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Friday, October 21st 2022, 11:11pm

Name : Sonaka
Server : Evolution



Saturday, October 22nd 2022, 1:01am

Events: Screenshot contest «Heroes' Routine»

Name: Eartha
Server: Evolution

Whispers on the wind have mentioned the return of a legendary item capable of making your very wish come true - The Magic Lamp!
But what makes it magical? Does it contain a wish granting genie? Will it lead you to ancient treasure buried deep within the desert of the Dead Sea?
This symbol of mystical power gives you something much better than fairy tales .


Saturday, October 22nd 2022, 10:23am

Event: Heroes's Routine

Name: Prince
Server: Evolution

What's your definition of a hero?
For some they are the individuals who defeat powerful opponents that can destroy entire worlds
For some it's their parents and relatives
Not all heroes wear capes. There are hundreds of men and women across Sarnaut who dedicate their lives to helping others – from hunters fighting vicious beasts to bring food to their village, to mentors and trainers, who help educate our people.

We should value them more, they are our everyday heroes!


Saturday, October 22nd 2022, 12:20pm

name: xResenDx
server: evolution



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Saturday, October 22nd 2022, 6:18pm

Server: Smuggler's Paradise
Name: Dragagon

“Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.”


Saturday, October 22nd 2022, 7:24pm

Dusza of Smuggler's Paradise

My duty is to help my people, the world is just a beneficiary of my crusade. Holy flame my shield and your demise. With it's help - I, a humble adventurer, choosen to save Sarnaut, do what needs be done and cleanse this distorted city of foul demons.

Server: Smuggler's Paradise
Name: Dusza


Saturday, October 22nd 2022, 9:30pm

Server: Smuggler's Paradise
Name: lardaran

"Generally, magicians don't know what to say, so they say stupid and redundant crap like, 'Here I am holding a red ball."


Sunday, October 23rd 2022, 4:52am

Server: Smuggler's Paradise

Name: Fiddler

There are a lot of trials and tribulations that the heroes of Sarnaut go through, but every League veteran knows that protecting the most important person in Novograd is the true calling of us all. Even when old Alexey decides to help out against his vile Empire assaulter...
Fiddler - Bard - Avarice
Kulha - Warrior - Avarice


Sunday, October 23rd 2022, 8:35am

Screenshot Contest

Name: Abyslaw
Server: Smuggler's Paradise

Is it me or is it getting hot in here?!

P.S.: No cutie mice were harmed during the preparation of this screenshot. :love:

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Monday, October 24th 2022, 10:01am

Events: Screenshot contest «Heroes' Routine»



Revenge Of Demo


Monday, October 24th 2022, 9:05pm

name: KEMOST
Friday, ‎October ‎26, ‎2012, ‏‎4:55:38 AM

this is the DATE when i took this shoot after I OPEND THE skill of the mage so much memories

10 years oh i remember when i tried first to run the game several times but me pc couldn`t handle the graphics , but i tried to upgrade it after i saved some money just to play Allods
i started my HEROES` ROUTINE 10 years ago and still here <3 so much memories
I remember the wall of fire was amazing and even had a screenshoot for it killing enimies maybe another entry then ha ...


Monday, October 24th 2022, 11:26pm

Name: Ranyi
Server: Smuggler´s Paradise
user_216560071 has attached the following image:
  • z.jpg


Tuesday, October 25th 2022, 10:14am

Name; Alezkha
Server; Evolution

"Quality over Quantity."

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Tuesday, October 25th 2022, 2:52pm



Posts: 25

Location: Croatia

Occupation: Security

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Name: TomeQ
Server: Smugglers Paradise


Tuesday, October 25th 2022, 6:52pm

Nick: RavoIta
Server: Smugglers Paradise

Are you sharper than my gaze...

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Tuesday, October 25th 2022, 7:58pm

Posting for Deathwhispers, because he can't post

Name: Deathwhispers
Server: Smugglers Paradise

Draconid Adventures

Draconid A: You know it has back long since we left dead city , i am anxious what father will tell to us.

Draconid B: It is fine, father may have not forgotten what happened but i guess he will forgive us.

Great Dragon : You will die for what you did , run away and i may spare your lives.

Draconid A: Damn he sounds pissed maybe we should not have come.

Draconid B: Oh father has guests .. They trying to kill him.

Draconid A: Are you crazy they outnumber us 3 to 10. Also if they kill father we will not be eaten from him.

Draconid B: You are right make sure they do not notice us. Walk like nothing happened.

Draconid A: Go father burn them to a crisp... (Go heroes kill him plz)

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Tuesday, October 25th 2022, 8:25pm

Heroes' Routine

Name: YummySummy
Server: Evolution

YummySummy is protecting Sarnaut from Vampire Knight
That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Revenge is tasty!


Tuesday, October 25th 2022, 8:55pm


Events: Screenshot Contests "Routine of Heroes"
Name: Sesshuu
Server: Evolution
A great bounty hunter named Sesshuu always to demon defeatand received recompesass for every demon I managed to defeat. This bounty hunter made demon hunting his income and his full-time career and even delivered more than 100,000 dead demons from 2010 to the present day.


Tuesday, October 25th 2022, 9:43pm

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