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Tuesday, April 13th 2021, 3:30pm

**Smugglers Paradise** Guides for all new players

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Tuesday, April 13th 2021, 3:35pm

After finishing the starter zone you are arriving to the capital of your fraction. You will notice pretty quick that your bags are always full, so first thing you can do is, find the banker in your city, Novograd ( Taras Ignatov) / Nezebgrad (Grigory Gubin)


Once you reach the max. Level you can do these old raids by your own to get bigger bags:

42 slot bag - Drops from last boss in Gorluxor's Tower (Yazes Shard)
48 slot bag - Drops from last boss in Tep's Pyramid (Irdich)
54 slot bag - Drops from last boss in Eclipse Raid (Umoira) / best to do with another person because of tactics from second and third boss

Those raids reset every week on thursday, so in the first week you get a bigger bag and in the second you can exchange the bag for a bigger bank slot:
42 slot bag = 96 bank slots
48 slot bag = 120 bank slots
54 slot bag = 144 bank slots

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Tuesday, April 13th 2021, 3:55pm

On the P2P server you get more experience than on the F2P, therefore it should be enough to do the import quests in the zones.

Important to do:


NOT important to do:

Quests you can repeat

Group quests you can repeat

Some quests you can finish instantly when you see this:

You need Marks of Fate for it. For each quest you finish you get experience , you will get the same amount of Marks of fate for it


When you reach lv21 you can do also Mysterious Lands (Time Void). It's like a dungeon and you get free mercs to help you in the battles

The click on the dungeon tab


Do not use this guide with your main char if you are not willing to go back later and do your World Mysteries for rubies.

or play your reincarnation as main (Aoidos starts with lv 70 and has all worldmysteries done, except old raids)

Level up only in Mysterious Lands by taking Rowdy and Matron , more mercs less EXP. Only do the "protecting" once. Addon that helps to skip the once you don't want:

Having somebody that could craft for you lv90 equip (wearable with lv 67) would make things easier (no need of any merc) , but it will cost arround 140k gold to craft it.

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Tuesday, April 13th 2021, 3:58pm

Your first mount will be a very slow wolf, by leveling you are getting some temporal mounts, so after a while they disappear.
If you have a guild and/or friends you could ask them for the Viverne, that drops at the enboss of OBS or can be purchased in Alrihat.

Other option would be the Allods Shop and buy the Lightning Bolt's Keychain (P2P) for 7 Euros


In Nezeb (Vladimir Kostin) and Novograd (Ivan Ovsov) you can find an NPC that sells mounts and pattern.


You can get mounts by doing old raids:

Lv.51 Dead City/ Cradle (Dragon way, last boss) - Gryphon

Lv.55 Tep's Pyramid/ Irdich - Magic carpet

Lv. 60 Eclipse/ Umoira - Dragon

Lv. 65 Gates Project/ Laboratory / Negus Jeeg (go in with another person to help with this boss) Ferris - Wraith (has a "blink" too)


You can get mounts from Prophetic Cards (temp. Events) , Observatory, Nihaz Citadel , on Astral Allods and some NPC's (Alrihat, PVP NPC, 3v3 NPC, Dionic Ammer NPC etc.)

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Tuesday, April 13th 2021, 6:53pm

Before you get your shell, you need to get lv 95 and finish Greatness.


Go up to your leader of the fraction and take this quest:

Then talk with the Bookkeeper, finish both quests and get the scepter. By clicking with the scepter on amalgam, you get for each 1 emblem. You can also convert Enchanted Matter to Emblems (1:4).


This will be your first Shell

click to see full size

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