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Friday, January 1st 2021, 1:55pm

Strongbox of the Winner on Smuggler's Paradise! - 01/01/21

Dear Sarnaut!
The Strongbox of the Winner is available up until 7th of January on the Smuggler's Paradise server. Receive the Fatality visual effect that will make every victory against players truly spectacular!

More details.


Saturday, January 2nd 2021, 10:42am

This is the exact same carnifex release as it was last time, howcome you don't add the new fatalities like f2p eu, f2p ru and p2p ru has, being the big octulhu jaw coming out of the floor?
Or the halloween fatality ru already had where bats appear around the dying character?
Why release a sale for a carnifex that exactly happend last sale too!?
I don't understand at all :thumbdown:

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