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Thursday, September 15th 2022, 8:04pm



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[GUIDE] Far Astral Allod - Outskirts

This allod is locked down due to a illness on the city, you will need to find your way to enter the city. To do this you have two options, one is the sewage hole in the entrance of the city, other is a hole pipe out of the city.

Inside the sewage, you`ll find sewer rats, plague rats and undead, take care with the undeads, they jump on a player randomly and start giving damage, you can stop them by using CC skills.

The first boss will be Hur the Boiling [Lord of the Gutters]. He throws pestilence debuffs on players that creates a small area around the player to give damage to everyone in the area. He also gives AoE damage in a small cone shape in front of himself, and in the four corners of the room, he will summon green balls, get the green balls to prevent them to explode (getting the green balls will give a small damage anyway). After that, go to the ladder to the surface, to enter the city.

The city is in caos, with Stray Dogs and Marauders on the streets, get the Marauders first, cause they run to a random player and have AoE cone shape skills.
On a part of the streets you will find bombers throwing explosive barrels, avoid the barrels to reach the bombers and kill them.

Near the second boss, you`ll find packs of Stray Dogs, Marauders and Fire Starters, the Fire Starters will create a circle area that explode, just get off the circle.The second boss is Long Arm [Marauder Leader], his meele attacks gives Aoe damage, so stay away off the tank, he also choose someone randomly to leap on, when he prepare to leap, a read circle will appear on the local where he will jump, avoid the leap are. He also summons bombers to throw explosive barrels, go near the bombers and kill them while evading the barrels.

After you kill the second boss, three Fire Throwers will appear firing the path allowing you in, kill the Fire Throwers, the has fire attacks that gives damage for eveyone in a line, it can be interrupted with CC skills.

After the Fire Throwers you will find a Pyromant, take care with him, cause he summons lots of fire circles on the ground, don`t stay on this circles, CC doesn`t work on him. He also throw a line of fire in some directions, avoid the fire wall.

More Flame Throwers but know you`ll find a Plague Doctor, The Plague Doctors can prepare a spell that gives massive damage to a unique target, kill them first.

After you find a group of Flame Throwers fighting against Fire Starters (they both start fires, soo the hipocrisy :whistling: ) you will find the Third Boss. The third boss is Yaver Brand [Commander of the Cleansers` Squad] he`s a machine like humanoid, that gives fire damages, He has the same ability to summon fire circles on the ground as the Pyromancers, he also throws all flames in many directions, take care with that (get a bit of distance to be more easy to evade). He also summons Heart of Flames that throws flames on the party members, kill the Heart of Flames to prevent them accumulating.

On Nobility quarter you`ll find Demonologists, there`s three of them on the church`s front door, the first will summon a bunch of spiteful crows that gives damage on their path, evade them to prevent be overcrowded, the second will summon a undead that is immune to damage and will follow a random player, if it reach the player he will explodes giving AoE damage, you can kill him by making him go to a plague puddle, or just wait til he dies. The third Demonologist summons spiteful crows and plage undeads, take care with that.

The Fourt and last boss is inside the church, after kill the three Demonologists, you can enter in it. The fourth boss is Pestilence [Nunciate of Plague], he summons plague puddles, the plague puddles give slow, he also summons spiteful crows, when he summons the crows, he get invisible and will not attack you when he summons the crows, if you`re using mercenaries , use the command: retreat to prevent let your tank die.
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