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Thursday, December 8th 2022, 11:41pm

Difference between healers?

Hey guys I know I've been asking a lot of questions but I like to do a lot of research on classes before settling down.

So, what are the differences between healers? Do they have specific strengths over the others or are they pretty much the same? Is there one preffered in most groups over the others, if so why?



Wednesday, December 21st 2022, 5:09pm

Well, 350 views and 0 responses later I guess this is my sign to finally put this game to rest.


Friday, December 23rd 2022, 11:07am

I didn't bother checking the forum anymore because 95% of the time, it's bots posting. Apologize for my ignorance :D
Druid healer is strong in aoe healing and focusses on hot's.
Priest healer focussing more on shields and tops it off with some heals here and there.
Summoner healer is strong in single target healing.


Saturday, December 24th 2022, 9:46pm



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Priest is based on shield mechanics that absorb a certain amount of damage (work as second health bar; Sacred Word depends on wand, other skills depend on amount of maximum health - yours or target). They protect against % damage from several mobs (demons in maze, etc). You have 3 shields for allies: Protective Sign (Xadaganian racial ability; ST), Talisman (up to 100% of your health with 3 min cd; ST) and Sacred Word (with rubies has an AoE effect and increases incoming healing on targets); and 2 for yourself (Guarding Word and Pleading grant 25% shield, while the latter also heals for that 25%). In meantime, you can heal targets (Miraculous Recovery and Refreshing Light are ST, while Halo, Touch of Light and Glint with rubies are AoE). Priest is quite vulnerable to healing reducers (also works on shields), so Wounds (and similar debuffs) or prolonged combats (3x3, 6x6) will reduce your efficiency. There are frequent bugs with fanaticism - if it is present, you should use skills without cast, but it forces you to stand while using it. It also has 2 long cd saves that can quickly increase target's health by % when it drops to a certain % (Divine Foresight is ST, while Bulwark of Unity is AoE (tears)).

Druid is the best heal in PvP due to its AoE abilities and the fact that most of it works as HoT (if used earlier it can slow down the target's death when you are CC). You have several healing boosters (Refreshing Dew, Nature's Grip as an ability, and with Secret Path, Bloom, or Well of Life). Druid also has access to AoE purge (2 debuffs, 20y, 2 min cd) and several active damage reducers for itself (Tree Bark; Protective Circle - you can activate and maintain it at will, unless you run out of mana; Breath of Forest with rubies). Life Balance can be considered as save, as it equalizes health of everyone in the party (familiars also count). Enemies can interrupt Balance and Breath of Forest casts with each CC. Remember that pet is a decoration as it dies quickly, but you can use it for CC (King of the Beast (tears) or pridens racial ability), or disabling Scout supremacy (watch out for demons in dd and in giant form as your pet will increase its outgoing damage).

Summoner was! best ST healing in PvP activities (still heals well in PvE activities). It's mostly a one-button healer (Dark Renewal can be interrupted with CC, it increases healing while cast and can be spammed), where the other abilities are situational and team-only (Searing, Blood Tides, Plaque of Mending, Bloody Feast with rubies) or just plain weak/unnecessary (Blood Stream, Healing Injection, Reanimation). Summoner is very vulnerable to control (only the early use of Searing before CC can save you from dying) and has only 3 damage reduction abilities: Blood Aegis protects you (60% for 6 sec with 30 sec cd) or! an ally (2~6 times reduces damage taken by 10% of your maximum health for 15 sec with 30 sec cd) (in 14.0 the effects are split between two abilities); Howl of Death with rubies applies a reduction to you for 6 sec with 30 sec cd; Dark Veil is situational (this is signal for enemy to attack you; target is "immortal" for 4~6 sec with 2 min cd, but its health drops to 1% so if you die or don't heal the target, it will still die from mosquito fart). Additionally using skills: Dark Renewal, Blood Tides, Bloodletting, Blood Feast; you deal % damage to yourself so you can make things easier for your opponents (healing from Bloody Sacrifice and Healer's Motto rubies may not be enough). Skillful use of Blood Tides can save target (reducers don't affect healing based on health level; effectiveness increases when target has <60% HP). Only sensible summon choice is Lurker - others deal slightly more damage, but Lurker gains blood, places Helplessness with Dark Vigor (tears; blocks the use of spells, not all skills) and lives much longer in heat of battle.
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