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Monday, May 1st 2023, 2:21pm

[Guide Contest] / Astral ~ complete guide about everything in the astral

Name: Luzy
Server: Smugglers Paradise

Welcome to the exciting world of Allods Online! As you embark on your journey through the Astral, you will need to build and customize your own astral ship to travel safely and face the dangers that lie ahead.
As you explore the Astral, you will encounter many dangers, including Astral monsters and enemy ships. It's important to be well-equipped and have a skilled crew to face these challenges. You can also engage in ship-to-ship PvP battles with other players to test your skills and earn rewards.
So, if you're ready to take on the challenge of building and piloting your own astral ship, then jump into this guide and see what the universe has in store for you!

Topics (clicking on those will bring you directly to the topic)

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 2:23pm

Getting the quest to build your ship!

You need to be lv 52, have finished Irdich and arrived to Irdich/Rebels Refuge. After you finished the quest "Charles Confession" you will get a quest called "Treasure on the Dump" from Charles de Doucer.

Next quest is "Here, give it to me" that sends you to Buzzing Family in the south.

Next quest is "Treasures of Astral Depths":

Fight Mechanoids to collect 10 high-powered batteries and install them on the small boat. Fly through

several anomalies and use the Experimental Stabilizer to destroy them, then return to the Buzzing


• High-powered Battery 10/10

• Barge equipped

• Sail set

• Stabilizer tested in an anomaly 5/5

(You need to activate the stabilizer before flying through the anomaly.)

Now last quest in Irdich is "Building an Astral Ship", this will send you to the Astral Academy to Maurice de Ardeur for League or Yaver Yevgini for Empire

Now you have to wait 10 days till your ship is build

If you enter the Astral Hangar, you can have a look at your unfinished ship by talking with Glowy Family (League) or Nomarkh Hanotep (Empire)

Once the 10 days passed, go into the hangar and you will get a popup to give your ship a name. Now you can summon your ship.

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 2:25pm

Ship Addons & Basics

To make it easier for you and others when you travel in the astral, you should have 2 important addons:

Ship Control (only works with the AddonTools)

and AstralAddon

You need to register at, at the top right of the page you can set the language to english.


You can jump from the Astral Hangar plattform on to your ship. So let's start with the top deck

You have 6 shields, 2 on each side, 1 in front and 1 in the back of the ship, 4 cannons on each side, in the middle is the Astral Trap and when you run to the back you will find the scanner

On the bottom deck you have in front the helm and the turbine, above those by going up the side stairs you see the visor, on each of the sides 1 artillery and 4 cannons and in the back the reactor and engine (helm and turbine are also there, but those are only clickable when you exchange your devices).

And in the very bottom of the ship you have 3 goblins and the treasury room


In the top right corner of your screen you should see some important info about your ship

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 2:58pm

How to change your devices?

Go to the Astral hangar and summon your ship. You can see all your devices at the wall by clicking on the Device Rack

Talk to Glowy Family (League) or Nomarkh Hanotep (Empire)

You will get a buff and run quicker

Jump on your ship and by clicking on the devices you want to change, you get a popup

First thing to upgrade on every new generation is the engine, because it will give you higher load capacity

Keep this bar in green!

You can buy green devices in the astral academy and in the astral hangar

But the best devices (epic) and specific ones you can purchase in the astral academy

Those can be bought with Astral nuggets (best way is to do anomalous sector and exchange those emanations for nuggets)

The Transforming Crystals you get at the Free Traders NPC next to the auctionhouse or in the astral academy. If you have everything, right click the crystals and then right click on your new device. It is listed now in your Device Rack.


