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Monday, February 7th 2022, 11:27pm

how to handle the situation, when someody play completly wrong and you want to tell it and he don't understand it?

This was just an astral and I left.

Bt the second time, when I see him I need to leave again angain instead of making him to understand what the hell is doing completly wrong!

He has 44k or 45k - same as me.

He has like rune 8 is and patr 4. So I was expecting to do 3kk single target and 6k aoe. Instead of this he did 1kk and 1.5kk. That's why Ichecked what is he doing: is he noob or slacking or just <snip>...

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Tuesday, February 8th 2022, 5:15pm

Playing this game for many years myself, it hurts to see underperformance, I feel you.
However, language barriers are a thing and therefor, you can't give him much help aside of visual which is not easy ingame.
Try to direct people that don't understand you to a universal language, such as sending the person a link to a guide of their language. There's many on the forum using images to show what's going on and to explain things.
I used to be very toxic towards people not understanding me. Glad that phase is done :rofl:
If you can't make a change, someone else can. Don't worry over it and keep playing your own things :)
It could be annoying to see that person doing so little, but assuming your group wasn't full, it's better than mercs or being alone.
Kudos for not insulting the guy tho, you kept your temper well ^^

Goodluck in Sarnaut!


Tuesday, February 8th 2022, 9:26pm

there are various types of people:
- those who know what to do anyway (nothing to fix)

- those who immediately understand whats wrong once you tell them (easy fix)
- those who dont care (wont fix, not your problem)
- those who do it "wrong" on purpose (no need to fix, they know what they do anyway)
- those who will understand after long and extensive explainations (direct these to the forum, there are plenty of resources for the patient reader to improve himself)

sadly, as everywhere in life, the phrase "you cant fix stupid" applies here aswell

so dont waste your procious time you can spend on this hobby
if there is a rookie in your random astral party there are 2 realistic outcomes - either you carry him or you just leave and let him learn slowly himself with mercenaries - both is fine
when i was new i spent over an hour on some islands at the beginning, now it takes like 10 on average

if you want to do some sort of "lasting good" put your wisdom into a thread, publish it here on this forum or another site and link it to this forum, done
allods online was my first "real" mmo-game, i came from diablo 2 (and various shooters)

i enjoyed this game from the fist minute i played it - until today
but not gonna lie, i was OVERWHELMED by the many things in this game and being a slow learner, it took me pretty long to gain what i would describe as "proper knowledge" of this game

i remember, when i was a new player, i was REALLY, REALLY thankful for all the guides that were available at that time. i even looked for info in other languages than my own to yield the most knowledge. being someone who does not have an abundance of uninterrupted in-front-of-the-pc time, whenever i could not play, i could still spend time with reading infos on this game. mobile phones today are a blessing. dealing with theoretical stuff additionally when not in game helped my understanding a lot.

so it came natural to me to try to be active on the forum and discuss even pretty obvious things here, keeping in mind a silent reader, a rookie like i was back in the days, might read this and enjoys doing so - gaining knowledge and improving himself :thumbup:
as for the screenshot, this seems to be a warrior tank
so to whom it may concern:

as a rookie it is not recommended to play tank at all - you will be a burden to yourself (and everyone else) as you will likely fail at surviving, holding aggro and dealing damage
as a rule of thumb, if you dont heal and tank a LOT better than matron and rowdy (mercenary healer and tank) - dont do it
also, do not level in healer / tank-stance unless you really know what to do (and / or enjoy this somehow in a masochistic way :wacko: )

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Wednesday, February 9th 2022, 11:52am

your screenshot includes so much racisim. are you Turk? why did you ask that? when you see a bad player is it mean they are turk? and you have to avoid turkish players? I am so much offended and going to report your post.


Wednesday, February 9th 2022, 1:09pm

your screenshot includes so much racisim. are you Turk? why did you ask that? when you see a bad player is it mean they are turk? and you have to avoid turkish players? I am so much offended and going to report your post.

Are you serious? :D :D
This "I am turk, I am offended by everything" needs to stop. Y'all are like a nation of karens.
Nothing he said was racism.
Are you referring to "are you turk?"
Seriously madraen stop this behaviour, it's damaging the reputations of many here.

Enjoy your game!


Wednesday, February 9th 2022, 1:22pm



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no not really, if a player is bad it doesnt mean that he is turk, but the chances that he is turk are higher, prolly thats why he asked and got the answer he expected.
maybe you dont know it because the arabserver merged at last but befor this, things were different, the ratio of toxic (to not say idiotic) behavior was way less feelable.
more in the topic, it looks like he assumed him to be turk coz of his englishcapability, but dont know maybe thats racism... anyway he felt the urge to avoid a player he cannot give easy fixes to wrong play, thats reasonable, players do more for less...

the problems here are old allods problems and it became even more playerunfriendly with all the stuff you need only for having build and stats and its not optimisation, its only for the normal playing if you do bg, sectors, raids, koe etcpp:

1# for each activity you have different stats, for honest i believe to understand that this is somehow neccessary for balancing classes, BUT statchanging is a pain in the ass without insignias and addons and not everybody uses addons. i hate this p2pshit on p2w and i try to avoid it amap.

2# tooltipps arent properly translated, until this day they even arent able to manage to differenciate correctly between increase and decrease, not to mention defect and inactive rubies...

3# leveling is complete different build to endgame and therefor you need waters, not everybody manages to get a proper build with the ONLY free water after reaching maxlvl.

4# for each activity you mostly are expected to have an optimised build, but changing build isnt playerfriendly, its p2p on p2w.

5# there is no damagemeter IN the game, thirdparty damagemeter isnt what everybody wants. not everybody wants to train at a puppet?

6# the forum is dead mostly and sharing opbuilds isnt really wanted because of to much value in this p2wmess. i wish they would give out recommended stats and builds so noobs arent quiting coz of this barrier.

7# you are asking why he is whirling as warrior ^^ for honest a bit naive that question XP spin for win!!!!!111 (didnt play warrior for long but may he been saying that he whirled for energy? i remember when whirling was giving energy somehow)

8# like me noob someone maybe would think doing his buildtree, that he doesnt differ between singletarget and aoe as intended and trys to get all the nice stuff in one build. as warrior with my lacking knowledge i would take whirl for sure even if i know s6bosses are singletarget coz i wouldnt imagine to squip whirl.

9# some guys just wanted to got their incas carried fast through s6 for gear to do mazes and some guys know 1 chasher is enough to do so but supress the acknowledge that EVERYBODY wants to rush sectors and not do the slowcarry.

together it leads to the known problems with noobs and casuals and freeplayers and spinning warriors...

ps: @member of silence lune - you seem not to know it but casuals regard you as competent and therefor to take mercs ^^

pps: i leeched with summisupp with other noname noguild players in s6 and it felt better then dd coz of debuffs, kinda like supp in timevoid makes the mercs slaying evrything in an instant, is that intentional or did i just overlook something?
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!

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Monday, February 21st 2022, 6:28pm


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