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Friday, July 2nd 2021, 11:45am

Community Event: Tropical Atoll Travel Blog

Dear friends!

Our Tropical Atoll is available for you to enjoy summer from its best side!

Professional Travellers like Nicholas Miklouho report on exciting experiences in this holiday paradise. Sometimes he observes how Bup the Glassy gets ripped off by Dodo the Crabber in the crab race, then again he undertakes an exciting dive to sunken treasures after a tip from a bartender and sings his heart out in the evening at karaoke with the locals.

What did you experience during your vacation on Tropical Atoll? Maybe you have some amazing recommendations for other travellers on how to spend their time, or some Dos and Dont's? Tell the community about it in a post designed as a fictional blog entry and dont forget to add pictures!


  • Only one blog entry per player
  • The participations are multi-server
  • During your participation indicate your main avatar name, as well as your game server
  • After your participation is posted, don't rename your in game character, if you do you won't receive the rewards
  • Each blog entry should consist of a narrative illustrated with images from the game
  • You have to respect forum rules in terms of text composition
  • Post your entry under this thread.
  • You have until July 31 - 23:59 CET to participate
  • The most original entries each language (EN, FR, DE, TR) will win!


  • First Place - 2000 Premium Crystals or Marks of Accomplishment
  • Second Place - 1500 Premium Crystals or Marks of Accomplishment
  • Third Place - 1000 Premium Crystals or Marks of Accomplishment
  • Fourth Place - 750 Premium Crystals or Marks of Accomplishment

Have fun!

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Thursday, July 29th 2021, 6:22pm

I am Steamroller from Smuggler's Paradise and i want to tell you what happened to me on Tropical Atol:

Day 1
Oh God, how beautifull is here! Evergreen palms, golden sand, and especially Parrots with feather in all colours of rainbow. There is only one small inconvience - Wraith Mount cant use his skill.

Day 2
This is the greates place in the entire Sarnaut. Parrots woke me up with their song and I immediately went swimming. One tourist made rally good joke - by scaring me out of see with shark costume. I love this place.

Day 3
Last night I slept really bad. How can I make these parrots to shut up? What is worse I met really nice girl but I made a fool of mysefl in front of her. Beacause of this shark prankster! But that's OK, tommorow will be another day.

Day 4
Another sleepless night and another prank. At least there are some atractions - take squawker and throw coconaus at parrots. I scored 9! Maybe now i'll get some rest.

Day 5
Good news - parrots stopped their song. Bad news - only bacause it's to hot to do anything. I would go swimming, but I am sure this shark lover is waitnig for me. I can only sit.

Day 6
There is something to do - visit coctail bar. Of course one drink wasn't enough. And of course I went completly drunk. And of course someone stole my wallet. What is worse: shaman said that tommorow could be 48 or even 50 degrees. Can you imagine that?

Day 7
Shaman was wrong. Now there is 55. In shadows. Temperature like in volcano and no way to stay cool - sunstroke guaranted. If I'll ever meet this fishy prankster I swear - there will be blood.

Day 8
Wraith mount now can't move an inch. I took it to pieces end spent entire days for cleaning. You wont belive how much this cursed sand I found in the engine.

Day 9
I can't understand how any sane person could live in this hell. I hope soon Octhulu will detroy this circus. I have 2 ideas. 1st - leave this place. 2nd - never come back!


Friday, July 30th 2021, 6:44pm

Hello, it is Unicorn from Evolution server; and here is my adventure

I stopped by Tropical Atol with my pet to enjoy this summer. As soon as I enter there, I encounter the clear, deep blue sea; the plains were covered with lush green trees and the peace of palm trees greeted me. I could live here for a lifetime.

I was ready to explore the surroundings; as soon as I took a few steps, and a lovely Caretta caretta appeared. Even my pet had friends to have fun with!

