Destructive Blow to get the buff again, and you see where we're going.
Since then Fracture and Blow became pretty good friends, nearly bro's :D
Took me a while to get used to but it's less braindead now!
NOTE: Does not make it fire damage. Old description, don't let it get you confused.

Heavy Blade:
Makes Fracture stronger, a must if you see how often we use it.
A total of 28% more Fracture damage!
Funny, it goes from r1 7%, to r2 18% (??), to r3 28%.

Stand at Bay:
Remember the days where warriors would go Die Hard mode when you NEARLY killed em?
It's kinda like this.
Doesn't happen often, Shouldn't happen often. But if it does, it allows you to go into panicmode and mash them mitigations thanks to a reduced energy cost for all abilities.

More HP, you're a tank. 1 + 1 = 2, you see?

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Wednesday, November 4th 2020, 12:21am


Stats are an important part for every class you play, so keep your head at the lesson here!
A healthy balance in base stats is a must, but before we can begin on that, we need to get our special stats in order first.

This stat will make us deal more physical damage and reduce energy cost on abilities.
Big note for our tanking abilities is that our Adrenaline Surge will last much longer the more of this we have.
Up to a whopping 25s Adrenaline Surge on a 1500 Dominance/Supremacy!

The more comfortable you're getting in tanking and staying alive, the less dominance you need to take tho. The damage gain from this stat is as weak as Proficiency, thus we can use more into Determination when possible :)

Critical Chance
Critical chance is really good for DPS, even for us as DPSTANK.
Running around a steady 50% seems good and safe, go higher if you have more stats to spare. Remember, more stats in base, is less gain per stat.
I'd say in relic quality patch, for sure max out crit chance to 750.
If we'd be in Fabled quality patch, I'd say somewhat less, perhaps 5% Critical Chance less.
In Legendary quality patch another 5% less and so on..

Once we got our 2 special stats set up right, we can dumb all else we have into base.
For base we want a healthy balance like this:

This way we ensure that our support's Valiance will increase our Determination, contributing the most to our damage that way.

For defensive stats

we'll run a not too crazy 750 Caution, and then we got a segway.
We can go for either Survivability with a healer, or bloodlust.
Considering we are a DPSTANK, that means we got a lot of dps. That DPS will be used to heal us up all the time, and it sure works well!
If you feel like lacking enough DPS to keep yourself alive via bloodlust, then go for survivability and get your buddy into healer.
If bloodlust works fine, then drop the healer thing and that way, you got another slot in your group for another DPS role. More deeps, faster loot!
750 Survivability is enough, for bloodlust we'll have to go 1000 to 1300.
Anything else left over after that goes into Vitality.

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Wednesday, November 4th 2020, 3:02am

Rotation.. on tank?

As the title claims, there is no set rotation on tanking. Especially when we're trying to combine DPS'ing and tanking at the same time.
Ofcourse we have a set burst for that sweet deeps, but depending on how much damage we're getting to deal with, we'll change our choices and rotation accordingly.
If you're taking more damage tanking a guild keeper or tanking a group of trash, you definitely won't use the same order of abilities, thus having different energy consumptions and thus a different rotation.

As for our main damage bursting, we have 2 rotation for massive AOE!

The Grinder!

What happens here is that because of Tramp, you get a buff called
Titan's Rage
and that makes your Vicious Spin deal significant more damage.
You can fill up with some blows after the spin to benefit those debuffs applied by Vicious Spin!

The Pumping Rager!

We stop the burst here because the Tramp buff only lasts 5 seconds.
What happens here is that when tramp is used, you apply yourself a buff called
Titan's Rage
and that makes your blows deal AOE damage to everything around your main target within 8 yards, AND makes those blows deal significantly more damage.

Don't forget about using for that extra juice out of your burst periods.

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Wednesday, November 4th 2020, 11:24pm

Racial abilities for choice
As the title implies, lots of racials to pick from.
We'll list them all and show you what's best for us!

Animal Pounce - Priden
Great to deal damage and get 30 Combat Advantage & Energy. Great for DPS'ers, works for us too. But we have a better option!

Battle Cry - Kanian
Gives Courage to all your party members. Honestly never ever touched this in times of need.

Battle March - Gibberling
Increases movement speed by 20% for 5s, and immune to movement slowings/snares during this.
More of a miscellaneous to me than anything else. I remember using it to get around quicker whilst levelling in the big capital cities, otherwise I never used it.
Ahh the old times..

Deep Defense - Xadaganian
This is it. THE if not THE ONYL - best defensive ability in the game for pve.
Reduces all damage taken by 15% per stack. Stacks go up for each direct damage you take, lasts 6s.
On aoe DPStanking, this goes to max instantly, 15*6 = 90% less damage taken with a single ability!
I use this very often, off-gcd, free of energy! What's I gotta say more :)

Furious Howl - Orc
Stuns your target for 2s.
Good for interruptions, probably underdog but I tend to keep going back to Deep Defense.
Others can stun for you, you have Kick, Aoidos fires, Headbutt, Bedlam... you feel me.

Hold the Line - Aoidos
Anger and Sustainability increased by 150.
Unsure when we'd ever really use that... this looks more like a pvp racial too, where our DPSTANK is a PVE focused setup.

Keep in mind that all racial abilities share the same COOLDOWN, this means you can only use one at a time anyways.
That is why we PICK ONE out of all the ones listed here, rather than combine different ones.

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Wednesday, November 4th 2020, 11:39pm

World Mysteries

Quite like Racials, we have some dedicated WM's.

We have only 2 warrior specific ones

We use this to break our Crowd Control, and become immune to it for 5s.
The only PVE situations I can think of are mazes. Man that's a CC - hole.

