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Just had to brag a bit

OK so here's the story.

We had 3 min on 3 chests in the Anomalous Sector when a 4th one spawned right next to us. We debated to take it but in the end we took it with 2 min to go on the 3 chests. The timer went back to 8. Just when it turned to 7 min not 1, not 2, but 3 imp ships came into our dead end sector from which we couldn't get out of and jumped us. We started cursing but decided we'd give them a fight for the chests. After some great teamwork and a bit of luck and what I'd have to guess is lack of communication among the imp ships we managed to fight it out till the end and get all of our chests. Not only that but 2 of the imp ships ran out of the hub and we killed the 3rd one. All in all it was a great fight and I just felt was worth a bit of publicity so people see that the P2P server isn't dead.

The ship is called Fiddle and the crew was: Crybabies, Razor, Reepsone, Caztiel, Randir and Kulha.

Here are the pictures curtsey of Crybabies:
Begining of the fight

When the timer on our chests went out

Fiddler - Bard - Avarice
Kulha - Warrior - Astralis




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Very fun fight, wish to do that again next time maybe bring a 4th?




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Ahahaha I know that feeling when you have imba luck (and skill in the crew's teamwork) to make a successful anomalous sector run with defending as many chests as you were able back there. Congrats and good luck later on when the ships indeed get to communicate with each other and decide it's time for a payback :D
And so on..


Hahaha, nice one Fiddle and crew!

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