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Sunday, July 18th 2021, 2:21am



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I lost a quest, is there a way i can get it back?

I got a mail from "Amos" to invite me to a ceremony in Ammer, I went there then I had to speak with professor, which I didn't know where they are, so I went to complete my other quests to level up.

I was out of quests so I checked if I had any with that search thingy, I clicked it and it showed the Ammer one, all of the sudden, I found out that it was somehow abandoned (I don't recall abandoning it)

I checked from where I got the quest, saw that it was from that mail, but the letter wasn't in my back, it's gone, and I don't know how to get it back, if there's a way please let me know.


Sunday, July 18th 2021, 2:07pm

It's a buggy quest allods is silent about.
The deal with this is that it will work fine on lv70+ to do and complete it.
On lower levels it won't work.
The bug is that lower levels receive the quest, but are unable to complete it by not being 70+

Atleast that's my understanding from others that had it too. And everyone had it.

Hope that helped.
For future questions, I recommend writing on the russian forum. Devs/mods don't read posts here.
I also have 1 or 2 new threads everyday I check - gets non existant.

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