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Saturday, November 21st 2020, 6:17am

[PMB 11.1] PvE Mage by Turnine


Hello, Sarnaut!

I'm Turnine, an Arisen Sorcerer. I chose this race/class because I liked the backstory of the Arisen and, at the time I created this account, mages were the most appealing class for that race. I play on the Evolution (F2P) server as a member of the guild Monsters Inc. Though most of the server may only see me in skirmishes, I consider myself a better PvE player. As such, I am sharing my main PvE build.

Impact of Patch 11.1


Primary stats (Proficiency, Brutality, Bloodlust, etc.) have essentially remained the same. To balance primary offensive stats, you will want to have Proficiency, Brutality, and Determination at nearly the same value with Determination being higher than the other stats. This allows the Valiance buff from a support to go into Determination.

Secondary offensive stats have changed a lot more. Luck and Supremacy have replaced Double Attack and Elemental Damage as focus stats. Because of the way these stats scale, the target value is 750. Personally, I run about 760 Supremacy and 685 Luck – when I use Crow's Wings, that boosts my luck beyond the 750 mark.

As far as defensive stats go, the only stats to really worry about are Vitality, Survivability, and Bloodlust. Aim for 750 Survivability and Bloodlust and then get as much Vitality as possible.

Class Changes

The most notable change to PvE mage was that splash damage was removed. This necessitates the use of Snowstorm for consistant AoE damage.

The Build

A link to my build can be found HERE.

This build is intended to be a pure DPS build for astral allods, raids, and heroics. It requires that you have all talent points (including the temporary talent points) and all currently available raid and cash shop rubies (except for the temporary rubies). Since that is a somewhat unreasonable request of everyone, I will give some guidance as to what some of the talents and rubies do. I leave the final decision for the player to make.


  • First, all talents that are ice or lightning damage dealing skills should be maximized. They form the foundation of your dps. Also max Aspect of Assault and Mystic Barrier.
  • Pick up one rank in flash and invisibility each. Ideally, there will be someone else to take aggro, but having them is useful just in case. Side note: using invisibility when being attacked by a blue/red ring will temporarily reduce your threat level to the next highest.
  • Put at least one rank in Trial by Fire. This skill is primarily used to consume stacks of Star Shower. Since there is no ice/lightning DoT, you will have to make do with Trial by Fire. A tip is to use the Harmony buff to save on Fire Force Points.
  • Max Cataclysm. It's a fantastic AoE skill especially when a lot of things need to take a lot of damage.
  • The last talent points should go to adding Meteor (used as part of bursting) and maxing out Trial by Fire. I also run Flash at rank 2 because the shorter cooldown is nice.


  • Always get stat rubies first: Sage's Intelligence (Vigor), Unstable Magic (Supremacy), Adept (Brutality), and Wandering Magician (Stamina & Armor)
  • Follow up with general damage boosting rubies: Master of Elements (+25% elemental damage) and then Elemental Wrath (+40% ice and lightning damage)
  • Harmony gives you a buff that allows you to cast a spell that costs Force Points for free.
  • Ice Master and Master of Lightning to increase your max ice and lightning force points up to 5 points respectively.
  • Ever Frost (+45% on selected ice spells) and Storm Warning (+50% on selected lightning spells) provide periodic buffs that will help dictate which spells you use.
  • Bad Weather provides a boost to Ice Flow and Shocking Grasp (+27%)
  • Lightning Discharge puts a debuff on the target that increases their incoming lightning damage by 30%. This pair very well with the buff from Storm Warning.
  • Cold Math and Lightning Speed allow you to get stacks of Rapid Sorcery. Rapid Sorcery reduces the cast time of Icy Arrow and Thunder Bolt by 33% per stack – three stacks results in zero cast time of the mentioned spells.
  • Magical Impulse strengthens Icy Arrow and Thunder Bolt by 15% when used with any amount of stacks of Rapid Sorcery (three stacks not needed for the buff).
  • Frozen Star and Thunder Cascade both allow the application of the Star Shower debuff when using Icy Comet/Meteor and Electric Pulse/Thunderhead respectively. Star Shower stacks are only consumed when the player uses damage skills that do not cost Force Points
  • Piercing Cold buffs Snowstorm (+15% damage, 60% CDR)
  • Tactical Sorcery allows you to move while casting Ice Flow, Electric Pulse and Thunderhead, but at reduced speed
    []Heart of Ice gives you Frost Force Points passively during combat. These rubies aren't super necessary, but they're nice to have.
    []Call of Elements allows you to fill up your Force Points instantly. This ruby set is necessary to make using Trial by Fire more stable.

Other Spells

  • Crow's Wings (+150 to Luck) is best used when your trinket activates to stack up all your buffs for maximum damage.
  • Astral Aegis is not a spell I use a lot in PvE. It's more of an panic button.

Using the Build

I've been asked several times what the rotation for mages is and my answer has always been the same – it's more of a priority list than a rotation. Your available resources when the Ever Frost or Storm Warning buffs are active will be different every time. Force Points will vary and Rapid Sorcery stacks will vary. I aim to use the spell that will have the lowest cast time, but the highest DPS.

That said, the priority list is something like this when Ever Frost is active: Icy Meteor > Icy Arrow > Ice Flow > Shocking Grasp

And this is the order when Storm Warning is active: Thunderhead > Thunderbolt > Shocking Grasp

Final Remarks

This is not the build I use for Trial of Blood – for that, I use a modified version of this build with Icy Grave in it and my PvP build. If there was one change I would make to the class, I would add a PvE DoT. Star Shower stacks don't all get used so there is a lot of potential DPS that's lost – a DoT would help fix that.

At any rate, this is it. I'm up for any suggestions for my own improvement and, as is my policy, if you have any questions on what I've said here, PM me in-game and I'll see how much I can help.

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