Monday, May 1st 2023, 2:59pm

This is the set up of my ship, for daily Astral Patrol, Anomalous sector and all other pve ship content

Engine (Motor)
Both motors are fine, it's your personal preference


To make your ship invisible costs no Emanations, while other scanners have high costs

Both helms are fine, it's your personal preference

Doesn't really matter, maybe have a look for the one with lowest energy consume

This is the best pve visor, because of special shield boost and cooling

Arti Pike is the better choice because of longer range (for example needed for the demonic portal in AS), but the Colossus is also fine

2x Goblin Tinker (1 for top deck and the other bottom deck) and 1x Goblin Mechanic for the reactor room

The Ultrafast Cannon, one on each side top deck, for that Lightning shot at Octulhu for example

Aegis in front and in back (yes, it has a long recovery rate if you repair it manually, but normally you don't do that, you repair it with shield boost on the visor)1 Wall and 1 Barrier on each side


Monday, May 1st 2023, 3:35pm

How to use the Devices

It is best to go into the astral with a well-established, full group. But even as a newbie you can learn it quickly, it only looks complicated, but it isn't. So don't be afraid to reach out if guild members are looking for people for the astral

Helmsman (Driver)

Your job is to steer the ship, drive it in the right position so that the astral monsters can be shot down. You should also pay attention to your speed and keep an eye on possible overheating. If this happen you need to slow down the speed. And you're the one giving orders to your crew.


The visor is the heart of the ship. You scan for invisible astral monsters, cool the engine, pay attention to the front and back shields, target the mobs and follow the captain's instructions. Have an eye on the available emanation in the top right corner, spend them smart instead of spamming buttons.
The Visor displays a 3D map of the astral space around the ship, showing the positions of other ships and any obstacles in the way. The player can use the Visor to select a target and track it as it moves, allowing them to line up shots with their weapons or plan their approach for boarding actions.
The Visor also displays information about the selected target, such as its name, level, and faction, as well as its current health and shield status. This allows the player to make strategic decisions about how to engage the target and what weapons to use.

1. Scan / Scans the surroundings for invisible creatures and objects in a 2,000 yard radius and displays them on a map for 15 seconds
2. Target Acquisition / The target sustains 25% more damage for 15 second and is highlighted for the ship's crew. When used on an enemy ship with the hull integrity less than 50%, it allows the boarding party to teleport to the ship instead of jumping over.
3. Shield boost / Instantly repairs the most damaged shield. Does not consume enery.
4. Intense Cooling / Removes 50% of the reactor's heat load
5. Sharp Turn / Instantly turns the ship 180 degrees
6. Diversionary Shot / Stops the target selected by the visor, suppressing its power source (astral demons are paralyzed for 10 seconds, the ship's reactor is disabled for 3 seconds)
7. Energy outbreak / Inflicts significant damage (scales with the visor's generation) on 5 astral demons within 400 yards of the ship
8. Energy Discharge / Causes an astral demon to lose 30% of its current health.
9.) Local Jump / Teleports your ship 300 yards away from the target


The artillery on an astral ship is a powerful weapon used to attack and destroy enemy ships or astral monsters. By using the artillery you have 3 buttons to choose from. Choose carefully, with number 1 you shoot safely and the arti turns itself off or you choose number 2, but then you have to pay attention to the heat of the ship and stop the arti with the right button in time. If you fail, you overheat the ship and in the worst case, you can repair your whole ship. The choice is yours :D

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 3:52pm


As a cannoneer you need to pay attention which of those 5 different types of shots you need to use against astral monsters or another ship. The person on the visor should have it targeted if it's a single mob or another ship.

You can see it also in the AstralAddon


To repair the shields you just have to interact and press the button. Be aware of the ship's heat before doing this. Never repair a shield while the arti is being fired. Also, never repair the front and back shields without prompting (infight) , as those will be restored on the visor with a shield boost.


As you navigate through the Astral space, you may come across hostile astral creatures, such as astral demons, or other players' astral ships that may pose a threat. To help you navigate and survive in this dangerous environment, you can use the scanner on your astral ship to detect these threats and take evasive actions or engage in combat.
The scanner shows an overview of the area around the astral ship, enemy astral ships, or other relevant points of interest. By using the scanner, players can plan their route and avoid dangerous encounters or actively seek out other players or creatures to engage in combat.
In addition to detecting threats, the scanner can also be used to find valuable resources and items in the Astral space.

Number 1-3 is never used on Smugglers Paradise server. Number 4 is when your ship got destroyed while you had chests from heroics allods on board, or when you were doing the Trading Route, that way you can go back and restore your loot.Number 5 is used to scan for small allods, so when you are doing Astral heroic Adventures. Followed by number 6 to find the path.

And number 7 is to make your ship invisible for 15 seconds.

