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Tuesday, September 6th 2022, 12:08pm

Play Allods Online on MGLauncher from September 7


Introducing MGLauncher, a new game launcher where you can play a range of exciting titles, including Allods Online! Available starting September 7, MGLauncher is streamlined and optimized to help you get in the game quickly and without any hassle.

Rest assured your existing accounts, games libraries, purchases, progress, and web Inventory items are all safe and accessible via MGLauncher. No action is required on your part except for downloading MGLauncher from the official Allods Online website on September 7. You will also receive a prompt to download MGLauncher on GameCenter if you load it on or after September 7.

If you play Allods Online on Steam, MGLauncher will become your new authenticator when you update your game on or after September 7.

As a result of the ongoing work on MGLauncher, MY.GAMES Market will be unavailable to use via web browsers for the foreseeable future. You can still access MY.GAMES Market via MGLauncher.

We hope you enjoy using MGLauncher, the new home of Allods Online!

IMPORTANT: From September 7, Allods Online will no longer be available to download from MY.GAMES Store. You can still download the game via the official website, MGLauncher, and Steam.

«Allods Team»


Wednesday, September 7th 2022, 6:05pm

So, disappointed so far. We can't see characters we have per server, can't see past expenses made on the game? Can't monitor much at all really. I don't see what the change did good for us?


Saturday, September 10th 2022, 11:19am

I can only access one email Allod account to MC launcher, my other email Allod account I can't add :(

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