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New Frontier His Vocation

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His Vocation

Any tips on how to get through His Vocation quest in Sogot. I cannot keep Skulnar alive or seem to pull agro off him before he dies. I'd skip it but once you're at this point you can't leave or do anything else in the game until you complete it even if you drop the quest.


Jes, this Quest is a little pain in the trousers... but try bloodtrial as meleesupportwarden...

For first group i select an enemy, mostly the middle one and use the pull and cc skill and airattack, easy.

For second group i do the same but i fly in long range before skulnar so i can await the mobs with stun.

Pulling aggro with damageskills seems a bit random, but imho it helps to use the stuns either the chainpull or the pushback.

third group and fourth group have devided groups.
at third i am a bit in front of skulnar to use the pushback for the destroyers and then the chainskill for the demonhound and then shoot the hound with singletargetskill.

just keep distance to skulnar at evry moment so the aoe of the destroyers wont accidently hit him

at fourth group i use the chainskill for the two mobs left and go behind the one at right to push im down the rock. then i use airattack on the two and let the single one shoot at skulnar untill the two are down and stuns are out of cd.

PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!

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