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Friday, June 11th 2021, 7:32pm

Questions about support roles (returning player)

Hey guys, returning player question! I did play the game a bit about a year or two back and I liked it a lot but I didn't have time to play much and it fizzled out. I am returning and planning on going on the p2p server and I have a few questions. I LOVE support classes and they seem to be a dying breed in mmo's but I know Allods has a few.
Are support builds actually used in endgame content?
Which classes can actually be played as support? I see a few have the support stance but which are actually good with it?
Which faction has the most english speaking players?
Any help would be great!


Saturday, June 12th 2021, 3:03am

bard and engineer are the actual, REAL supportclasses as they can provide the according buffs within reasonable timeframes
i think this is what you are looking for

if you want to play on paymentserver use your free testweek to make sure you wont be disappoind by the small (some say close to nonexistent) population
only the normal server has a decent population which makes endgame pvp pop regularly and without the need of any arrangement

you can play a psi in supportmode aswell but thats a bit misleading while still true it is a supportive role as it can put perma cowardice and permafear along with permawounds on an opponent in PVP, this class is not relevant as support in general activities as PVE plus the supprot is limited to give a malus to the enemy
but psi has no selfheal which is horrible as EVERY other class has, just psi does not

warden support is a mixture of decent healing and attacking for PVP with a focus on melee attacks (perma-wounds possible)
necromancer support is a PVP-killer stance with offheals strong enough to barely stay alive - you can also keep perma-vulnearability on enemy but no wounds
healer is "the best class" currently and supportstance is more or less a meleehealer with high survivability due to shields and offheals
sorcerer sucks currently :( - aside from that its "support" is more or less just the PVP-spec

somehow they are all having tradeoffs, heals, shields, wounds, vulnearability, cowardice and so on

even classes without supportstance can apply some of these buffs and debuffs but in a much more limited way which requires precise timing and long cooldowns which make permause no option

this is so good even if there are no other players on your side you will support yourself basically this way
if someone joins even better

the "true" supportclasses as bard and engineer however can put a BONUS on YOUR members and can alongside remove some of the boni on an enemy within a reasonable timeframe
also, you can still do kills in this stance and do proper DPS, but everyone in your party will receive a serious bonus in damage, stamina plus you can purge debuffs from your group

you can also do minor healing (bards march, engineers sanatorium), buff bloodlust strongly (so your party will heal better) and provide healingbuffs (what was that called? wave of healing? i dont remember)

as you buff yourself aswell even if playing solo you can do serios PVE and PVP

its an interesting experience to have and while i personally did not want to fulfill this role primarily it was something i would not want to miss in my memories

as for english speaking players i dont know but i guess its balanced

so "welcome back" and enjoy your stay :)

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