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Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 9:53am

Patch Notes 12.0.01



  • Characters who are under restrictions on the use of in-game chat are no longer able to change the set phrase of the Executioner's Voice until the expiration of the sanctions.

Astral Islands
  • Access to the amber layer of astral has been opened.
  • Reset the astral keys held by the characters. All characters are granted 42 new keys.

  • Classes specific interface elements were optimized.
  • In the client's settings (Interface) added the option of the extended interface commands for summoned helpers of wardens and necromancers.
  • Fixed a bug that, in some cases, led to the incorrect display of the complexity of the wounds imposed on the character.
  • Improved the display of additional information on the server selection screen.

The world

Tropical Atoll
  • The Tropical Atoll will be available to visitors again for an extended period. New activities and rewards await you.

New attractions have been added:
  • Beach Volleyball: The attraction is available from 10 to 40 minutes of each hour. Slap Chop on the volleyball court will tell you more about it.
  • Wind and Sail: attraction available from 25 to 55 minutes of each hour. An aviac named Geek the Windbreaker will talk about sailing and teach how to handle the wind properly.
  • Race the Wind: At 50 minutes of each hour, a sailboat race around the atoll will begin. The first finalists of the race will receive an increased award.
  • Pebble Tower: attraction available all the time. Gugu the Serene Waterman will teach you how to build towers out of colored pebbles. Colorful pebbles can be found on sandy shores and on the bottom throughout the atoll.

    Soon after the opening of Tropical Atoll, it will be possible to raise your own riding parrot. Deliveries of eggs ready to hatch will be reported separately by the avians. Don't miss it!

  • New rewards have been added that can be obtained from Chicky the Enterprising in exchange for shells:
    Tropical Sun Clothes.
    Shark Hunter's Armband
    Famous Aboriginal Tattoos
    Lord of the Seas costume
    Tropical Butterfly Pet
    Glider with coloring "The Winds of Wandering"

Tropical "One-armed Bandit" attraction:
  • The machine is now called the Tropical Lottery.
  • To play it, you need a Ticket, which you can get when you open the Shell Gift.
  • In the raffle you can win a +100% bonus to the random attraction reward, shells, and one of the vehicles from the Chicky assortment.
  • The slot machine no longer gives out the Tropical Crown, and it is no longer required to participate in the Karah-Oki.

Fun Marathon attraction:
  • The attraction is now available every hour from 1 to 15 minutes and from 30 to 45 minutes.
  • A tipsy character can now avoid the effects of disorientation by stopping during the dizzy spell.
  • Marathon participants should now move more carefully to avoid bumping heads with each other or with other guests participating in the marathon. Be careful, especially with the groggy orcs!
  • You can now see the missing fruit in the item description of the "Cocktail Recipe" item.
  • Tropicana Invigorating Cocktail, Tropicana Hard Cocktail and Tropicana Subtle Cocktail are now classified as toys and cannot be reacquired.
  • Now instead of bottles of rum, a full reward and a toy cocktail are given for completing the task, depending on the success of the task.
  • Reward for completing the task increased.

The Athletic Competition attraction:
  • Fallen palm trees may now appear in random places on the path and must be jumped over.
  • Reward for the task is increased and depends on the speed of passing.
  • Fixed display of abilities, if they are not currently available.

"Flying over the sea" attraction:
  • A bonus seashell is now given for every 4 correctly performed actions in flight (previously for every 10).
  • Improved the visual component of the attraction.
  • Increased Award.

Karah-Oki attraction:
  • The Tropical Crown is no longer required to participate.
  • Added a context action to trigger a random salute from the bag during Karah-Oki.
  • Fixed several bugs and flaws.
    Increased rewards.

Crab Run attraction:
  • Improved the visual component of the attraction.
  • Reward has been increased.

Crab Run, Crab Run!
  • Improved the visual component of the attraction.
  • Increased Reward.

Crab Treat attraction:
  • You can now lift the Very Heavy Stone without being in a group and with characters of any faction.
  • Increased the amount of crab treats that can be obtained from under the stone.

The Pearl Catcher attraction:
  • The task is now given by Tiki the Resourceful, who can be found in the vicinity of Tiki the Enterprising.
  • Reduced the chance of obtaining a Pearl from the Pearl Catcher.
  • Reduced the number of items obtained by unlocking Pearls.
  • Now each pearl can be opened by each player individually.
  • Recovery time of pearls increased to one hour.