I was very excited to go into the sea, but there were some rumors that around this time sharks were circulating nearby. So I decided to spend my time participating in the crab race. The crab I chose came in 2nd place, I think I gave it a little too much bait.

It had been quite hot and I needed some cooling; So I stopped by the nearby cocktail bar. I met a few people who were suffocating from the heat. While sipping my Blue Lagoon Cocktail, we had a chat. We promised to compete in the Karah-Oki race that will be held in a few hours!

I saw a slot machine next to the cocktail bar. After my defeat in the crab race, I decided to try my luck here. This time luck was on my side and I won a wonderful butterfly crown. Even if I left here, it would be a very good memory for me.

I kept meeting new people around. They said that the most fun thing here is the Hula dance and that I should attend definitely . Besides, I didn't trust myself in dancing; I also came here for a holiday, not to get tired. That's why I chose to lie down and tan.

My first day here was very good, I will come again tomorrow and I will enjoy the sea. Wait for me, Tropical atoll!
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Saturday, July 31st 2021, 1:00pm

Ich bin FreuleinFux vom Server Evolution und das ist mein Abenteuer auf dem tropischen Atoll.

Eines Tages bin ich durch Novograd gelaufen, als ich mal wieder meine GildenQuest machen wollte.
Das ist mein Job, den ich jeden Tag mit voller Inbrunst erledige!
Biestlinge sind sehr engagierte Mitglieder!!!

Aber heute war irgendwas anders!!!
Da stand eine Dame an Ardenius Turm, welche mich in zu einem Urlaub überreden wollte.
....URLAUB?! ~ Was zum Teufel ist das bitte?
Ein Biestling kennt keinen Urlaub!!!

Trotzdem konnte ich nach einiger Zeit nicht mehr widerstehen und landete somit ein Schiffsprung weiter im tropischen Atoll.
Ein Biestling... In Bikini... Ohje ~

Aber einen Vorteil habe ich sofort an diesem bisschen Stoff an meinem Körper erfahren können!!!
Bei 50 Grad im Schatten will auch ein Biestling nicht in seiner Rüstung durch die Gegend wandern!!!

Also gut. Urlaub!
Wie macht man dies?
Ich habe mich auf meinen treuen Gefährten Fuchsi geschwungen und diese Insel jetzt erkundet!

Hier seht ihr uns auf einem Stein das Meer und die Palmen betrachten!
Wir haben hier wirklich viel Spaß gehabt.
Normal haben wir Biestlinge keinen Spaß! ~ behaltet also diese Info für Euch. ;)


Einmal umgedreht und dann hat man auch diese wunderschöne Aussicht genießen können! *3*

Fuchsi und ich waren sogar gemeinsam tauchen und haben ein paar Fische beobachtet!
Lieber aber nur von weitem, da Fuchsi Fische gerne frisst.

Nachdem wir die ganze Insel erkundet haben, haben wir uns an einer der Bars einen alkoholfreien Cocktail gegönnt. *hieks...*
Irgendwie schmeckt der Cocktail komisch...hmm

Wieso sehe ich nur alles verschwommen??
Und warum hängen meine Gildenmember auch hier ab?

Naja egal~ Dann kann man doch schnell den Rüssel eines ausgestorbenen Tiers streicheln. <3

Nun ging aber auch schon die Sonne unter und Fuchsi und ich haben uns zum Abschluss unseres Urlaubs eine wirklich schöne Stelle ausgesucht.
Hier ist es so romantisch und wir vermissen plötzlich jemanden an unserer Seite, mit dem wir diesen schönen Anblick teilen könnten. :love: :love:

Aber schaut euch den Mond und die Sterne auf dem tropischen Atoll an!!
Sowas hat ein Biestling schon lang nicht mehr gesehen.

Somit endet unsere Reise auf dem Atoll aber auch schon.
Es war sehr heiß, aber wir wissen nun was Urlaub ist und das dieser einem neue Kraft gibt. <3
Danke :thumbup:

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