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Tuesday, February 28th 2023, 8:28am

Warden Melee?

Hey! I'm returning from a pretty long break, I left around Gipat and back then warden had some viable melee builds and I was wondering if they still did as its something I prefer playing rather than a caster. I'm not gonna get into raids, just mess around solo and do some heroics but I also wanna be able to actually contribute when I do group content.


Tuesday, February 28th 2023, 7:07pm

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O the game have most change since gipat patch.
i dont know the warden , but you play for fun of course

Good return in the game

We have a discord you are welcome
Allods c'est comme une pièce de monnaie pour bien le connaitre je joue les 2 faces ;)

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Tuesday, February 28th 2023, 11:32pm

Heya Welcome back !
I think ranged warden is the better solution at the moment! But to mess around it will probably be kinda funny :) But I didn´t try to play Melee Warden yet so I can´t really tell if it makes as much DMG as a ranged one but there are some skills melee too. But the DMG of the ranged Warden is pretty good actually. Maybe you can ask in the Official Allods Discord as Cybermaman posted! You should get an answer there faster maybe.

Have fun!
Allods Online Discord

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Wednesday, March 1st 2023, 12:18pm

Warden is hyrbid right now. 1 melee ability doing heavy lifting while the rest of your rotation exists out of ranged damage. Actually this PMB post is still relevant as nothing changed gameplay wise to the Warden. And as I understood, won't change in 14.0 either.
If you really wanna to play Melee only, then you're looking at the support warden, and that's a 1x1 PvP spec.
Warden offers great utlity such as Life Balance, Purification and a long ass stun from Holy Wraith. So you'll be useful to group content, given you press the buttons ofc haha!

Welcome back to the game and ask anything popping in :)

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