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Friday, March 12th 2021, 5:25pm

Problems with Steam account and buying crystals...

Hi, i have a big problem, i hope you can help me soon: I have bought the Collectors edition (60 days subscription incl.) and started to play 6 days ago, today ended my subscription. I have paid today for 90 days subscription to keep playing. Logged on with steam and it was impossible to buy crystals (there was "application error") so i logged with my e-mail to buy them. Now i see i have a subscription but not with steam. What can i do?

Now i cant play, all my characters are in Smugglers paradise. please help.


Saturday, March 13th 2021, 11:15am

You can try to log in with My.Games game center client instead of Steam
Try writing ticket to support, they don't give a f***, but maybe they do care about billing money

To play on sub server I always visit Allods main page, on the right I press
Manual Top Out : buy 500 crystals with credit card
Become a subscriber : pay
it will allow your current account to play on sub-server for 30 days

If you fail to solve it, make chargeback. Don't blame yourself. This game
with outdated launchers, archaic forum like in the 90s, non - esistent support is solely run by dozen of dedicated players. Good luck

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