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Saturday, June 26th 2021, 2:09pm

how I would start the game and how much would it cost?

I would start with a top up event or a Collector eddition, which gives a good horse:

With 20+50=70 euro you get a decent mount, rank 7, no fall dmg and maybe able to swim ( 2x astral allods needed it)
And you get Crystal chip too, max 10.000.

At shop->Services->Character: Miraculous arc, 56 euro gives intant max level -5 WITH COMPLETED QUESTS just needs to be done the raid ones.

(A fast mount it is important for leveling and even after that)

There are a few scrolls for mounts: blue scroll gives invisibility ( very usefully) , epic scroll some tiny seef heal on mount, and the legendary cast time reduction. The gallop: for this horses are useless, it is worth later for adaptive shell.
This pack of scroll it is around 50-60 eur, when is a sale event.

Patronage 5: my costs it was 130 eur.

After getting max level:
At shop->Services->Reincarnation: Iridescent Jar 5.8 eur, Miraculous Arc for Incarnation 30 eur.

You need like 2-3 reincarnation spell and actively you can play with 2 char , others are "farming characters)
So + 70 eur for +2x reinc

Runes: need 11/10 at least.
You got 5 from Ark,
From new player at 75 you will get an offer to get lvl 7 or 8 at tiny price, am considering you start with 8 rune already at this point.
From enter the desired 3x lvl 11 and 3x lvl 10 and you have 6x lvl 8 and 1x CC value is mor or less 1500g
Thew result it is:
Gold dust: 76 549 101

Crystalchips: 2 728 95

Total Goldcosts: 482 066 152

It worth to wait and optimise the rune purchases, because:
A rune set 13/13 it is 2000-4000 euro and aready many has it, so you needed it sooner or later

That is: 68 866 crystals ( more or less)
Which is 700 euro ( with some events can be low as 350-450 eur )

Bag: 50 eur at least

Permanent talent and point reset: 50+20 eur, (when is on sale)
Trinket: 50-70 eur
Second ear slot: 50-70 eur

Permanent addition stat points: 100 eur
Permanent additional rubies 100 eur
Permanemt additional talent: 70 eur
Carnnifex stuff :120 eur
Perma defensive stats: 70-130 eur
Goblin + 2x services + anti thunderstrike : 100 eur
Patronage stuff: - for heavy pvp needed, for raids needed some others: 100-150 eur

Trainer rubie: 30-70 eur or how much it was . The active char needs it, the farming ones not.

Probably missed some calc with shells, looter pet and so on, but did,t fully optimizes the rune purchase.

The result:
70+56+130+70+700+50+70+70+100+100+70+120+120+100+10++150+70=2056 euro.
And need to purchase runes for another 1700-2500 euro.

2000 euro = 200 000 crystals = 1 400 000 000 gold

With 3x character you can farm from BG 330k gold / week, and KoE + Rihat + maze Lets say 500k / week / char.
3x char => 1.5M gold / week.

To get that gold it takes: 933 weeks = 17.7 years.

Yes, ofc you can farm on F2P server the gold.... in your dreams!

When you farmed 11/10 rune you will realize it is not worth just like 8/7 , because of inflation.

And you have to add temp items:

Omi core is best, on sale it is 120-150 eur / 6 month => 2 eur / month ( you need 1-2 fabet core for Domi Sunday and 1 probaly other for Th
ursday if you are going to, the BG needs 1-2 other core and the dailies usually 1 other class.
Sometimes it is ok 2-3 fablet core , sometimes very welcome the Omni core ( relic)

BG: Prest ( Cleric) , Scout, Summy, some Wardens ( Druid) as heal , a few Engi can survive and deal something usefully.
At Rihat, and KoE daily it needs the 1 target dps ( Engi ) if it wouldn't be PvP... but it is.. at least for me.
Raid, Compass needs a Supp class ( bard, engi )
At Domi time everyone is Cleric, summy or scout or engi, you will have conflicts with those classes. Probably you will need to pick something else: Warr, Paladin, psio, even Demonologist or Mage.

Those who don't pay this price, because want it free, or not have considerable results or need to have friends who cary him.

Best is to buy on events.
Do your maths, put poney on safe nd pull on event to buy the missing permanent / temp item.

In 1 year you can have with 2000 euro a playable character.

Good luck!


Sunday, June 27th 2021, 8:51pm

if you are a rookie you will fail no matter what items you have as long as you dont understand core mechanics
all the money in the world wont change this, you have to learn
also, you have to gearup, thats the largest factor in strenght
after that we get to proper spec, stats and then items

since you make gold by playing anyway, over time you can gradually get everything for free, as it has been since over 10 years
i have gained every relevant item ingame plus more completely free, along with level 9 runes which would be level 10 or 11 now already

patronage is activated cumulatively so you activate it everytime you need a boost and at some point its permanent - no big deal

if you want to boost yourself invest 3$ for a lootpet right from the start and get the free 160% speed mount from tropical atoll