Jaws attraction:
  • In the form of a sea monster, the "Acceleration" and "Echo Locator" skills are now available. The second skill allows you to temporarily mark with a marker characters that are in the water nearby, as well as to know how many characters are now swimming in the sea.
  • Increased the speed of movement in the appearance of the sea monster.
  • Now in the water anywhere contextual action is available to turn into a sea monster, if the character has an active task "Jaws".
  • A target frightened by a sea monster now gets a temporary fear effect.
  • Now when a sea monster approaches, characters in the water get a contextual action in advance to speed up escape.
  • The task now requires you to scare 3 characters (previously 2).
  • For the first completion of the task during the day is given an additional reward.
  • Improved the visual and sound component of the attraction.

  • Twelve new achievements have been added. You can find them in the "Events" - "Tropical Atoll" section.
  • Improved the visual design of some parts of the location.
  • Non-player characters responsible for running events have been added informational effects. The duration of the effects shows the time until the attraction ends or until the next launch.
  • Information icons have been added near the mini-map, displaying the current active attractions and their remaining operating time.
  • The effect of the Reversal Potion toys is increased to 180 sec.
  • The cost of "Circulating Potions" at Chicky the Enterprising has been increased.
  • Now under the action of the toys "Turnover Potion" character can move, and in the form of a crab, a turtle and a frog to jump and dance.
  • All shells available to the characters are converted to Faded Shells. These can be used to purchase last summer's merchandise from Chika the Enterprising, as well as fruit, insects and crab treats. Additional Faded Shells can be obtained from Chiqui in exchange for Jubilee coins, fruit, insects, new shells and other items. Any new Shells not spent during the summer will be converted to Faded Shells in the fall and can be used next year to purchase past seasons' rewards.

Important: Some features that are mentioned in the patch notes may become available on the EU servers at a later date, or they may be different in individual cases

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Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 9:54am


  • The "Age of Learning" quest: the letter with the invitation to the opening ceremony will now come when the character reaches level 70.

  • Regular Motivation" quest: refusing the quest no longer results in the withdrawal of accumulated Pioneer Coins from the character.

Umoir - Foul Dale
  • Quest "Maiden on a Chain": Fixed a bug that allowed you to examine a girl without tying Annette up.
  • Quest "Seal of Chaos": the dialogue window now closes correctly after accepting the task.
  • Quest "Doubtful Ethics": the effect "Setting" is now correctly removed if the character has left the game.

Shard of Gipat.
  • Raid of the World mission: Fixed a bug that prevented you from using the Spectacle Stella after defeating a defender.

Al Rihat Ruins.
  • Improved the mechanics of reviving Wild Goblins.
  • Hunt of Umoir: Owl Souls quest: fixed a bug that allowed you to reapply the Extinguished Crystal to dead owls.

Howlem -Thicket of the Primals
  • Quest "Thicket of the Primals": corrected incorrect display of the effect "Flight" when equipped with assault armor.

  • Quest "Spark of Tka-Rika": the "Game of Nihaz" effect is no longer imposed on characters who have completed the task.
  • The Spark of At-Zako quest: fixed a bug that prevented you from retrieving the quest after abandoning it.

Eljun - Fangs of Juns.
  • The Spark of Lou-a-Jalla quest: corrected an incorrect display of the Jun Raven effect when equipped with Assault Armor.


  • Additional adjustments have been made to the damage dealt and received by characters in PvE.

  • Improved visual effects of some abilities.

  • Rage of the Executioner" visual effect now displays correctly in demonic form.

  • Improved visual effects for some abilities.

  • Improved visual effects for some abilities.


