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Wednesday, September 15th 2021, 2:26pm

International Coldberg Trolls - 2021


Sigurd the Swindler is a wealthy gibberling, and wealthy gentlemen are often interested in art. So one day it occurred to him to do something like that. But Sigurd had never done anything but pad his wallet, so he decided to pursue advertising as art. And on such an occasion, another Sarnautian agitator festival, "The Coldberg Trolls!

By the way, romantic artists, talented musicians and mischievous video editing enthusiasts can win up to 20,000 crystals. Agree, such a sum motivates you to read the nomination descriptions and rules!

The contest will be held in an international format! Participants from both RU and EU servers will compete side by side and have one award for all... but what!

More details.

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