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How is the community of the game?

Hi people,
I'm planning to start again but unsure whether it is worth to spend time and money or not. I used to play this game at its prime time in Turkish server and that was awesome experience. There was almost dozens of people standing even on front of that Elven homeland's dungeon entrance, waiting to group up and raid in. We were holding the Empire-facing side of the Misty Slope in Asee-teph and imperials were crying on forum about how we do not let them to complete their quests etc. Guild rumours, capital raids, etc were really good. I played for short periods with huge gaps since then and the game was nearly abandoned. Now it seems that player count went up and I wonder how is the community.

Is it still with abandoned maps except the newest ones and there are like just a few people even in the capitals or is it improved since then? Is it populated? I'm just looking for a balanced pvp on ptp server with a communicative guild or community.

ps: are there any turkish guy still playing the game?


but generally speaking its empty with no battleground popping

This needs to stop. Seriously dude you don't play on p2p, stop talking trash or missinforming.
BG's pop very often. F2p is dying, it has no welcoming atmosphere with all the CS for new players. Accept it, suck it up, live with it.
P2P is alive and well, BG's pop, turkish players are very much present, most in Empire currently. For accurate info on p2p, hit us on the p2p discord in my signature. This forum is just completely f2p biased.


My posts got deleted without any further notice, are objective and informative postings for new players no longer wanted by the moderation?

Cancel-culture on the rise like almost everywhere on the internet now?If so, please let me know because in this case i will save the time and effort i put into many posts here...


Helloo, it is totally normal that all maps are empty coz its kinda simple and easy to get trough the levelzones in few days and endgame has its own maps, dungeons and raids. Im mostly sure you will not find again people standing before dungeons or pvping in aseetep like once coz the expgain from pvp there is neglactable. therefor you will have a ton of tasks you can and or have to do in endgamecontent for progress.

You can calculate for your self about Community if you notice that memberlimit of guilds is 150 and 4x6 members are max for weekly guildfight in rankmode and if you are generous assume there are 20 guilds maxing this out but in real only guilds place 1-5 may have full capacity at best each week so you invest in a game with 200 active players you will loose against and prolly few more leeching you in other random content.

as some guys complain about hardcore paytowin and the long and timewasting grind and grouplimitations in mostly all usefull content i can only recommend you bring some friends with you with some that not want play cleric scout warrior or other overpowered classes and have fun as long as you enjoy the classes coz beside some ratracemechanics and oneclassperplayer limitations in ranked guildfights is this game kinda polished and playable smoothly.

ps: i would guess the young turkish players are even in majority (dont know why but the game has made huge efforts to attract little wannabe assassinmegakillers into this game with hilarious oneshotmechanics and awesome killingrewards like devilwings, noisy killanimations and sassy chatmessages ;) )
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!

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