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Saturday, May 15th 2021, 11:25am

Status of the PSI today ?

The last post about the PSI is almost 8 month old and it stated that the class was in a bad shape.

How's the PSI today.
Did the class improve with the later patchs ?


Sunday, May 16th 2021, 4:52pm

Psi does well, in PVE and PVP
playing psi for many years now and always went back to that class

since its more complex than other classes it is played less
if you lack understanding you will perform much worse than when you play other classes without understanding

its burstdamage and pressure is unmatched and keeping the wounds & vulnearability-debuff on the enemy more or less permanent is incredible, even more if your fellow players go for the same target as you

downside of psi is it has no selfheal (only class in the whole game!)
in PVE you fix that by bloodlust and in PVP you really should have potions ready or retreat from battle at low HP for regen


Monday, May 17th 2021, 10:45am

Thank you.
I'm trying to make a PvE Psi .

I played a little with the builder but I'm not sure where to go and how to do it right.

or Supression ?$vg73o3u01j…306000::13ydj3:
Any suggestion for a PvE build ?


Monday, May 17th 2021, 11:20pm

Making builds has become pretty stale to the amount of rubies we got now. We can get everything we need for each aspect rather than "making a build" where u gotta sacrifice the one for the other.
You did somehow make some mistakes for your PvE build in your talent tree.
I would get rid of Vulnerability, and get Superiority, Entrophy and Fear. The fear will help you interupt castings from monsters in Compass dungeons.
Entrophy is a great aoe damage and cc ability, and Superiory simply helps you burst faster. The rest looks good :)


Tuesday, May 18th 2021, 1:08am

[PMB 10.1] Psioniker - Aufseher

my old suggestions from the PMB-event are still valid with only slight changes needed maybe

Suppression can give amazing long ccs now but players can still break them and kill you after that as you dont do any notable dmg in that aspect (longer ccs are a tradeoff to less damage) unless you are are overgeared like crazy

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Wednesday, May 19th 2021, 8:05am


Wednesday, December 1st 2021, 3:29pm

Bumping the thread as i have the same question.
Coming back to the game after like 5-6 years so i have no clue whats going on. Thinking of going Psi or Warden - could anyone provide a short gameplay description of both and how good (wanted/needed) they are nowadays?
Up to date guides would be a godsend! Especially since the one in this thread is in german and is lacking screenshots.


Wednesday, December 1st 2021, 5:16pm

Especially since the one in this thread is in german and is lacking screenshots.

the problem is the screenshots are gone (there were some in the past, lol), they were designed in a way that allowed understanding even without reading. must be an unreliable imagehoster i have used there

as the material for the PMB guides i have done is on a different machine i cant re-upload these right now
i will see if i can find them in the depths of my backups

as for psi it is still a good class although the complexity is unproportional compared to other classes (which no longer matters after you have made yourself familiar with how to play over some time)
continuous vulnearability and wounds along with best burstdmg in game is working excellent

the larget problem for psi class is it is the ONLY class in the WHOLE game which lacks selfheal leaving the psi dependent on potions every other class can use too and bloodlust which is close to irrelevance in PVP

along the healing problem comes the problem you have to target yourself with timelapse before using it which kills the useablity of this skill and makes it unnecessarily complicated to use it

plus the fact there is only one viable skillset for psi at all after reaching max level, the support one (yes it is even most effective in regular PVE)
leaving CC psi as TOTALLY worthless as is lacks power AND durability while CCs are close to worthless as there are so many CC breakers ingame it will lead to a scheme like: apply cc1 (attack and do close to no dmg), opponen breaks cc and forces you to shield, (attack and do close to no dmg),apply next cc opponent breaks it again (attack and do close to no dmg), now either die or add one more cycle like this in case you are overgeared. you do so little damge even if the opponent does not bother to break the cc it wont matter

they even tried to balance cc psi with giving it a few triggers for vulnearability but it was a failed attempt

i played around with suppression and reached cc-durations like 20 sec but result is a COMPLETE sacrifice of damage 8and again, serious players will break it, warrior has like 3 cc breakers same as many other classes)
dont ge me wrong this is a FUNNY trollbuild for PVP which i enjoy similar to old 2h tank warrior and old tank-demonolog but is is far fore squishy (even if you put all your statpoints to health) and makes you dependent on everyone else killing leaving you unable to 1vs1 even against the undergeared rookies

i miss thoughtful spirit (dragon tear instant damageburst x5 that charges over time), old choke (long range, incredible damage!), mental cleansing (minor selfheal) and old twin (attack while cloned) along with the old timelapse

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Tuesday, December 7th 2021, 8:51pm

*updated the imagelinks in the old PMB*

having a quick look at them, i see things have changed a bit so a little adaption would be necessary for current state of the game

stats have changed aswell, there is no more physical / astral dmg combo for psi anymore, no more doubleattack, swiftness has became completely worthless :wacko:

spent a few hours in BGs the last days, these changes in CC psi had good intentions but they failed sadly
changing back to support felt like releasing the handbreak of your car when you have been driving without releasing it for a while :wacko:

support (killer) stance of psi is not only superior but the only viable stance for battlegrounds and allows some decent cc aswell with cowardice-effect

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