if you want it completely free farm for the lootpet, thats what i have done with success
a veteran farmer makes 300-500BC a day not counting gold from auctions and trades. counting them in, on average you make like 1000 BC a day this way if you do it right, thats like 10$ which translates to 300$ a month ingame currency you get by playing economically smart
of course, if you are lazy or lack the ability to do basic math and cost-benefit calculation you will do worse
but hey, money fixes almost everything so even if you are not a good farmer you can compensate it. imagine there would be no option to donate, 10-hour-a-day-playing farmers would dominate the game ;)

i can do it? everyone can do it. i am not a wizard and some days i seriously lacked playtime, spending like only 10 minutes a day on my hobby :( but hey, RL farming is much more attractive and who would turn down a good opportunity

in total,
you overcomplicate things DRASTICALLY

its like you expect someone who just wants to check his mail and watch some porn to understand programming in several languages in detail, be able to build his own computer with watercooled highendparts for a gaming-PC
thats not how it runs. you just get a consumer grade laptop, plug and play - eventually over time you will learn more, but only if you want

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Monday, June 28th 2021, 4:51am

AOP, why are you still trying?
It's black on white... :sleeping:

That you're saying "all the money in the world wont change this, you have to learn" seriously surprises me. I've seen your numbers with full 13's.
You're probably also either a retired person or a wealthy person because you're one of the very few that has so much time leftover that writes textbooks on a forum as this.
That reflects in how much time you have free on a daily basis to grind in this game and keep justifying your farm attitude in a p2w server.
It doesn't work like that for the majority of players.

Why would you even bother doing this
" on average you make like 1000 BC a day this way if you do it right, thats like 10$ which translates to 300$ a month ingame currency you get by playing economically smart"
when you can work irl for that per hour?
Unless you work in your country for such wage, what is stupid about cashing in F2P?
"Free farming" the f2p server makes no sense considering the amount of time u spend ingame compared to the time you spent irl and use money you earn from there instead.
No excuse or explaination can turn that around anymore. Otherwise we'd have gold sellers here left and right, and we do not.

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Monday, June 28th 2021, 6:51pm

as this game is my online-hobby i try to invest the required time which includes information exchange on the forum
this is especially handy when i am in a situation where i am on standyby so actual playing is not reasonable but writing here i cann still do a gamerelated activity plus maybe help a rookie out a bit
and most important, i enjoy it, no better place to have a conversation about allods than the very own forum of the game, right?

That you're saying "all the money in the world wont change this, you have to learn" seriously surprises me. I've seen your numbers with full 13's.

quote the whole thing and it makes sense
also, you have to gearup, thats the largest factor in strenght

its no secret i am (very) hesitant with gearing up due to gear getting reset within not-so-long time, especially considering the effort this means
also, usually i dont change from PVP-Stats to PVE-Stats just for doing a bit more DPS in the occasional PVE content i participate, my dps is good enough this way aswell. i dont have anything to proof

in the past, once geared up "fully" partially going through the hustle of organizing a group and when i was to abort this found out about the (at this point not so well known) option of crafting teal glyphs (ferris patch, when we could get glyphs from bestiary and top level handwork)
result i was "top" geared and vastly dominated in battleground despite having "only" level 8 runes which was serious fun, also it was the confirmation runes are overrated as i had as expected no trouble winning vs full-itemshop players that were undergeared while i was top geared
ultimately i still lacked top draconic relics as i did not clear any uptodate-raids but this did not matter it seemed

as long as gearup full is linked to burdens like organizing a group and all the trouble that comes with it i prefer an inferior gearscore with all its drawbacks
i dont have to be #1 all the time, i am way past this age. a 3rd or 4th place in battleground is more than good enough for me to enjoy the game

time i have to enjoy this hobby fluctuates a LOT as my RL-obligations are inconsistent which means there are sometimes days i can spend hours playing while others i am happy spending even the 10 minutes i put in daily, collecting gold and doing auctions

why would i bother collecting gold in this game? because i enjoy this. a lot. coming from diablo 2, the possibilities in allods overwhelmed me and i loved it from the beginning
only thing i enjoy equal to collecting gold is doing playerkills

i dont play this game as a chore to reach everything and then can go on to the next game. i play it because i enjoy it, as some say, "the journey is its own reward"
if this would be no fun to me there would have been be no reason at all to not just put the "farmed RL gold" of 1 day into allods and have everything - this would cut the part of farming, auctions and resource-management completely fromn the game for me. things i enjoy (also one of the reasons the payment server is not an option to me)
this is certainly not about money. this is about FUN and JOY. i like to have something to do in allods, to have goals to further improve my char and get even more powerful items (that stay and do not get reset after 2 months!)

why would you donate if you dont deem the game worthy of your support? just to get some items you will get anyway over time? the BC you get for donations are a symbolical "thankyou", nothing more nothing less...
remember age of empires? get the protonman and e=mc2trooper, unveil the map finish the enemy base, game ends. great fun but lasts like 5 minutes. then fun is over

so form a progressive POV ofc it is more reasonable to farm outside the game - noone EVER debated this
in games without donations money from people who do this go to 3rd party goldsellers, in games with donations the money goes to the game directly which is better
people who want to ENFORCE fast progress at all costs find their way. in games without gold, accounts are bought

as in RL, i dont give a damn about the ratrace, i do things at a speed thats comfortable to me. always have and always will

i hope this gave you a better understanding on my approach 8o

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