  • Work has been done to balance the power of Guardians.
  • Improved visual effects of Guardians abilities.
  • Adjusted arena geometry to improve visibility of visual effects.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to leave the arena after the start of combat in unintended ways.
  • Characters already in the arena will no longer be moved to the starting point at the start of combat with the Guardian.
  • Mechanoid's "Gas Leak" ability: Gas clouds now appear at the location of the closest squad member.
  • Mechanoid's "Electric Arc" ability: now the discharges correctly disappear after triggering.
  • Mechanoid's "Venomous Exhaust" ability:
    Reduced periodic damage.
    Corrected the damage dealt to the target when dispelling the effect."""
  • "Targeting System" ability: Increased damage dealt to target.
  • Mechanoid's "Mortar Fire" ability: Increased damage dealt.
  • Mechanoid's "Energy Charge" ability :
    Increased damage dealt.
    Charges now correctly disappear after the end of the battle.
    Fixed bug that didn't allow to disperse "Paralysis" effect."
  • Mechanoid's "Last Breath" ability: Increased damage.
  • Mechanoid's "Nerve Gas" ability: Reduced damage.
  • Mechanoid's ability "Vulnerability Search": now the toxin increases the damage received by the target to a maximum of 100%.
  • Mechanoid's "Negative Ejection Zone" ability: now the "Negative Ejection Damage" effect is applied only if the character's health level is below 80%.
  • Mechanoid's Fire Support ability: Fixed a bug that caused turrets to incorrectly deactivate after they've taken enough damage.
  • Mechanoid's Spark Gatherer ability: Now works as described.
  • The Beast's "Eclipse" ability: The attraction effect now works in the entire arena area.
  • The Beast's Blood Magic ability: corrected description.
  • The Beast's "Swarm" ability:
    Summoned hounds no longer react to aggression from player characters.
    Improved visualization of the ability and hounds' behavior."
  • The Beast's "Twilight Spheres" ability:
    Increased damage dealt.
    Spheres now correctly disappear after the end of the battle.
    Fixed a bug that didn't allow to dispel the "Paralysis"" effect.
  • The Beast's "Greedy Shadows" ability:
    Shadows no longer attack summoned helpers.
    Fixed a bug that in some cases led to the termination of the battle with the boss.
    Shadows now correctly disappear after the end of the battle.
  • The Beast's Spark Absorption ability:
    Fixed a bug that could cause battle status to freeze after defeating a Guardian.
    The ability now works as described."
  • "Demon Seeds" ability:
    Corrected power of summoned helpers.
    Fixed bug that led to incorrect operation of Demonic Essence enhancement.
    Fixed description.
  • Demon Suite ability: corrected the work of the ability.


  • Limited attendance to the Blood Trial during maintenance from 03:45 to 05:15 server (Moscow) time. Characters already participating in the event will automatically leave at 03:55.

Heroic Adventures

  • The heroic adventures of the amber layer have become available for visiting.
  • The Vessels of Aressia's Blood, Infinite Elixirs of Astral Vision, and Infinite Tonics of Magical Armor on characters' hands have been removed.
  • The regular heroic adventure season is over. Rewards for the most outstanding successes in conquering heroic adventures have been sent out.
  • Astral Heroic Adventure Season is complete. The awards for Most Outstanding Achievement in Astral Heroic Adventures are out.

Arena of Heroes

  • Season is complete. Rewards for the Test of Valor have been sent out.


Free Merchants Lottery
  • New prizes have been added:
    "Sea Viper
    Steppe Hyena
    Mechanical Viper
    Crimson Keychain
    Dark Reins
    Steel Horn
    Delicate Horn
    Mechanical Hyena
    Decorated Horn
    Twilight Feather
    Steel Collar
    Technomagic Hyena Key
    Technomagic Viper Component
    Demon Hunters' Magic Carpet Chip
    Ferocious Lion Hair
    Cat Whistle
    Holy Weapon of Flaming Eye
    Holy Weapon of War Machine
    Holy Weapon of Demonic Gift
    Holy Weapon of Twilight Gloom
    Hickut Despot Sarcophagus
    Vampire Knight’s Box
    Orc Chieftain's Chest
    Chest with Chronograph Attire
    Overlord Assault Shell"

Important: Some features that are mentioned in the patch notes may become available on the EU servers at a later date, or they may be different in individual cases

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Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 9:55am



  • Fixed incorrect display of important values near interface elements (timers/death counters/point counters).

Heroic Adventures

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Infinite Tonic of Magic Armor to reduce the physical damage received weaker than what was stated in the description.


  • Fixed a bug that caused craftsmen-created equipment items to have incorrect names and characteristic sets.

Important: Some features that are mentioned in the patch notes may become available on the EU servers at a later date, or they may be different in individual cases


Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 9:55am


The World

Empire's ship "Invincible"
  • Baptism of Fire mission: corrected a bug that sometimes made it impossible to complete the subtask "Repulse the League landing force".

