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Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 4:34pm

[PMB 11.1] Summoner PvE Build (LongVacation)

Hello, I am LongVacation (Hima) from guild Legends server Evolution, my role is dps in the guild PvE activities.
Today I am sharing my special Dps Summoner PvE build.
After the recent changes in classes, summoner became one of the top classes in PvP and PvE but aside from that, it is fun to play and one of my favorite classes.
After Patch 11.1 everything in summoner remained the same except only 2 skills got less cooldown time which isn't a big deal.
Summoner has 3 minions you focus on one for every build and buff it with rubbies, lets take a quick look on them.

Hellion is usually used in DPS PvE builds because it deals a good amount of damage and we will focus on it in today's build.

Lurker is usually used in DPS/healing PvP builds and healing PvE builds because it can generate blood drops during combat.
Cadaver is usually used in DPS builds because it just deals area damage (aoe).
Now lets talk about today's build:

We start with skills tree

We start with this main skill, it is simple, it inflicts damage and generates blood drops.
Hellion is your companion in this build.
These four skills are basically poisions, as a summoner you are supposed to spread diseases so you keep casting them on all enemies during combat.
but notice that
Volatile Infection can spread damage up to 5 enemies so it is an aoe damage skill.
Neurotoxin can stack up to 50 times, it stacks automatically without the need to cast it agian and again but you can't cast it twice on the same enemy till the effect duruation ends.
Blood Aegis is essential to survive as a summoner your defense is compromised so keep casting Blood Aegis every 15 seconds.
Howel of Death can deal a lot of damage but it costs you 6 blood drops,
you can cast it with only 1 blood drop during combat thanks to an effect
from your rubbies build, the effect can stack up to 3 stacks and it
will be shown on the right side of your character.
(each skull is 1 stack)
Dark Veil transforms you into a ghost with immunity to all damage and
effects, you can use it on a friend (useful to avoid aoe in raids), using this skill will cost you or your alley 99% of health points which requires you to use healing skill like Recovery ( a world mystery skill) or healing potions.
Lash of the Doomed is a unique skill, it deals much damage and it can deal more when your health is low, very useful when you need to heal yourself with bloodlust fast like after receiving a critical hit or after using Dark Veil.
Ghostly World is a long CC skill, no thing special about it but rank it up to 3 if your PvE activity requires constant CC as in rank 3 its cast time is reduced to 2 seconds instead 4.
Fear of Death is your shorty CC skill, you can reduce its rank to 1 in case you needed more skill points for Ghostly World rank 3 or you don't have
enough skill points for the build in general.
Dark Vigor and Dark Palm are your 2 dragon tear skills
Aspect of Assualt, don't forget to activate it.

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Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 8:00pm

Now for rubbies lets start with the "Healer" branch
It is for healing builds but we will pick only Thaumaturgist to increase our blood bank size.
Next branch is "Lord of the Fallen"
I don't want to bother you with explaining all the rubies, most of them are explained direct and no hidden tricks,
so let me summarize them to you.
These 5 are for increasing your stats.
There 3 are for increasing Hellion damage.

A dfensive skills that you can cast every 12 seconds, it requries you to stay on the bloodied area you create to reduce your cooldown, cast time and incoming damage by 10%.
if you are in a group or raid with another summoner who casted it, you can stay in his bloodied area to gain the same bonus, although this trick is not useful anymore since the cooldown of the skill was 30 seconds now after the latest patch it is only 12 seconds.
It is an skill that lets you teleport to an enemy, generates 5 blood drops and casts vulnerability on enemies.
It is an skill that deals damage to enemies and you but you generate blood drops.
Removes negative effects when your hp drops below 40% and gives you a chance to survive death once every 120 seconds.
Now the Desolator branch

The rubby I talked about above in the Howl of death section.
Both are to increase your damage.
Incerase your stats.

Volatile Infection spreads up to 2 enemies. Note that Volatile Infection itself deals 30% of its main damage to nearst 5 enemies to the infected enemy but when you activate this rubby it will spread its main effect to 2 enemies instead of 1 therefore if there is 5 enemis near the 2 infected enemies they will recieve 30% + 30% damage from the Volatile Infection full/main damage.
Increases your 2 main skills (Howl of Death and Life Tap) damage when you cast poisions.
Increases the speed of stacking Neurotoxin poision.
Wandering fever deals additional damage when it is dispelled or fades.
Increases the number of stacks of the Neurotoxin poision when you hit the target with skills/poisions.
Generates 1 blood drop every second during combat.
Increases the damage of your poisions by 20%.
Dehydration allows you to receive an effect which stacks up to 5 times when you cast Howl of Death, the effect allows instant casting of Wandering Fever, Vampirism and Life Tap.
It shows the stacks on the left side of your screen like that:
Ritual of Plague is a rubby that gives you a skill which casts all your poisions except the Voltaile Infection on the target and up to 5 near enemies (aoe damage skill), and we enhance it with this rubby .
Ritual of Pain is a rubby that gives you a skill which casts all your poisions including the Voltaile Infection on 1 target (single damage skill), and we enhance it with this rubby .

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Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 8:01pm


Offensive Stats:
Supermacy and Luck around 900
Rest stats move them to Determination and Brutality by ratio 4:1 with 100 stats in Proficiency.

Defensive Stats:
Bloodust around 1500
Rest stats in Vitality and survivability by ratio 5:1

Use these 3 in all PvE activities:

Finally, I am proud of finishing this guide, it took me several hours to prepare and write. I tried to make it simple, helpful and not boring as possible, I hope you enjoy it.

(If you got an inquiry or question, feel free to ask here and I will answer you asap)

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Tuesday, March 16th 2021, 10:35pm

God job.

Thanks a lot, it's very helpfull.


Wednesday, June 9th 2021, 3:28am



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Nice build, I may be doing this one. Question does summoner racial matter now? or do they have a racial? I don't recall since I played many years ago.
P2P - Allods
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Friday, July 16th 2021, 5:32am

I see no pictures , why is that , lol .
[Sweetbunny] the Summoner @ Evolution. :D
Played since 2010 open beta , in US server . :thumbsup:
One of the VERY few Chinese in Allods EU.
Yeah ! ! !
8) 8) 8)


Thursday, September 2nd 2021, 1:37pm

What is the rotation for this build? I literally know nothing about summoner.

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