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Sunday, December 13th 2020, 9:51pm

[PMB 11.1] PVP Paladin Build - Xonaz AKA The King

There seems to be an issue with my images showing, not sure why, am trying my best to get them to show.
Hi All,

I am Xonaz, AKA The King, AKA The Greatest, AKA The Spice Boi.

I play on Evolution the F2P server, I do very little tanking as I personally don't think pally tank is that great right now and certainly isn't any fun to play, I also won't be covering support skills as these are for when your team mates are losers, and I only play with winners. I am currently in Monsters Inc but haven't been here for long, I have returned to the game only recently, I played from release in closed beta on the NA servers under the Tensess server. I stepped away 5 years ago and came back recently to see that Paladins are hugely changed and now aren't as fun but hey ho.

Right on to the build.

I am missing a fabled sacrament scroll so would suggest getting Veil of light to R3.

You could do a variation of this build with Holy Pledge at R3 instead of Pledge of Purity but I am not a fan.

When it comes to rubies you don't actually have that much choice any more that is because some rubies only work based on aspect that you use. Thus the purity grid is all but useless bar a few rubies for PvP but I won't get into that as there are more pressing concerns.

The retribution grid is going to look like the following;

You don't really have much more choice than this even for a PVE spec build this grid would barely change to just stick with it.

The real changes come with the seal grid, as this is where you can make or break your build. There are three skills that are important on this grid, I won't be providing an image for this one but I will be talking through it.

Descent - Not only does this blind your enemy as well as add vulnerability it also teleports you close to them. This is a fantastic distance closer in PvP. Something you will need when you're fighting ***** ass scouts or any other loser that tries to run away from you.

Pledge of Vengeance - This is your holy grail of skills. This is your go to in mass PvP. Whilst nerfed compared to the skill from years back this is what is going to be your game changer.

When we discussed earlier that we don't want to be playing with losers this is what is going to make it worth it when you do. Watch them run into fights, pop this on them, when they immediately die not only do you get a 50% heal you'll also get a damage buff. This means any lig that comes your way you can 2 hit them and watch them rant at you on their imp alt. It's basically a win win.

Solstice - So whilst I'm not going to get into rotations as lets be honest, most people just smash their face into their keyboard now days and have no understanding of tactics so what's the point. But this is what you need. Big PvP, pop mirror shield as this returns 35% of damage to attacks, run in, pop solstice to nicely group everyone up and then rain down Judgement day on them. They'll soon be paying penance for their sins and realising all those long nights on their own in front of the PC weren't worth it as you go top of the charts and steal their girl or guy.

Right then monkey nuts where were we. Last ruby tree get at least atonement to make sure your condemnation stuns a little.


I ain't going to show you fan boys where the real moneys at but I will say this. Supremacy is kind of cool so you need it a bit, but the real big boys are the same for everyone. Get that proficiency get that Brutality.

So a quick summary for all you spice boys. I've given you the basics, this will help initially after that the best thing to do is test and try, get a vial of death and just keep playing with rubies and skills until you can decide what works for you, as it's different for everyone depending on play style.

Stay safe, stay imp, and be a winner.

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Thursday, December 17th 2020, 2:07pm

Finally figured out the images! apologies

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