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Saturday, June 4th 2022, 1:02pm

[Guide] Wild pets - Catch me if you can! 13.0

This guide is the translation/adaption of the guide from russian forum. Please correct me if I've used wrong names for some items


Greetings dear fans of Sarnaut! With one of the latest updates, the game got new pets that are scattered all over the allods world. In order to gather a complete collection you not only need to take your time and visit old locations, but also to have certain skills and a pinch of luck.

To start hunting for sweet little beasts, you must first complete a quest given by the breeder Tatiana Dubinska (Umoir -> Vyshgorod). When you complete the task, Tatiana will give you two items: Life Sensor and Pacifier. Items are placed in a bag in the Rare Pocket. These items can be thrown away or put in the bank. If you later decide to throw them away, Tatiana Dubinskaya will kindly provide you with new ones.

You can find a collection of tame pets in the Wardrobe (Wardrobe tab -> Pets -> Wild Pets). You can also find out where you can catch them either by yourself or with the experience and knowledge of veteran hunters (specifically using addons - later more on that).

Additionally, it is important to note that the task can be done by one character to get the tools. All reincarnations only need to have a threshold level and access to the locations.


The Suppressor is your slingshot, the most important tool. It's what you use to catch pets. Keep in mind that its recharge time is 2 hours. However, there are a number of tricks:

  1. The recharging time starts when you start using this item, not by the result of the hunting action. Therefore there must be no interruption during use. To make sure you won’t get in trouble, follow the checklist:
    • there is an adequate distance between you and your “victim”;
    • there is no objects for the "victim" to hide behind;
    • make sure you don't accidentally cancel the use yourself;
    • you don't have your PvP flag up, so that a hunter from the opposite faction cannot interrupt you;
    • you don't have mobs nearby that can shove, push, etc;
    • you are standing on level ground and won't slip or get off transport in the process.
[*]You can remove the cooldown time of your slingshot by using the Cooler from the Shop. More on that later.
[*]While the Cooler is in the Rare Pocket its recovery time for each rebirth is different, which undoubtedly increases interest in hunting and rivalry and adds more incentive to create and develop a bunch of reincarnations.

Life Sensor

This little thing looks for pets in a certain radius around you. It's a good toy if it weren't for one and only one thing. What you've found around you is visible to everyone. And it may happen that while you walk up and down the hills to catch your well deserved pet, someone passing by can do it faster. There can also be a situation where there are two pets nearby and then you either risk running away to come back with your reincarnation, or use the Cooler.

Additionally, it should be noted that when you start using the Life Sensor, your character will be dismounted. Moving when it is activated is also not possible, otherwise it will be interrupted.


The Cooler is needed to restore your slingshot's effectiveness. You can get it at the Shop (Shop -> Services -> Upgrades -> Cooler). Can be good if you stumble upon a couple of pets and don’t want to lose the chance while waiting for a cooldown.


There are currently two avaiable addons, PetSearch and PetSearch2, which can be downloaded from the official website

The definite advantage of the addons is the database with pet locations. Addons also monitor pets nearby and ease the use of the Suppressor (you don’t need to take your “victim” to the target and search for the slingshot in your bag).

PetSearch - catches pets up to the 13.0 update. It has a number of options: pet respawn timer; statistics for successful and unsuccessful attempts; blinking in game taskbar when pet is nearby and the window is minimized; audible notification; and a settings panel.

PetSearch2 - almost indistinguishable from PetSearch. Catches both older pets as well as new ones. The main difference is that the tool does not include a pet timer, success/fail statistics, sound notification, and settings panel. The PetSearch2, when installed/enabled, disables/restricts some of its features so there is no duplication, and they can work in tandem.

Even if you're not a keen collector or avid hunter, but have a large bag and move around a lot, it wouldn't hurt to have a Suppressor in your bag and addons installed.


  1. So, the battle paint is applied and we check the ammunition: Suppressor and Life Sensor are in the bag, the addons are installed.
  2. We study the maps and see which of your reincarnations are available for which locations, which characters can "overlap" locations in case when your slingshot is reloading you found someone. It is also worth prioritizing the activity of the characters (for example, your main character who gears up will more often visit the ruins of Al-Riyat, so it is better to leave this location under his control, while lower level reincarnations can go through other locations).
  3. We move out to the battlefields. Pets roam freely in the world of Sarnaut. So you need to choose how regularly it is comfortable for you to check out their habitat. If anyone is nearby, the addon will help you focus your attention and track your target.
  4. Get a comfortable position. Charge slingshot (self-targeted by the addon or take it to the target and activate by right button). Shoot!
  5. Celebrate your well-deserved pet in case of success or disappointedly rush to the next target if you miss.

Have a good luck hunting!

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