Tropical Atoll
  • The maximum number of Shells a character can have is increased to 7100.
  • This change cannot be displayed correctly by the interface at this time.

  • Beach Volleyball attraction has been temporarily disabled.
  • A discovered vulnerability in the mechanics allowed to quickly get an unintended amount of Shells. The Shells obtained in this way were removed from the characters.

Important: Some features that are mentioned in the patch notes may become available on the EU servers at a later date, or they may be different in individual cases


Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 9:56am



  • Adjusted the proportions of the Lightning Cold Heart color scheme.

  • Fixed the display of the additional reward received when passing the completed task.
  • Fixed the display of the duration of effects acting in certain locations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Reply button in the mail interface to work incorrectly.
  • Fixed an error which caused the squad interface to display incorrectly after a character left the squad.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the visor interface on astral ships to work incorrectly.

The world

Tropical Atoll
  • Beach Volleyball attraction is available again.
    Doubleboarding attraction: The Sailfish effect is now removed when you receive a Doubleboarding mission.

  • Jaws Ride:
    Fixed a bug that prevented you from scaring characters of the opposite faction.
    It is no longer possible to scare a character while under the effect of "Sailboat".

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Greed effect to display incorrectly.


  • Made an additional adjustment to the damage dealt by the Guardians' abilities.
  • Demon's ability "Demonic Vortex": now the "Armor Split" effect stacks up to 4 levels, but can be dispelled.
  • Demon's "Bloodlust" ability: reduced damage.
  • "Demon's "Fury" ability:
    Now the effect increases the damage dealt gradually - by 20% every 2 seconds up to and including 80%.
    Increased "Purifying Seal" area.
  • Demon's "Demonic Ties" ability:
    Aura of the "Demonic Ties" effect now takes effect 2 seconds after receiving the effect.
    Duration of "Demon's Bindings" effect increased to 10 sec. (previously 8 sec.).
  • Mechanoid's "Emerald Cutter" ability: corrected visual display of the ability.


  • Ability "Sonata" : now dispelling negative effects will impose correct support effects on allies.

  • Ability "Power Field": The "Slowdown " effect no longer ignores the mechanics of the Will.

  • Ability "Dark Veil": character under the effect of the ability can no longer be slowed.

Important: Some features that are mentioned in the patch notes may become available on the EU servers at a later date, or they may be different in individual cases


Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 9:56am


The world

Tropical Atoll
  • "Crab Run" attraction:
    You can now only get Shells as a reward for participating in the activity.
    You can now only feed a crab once the activity has begun.
  • Jaws Ride Attraction:
    It is no longer possible to scare a character while under the effect of "Doublejaws".

Important: Some features that are mentioned in the patch notes may become available on the EU servers at a later date, or they may be different in individual cases


Wednesday, September 8th 2021, 9:38am


The world

  • Reduced the amount of health of enemies in most story locations.

Tropical Atoll
  • "Pebble Tower" attraction: now you can get 3 seashells and 3 seashell gifts (previously 6 seashells) as a reward for building a tower with the Tropical Lottery bonus effect.

  • "Beach Volleyball" attraction:
    Improved marker display at ball drop point.
    The character with the marker "Give a Pass!" now has the highest priority when hitting the ball at the drop point.
    You can now get a shell gift at the end of the match for every 150 points scored (previously for every 200 points).

  • The Pearl Catcher attraction:
    Adjusted the chance of receiving a pearl.
    The Tropical Lottery bonus now increases the reward for a quest by 3 times (previously 2x).

  • Jaws Attraction:
    The "Echo Locator" ability no longer marks other characters in sea monster form, characters on land, or displays information about the number of characters at sea.
    Ability "Accelerate" now correctly accelerates the character.
    As a reward for completing the task can now get 3 gift-shells instead of the usual shells.

  • Achievement "Plop! Plop!": the time requirement to complete the achievement has been increased to 2.5 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the inability to use the Tropicana Refined Cocktail and Tropicana Hard Cocktail.


  • Reduced damage dealt by regular Guardian attacks.

Important: Some features that are mentioned in the patch notes may become available on the EU servers at a later date, or they may be different in individual cases

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