Mad Leap
This is our preferred WM ability for PVE. A charge that stuns on impact. Helps on interupting monsters and their sneaky casts.

Again, just like with the racials, WM's share cooldowns and thus cannot be combined. The cooldowns however are different.
Mad Leap is only 1m cooldown, whilst Inexorability has 5m!

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Thursday, November 5th 2020, 2:16am

Potions - help yourself!

We've mentioned some already before, but let's list them here again.
For some reason I believe lots of players underestimate the good potions can bring.
As the game progressed, the arsenal has grown exponentially!

Here's a list of potions to keep in your pockets that surely can help a ton!

Aoidos Fire
You can get these from your 2-weekly order NPC, depending on your order ranking and Trial of Blood score.
Amazing 4s aoe stun. Makes PVE so much easier!

Decoction of Astral Aegis
You can get these also from your 2-weekly order NPC.
There's a better version than this, but it's a start.
30% mitigation for 8s, usually popped before charging into a big pack - usually when skipping monsters in astral, straight to the boss for a massive aoe turndown!

Infinite Tonic of Magic Armor
The better version of Decoction of Astral Aegis.
You get these from being top 24 or top 18 in the heroic ranking of the past season.
It's just like decoction also 30% mitigation, but hear me out! 12s instead of 8s, and...AND, off-gcd!
That's right, decoction is on your gcd, this is off! See? Off, on... you'll notice it :)
Small sidenote here, this is only for all physical incoming damage, which is nearly always. But decoction is for ALL damage types.
Just so you'll know.

Dragon Potion of Restortation
You can craft these via alchemy
A good healing potion, but I got a better favorite. Heals you for 42% of maximum health.

Vial of Areisa's Blood
Nothing goes above dragon blood!
Just like the Infinite Tonic of Magic Armor, you get it from the top 24 or 18 in past heroic season.
This heals for 35%, but applies a buff that heals another 5% per second for 5s! Beats the Dragon Potion overall, just less punch at the beginning.
Oh, and it also purifies a debuff you have at the time!
Watch it tho, caution when killing Areisa at Fenia's Cloister :)

Dragon Potion of Absorption
The game's most recent addition.
it's a good potion I thought I'd list so you'd be aware of it. Instead of healing 42%, gives you a shield of 42% to absorb damage.
Pretty good if you stack mitigations on top of it and lasts a good 10s.

Bear in mind that some potions do share cooldowns.
Vial of Areisa shares cd with the dragon heal and absorption potions.
Decoctions share cooldowns too, along with the smaller dragon heal potion, thus I made sure to leave that one out, as I prefer the mitigation as tank.

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Thursday, November 5th 2020, 2:23am


We have lots of choice of artifacts, but we're boiling down to the 3 most important ones for our setup up.
DISCLAIMER: Later on in 12.0, artifacts will get a full wipe and will have slight changes to the mechanics. Keep this in mind when reading this in the future (when 12.0 is live)

As for the first we have

This is a must have for tanks, but it's becoming more common that everyone is having this at atleast lv5 so that's a good thing.
You're much squishier without it so be sure you have it on too. Happens sometimes you swapped it out :D

We're running Victory Cross because it makes us deal way more damage than normal!
it's insane what numbers we can push on our burst thanks to this cross.
Without cross, DPSTANK won't be as good or viable, if at all!

Pilgrim's Crown, I made tarnished because the movement speed isn't as important, but the passives are still as good, at the cost of 50% of artifact cost!
REALLY helpful to avoid getting snared by some mobs like the minotaur in Snowflake.
The less cooldown on teleportation abilities works on your charge too, so there's that too!
Oh and longer duration on your mitigation potions, hehe :D

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Thursday, November 5th 2020, 3:56am

Shell Abilities

As time has moved on, the fashion like shells and it's abilities have become a bigger part of our gameplay.
Therefor we cover a part about them on what we run best as our DPSTANK setup.

For people that are new to shells, we have 2 slots to put abilities in

We can't put any ability in either the left or right slot tho.
They are divided into categories.
I see it as the left category are the passive abilities, that you don't have to actively trigger. There are some, but most are passive.

The ones important to us from this section are the following:

This is the more defensive passive. I would suggest this to roll if you're rather new and to see how well you can handle damage. If you're starting to get into it, you can change it to the following ability;

This is the offensive version of the previous one. It boosts your outgoing damage when triggered rather than reducing incoming damage. You see, this helps greatly on your DPSTANK bursts!

As for the 2nd slot, I see them as active abilities. They are instead of mount abilities during combat, and we have a few good ones we can pick from;

The bastion is one of those badass ones that's fun to use. Long cooldown tho, but pretty OP.
99% is insane! I'd consider this as a panic back up so your healer has time to get you back up.
Ofcourse if you're running solo or without healer, and rely on your bloodlust, I would not recommend this ability.
Moving on!

This is a nice one to use. But don't over-use it as a tank. You'll burn through your batteries with this one. Only use it for hard hitters but slow hitters. You only have 4 charges of these per usage.
Works to counter AOE's too.


Thursday, November 5th 2020, 4:04am


I hope I was able to teach you a thing or two, that's what PMB all is about!
Eventho I left the EU servers, I still lurk the forums out of nostalgia. I also log eu p2p sometimes still to see if people are still playing.
I'll see you on RU!

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Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 4:12pm

It Is perfect but I have a question . Should we use shield or both handed weapons ?


Thursday, December 10th 2020, 6:16pm

It Is perfect but I have a question . Should we use shield or both handed weapons ?

2h weapons recommended, good pointer! :)

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