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 4:33pm

Goblins are used for repairing and maintaining the ship's various systems and components, such as engine, helm, turbine, artillery, shields, and cannons.
You pick up a goblin by clicking on it

If you picked up a Tinker then place the goblin in the middle of top or bottom deck, they have a high range

And with the Mechanic goblin you repair the engine, helm, turbine

Engine (Motor)
The Boost system on an astral ship is used to increase the speed of the ship. Boost can be activated by interacting with the engine. The speed increase provided by the Boost is 25%, allowing the ship to travel much faster than normal. Boosts can be particularly useful in situations where the ship needs to escape from danger or get to a destination quickly. However, it has a cooldown time after use, so it cannot be used constantly. Also incoming damage stops the boost.


The most important is the Hull Regeneration, button 3.The hull is the main health pool of the ship, and once it reaches zero, the ship is destroyed. It is important for players to keep their astral ship's hull fully repaired and regenerated, as it is essential for survival during combat and exploration in the astral plane.The hull is protected while all your shields are up! If the shields are down, the hull gets damage.

If the hull no longer shows 100% after the fight, then you can start the hull regeneration

To interact with the turbine, it's the helmsman job. The turbine on an astral ship is responsible for controlling the ship's altitude, allowing it to move up or down. It gets mostly used only in ship PVP.


Monday, May 1st 2023, 4:42pm

Astral Map & Monsters

It's important to note that different sectors within the Astral can have vastly different levels of danger. Some sectors are relatively safe, with weaker astral creatures and less PvP activity, while others are known for being highly contested and dangerous. It's always a good idea to check the sector map before venturing out, and to make sure your ship is well-equipped and your group is ready for any potential threats.

With "M" you open your map, on the top left you can choose between World Map or Astral Map

Let's start with the Explored Astral

Sector 1 is the Home Sector of League
Sector 2 is the Home Sector of Empire
Sector 4 is just to get 3 ship hull parts of lowest generation (so same as green layer, but with annoying astral monsters, so a waste of time when you can farm those hull parts easier to upgrade your ships hull)
Sector 3 is an Anomalous Region where you can farm the currency needed for a bigger Astral trap or a cool shell. Explanation in the PVE Content!

Now to the Mysterious Astral

Right now we have only 3 green sectors there, Peaceful Astral. Every 2 equip layers we get 3 more sectors.

3 Green -- Equip layer green and blue -- generation 13
3 Blue -- Equip layer epic and legy -- generation 14
3 Epic -- Equip layer fabled and relict -- generation 15

In those sectors you will do your daily astral content. More about this in "PVE Content"

Magic Astrolabe

When you open the map beeing on your ship, you see in bottom right corner the Astrolabe. You need the astrolabe to jump to the different regions. Click on the icon and then on the sector you want to jump

Once you jumped, go to the scanner to find your route

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 4:56pm

If you open your map, click on the left side to see current region map

So when you saw the route on the scanner you just follow those colors.

Explanation of the icons you see in the astral:

Astral Vortex
Available Allod
Unavailable Allod
Cargo of goods that somebody lost or a treasure
Wormhole (mouseover, it brings you to another sector)

Astral Monsters

The Astral features various types of astral monsters that players can encounter while traversing the Astral space. These monsters come in different forms, ranging from small to colossal sizes, with varying levels of danger.
Players must be vigilant when traveling in the Astral space as these creatures can attack their astral ships without warning (depends of the range to the ship), posing a significant threat to their safety and progress.

These mobs will explode as soon as they hit the ship, dealing great damage to the ship, They come as a group of 3.
They come in group of 3, in some astral layers they are invisible till you come in their range. There are different types of those mobs, the most importants are the Demon Assasines, at the moment they attack your ship, you are bound in that hub for 2 minutes. That debuff refreshes each time they hit your ship, so make sure to kill them quick.
Strong mobs
Stronger mobs

If you are not farming Astral Nuggets, Etherium or Ship equip, just avoid those mobs.

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 4:59pm

Explored Astral

Sector 3

The goal is it to kill 20 mobs, they don't do damage to your ship und you can do this with your fresh builded ship. Once your are done you get a buff:

You have to wait 6min, when the buff fades you will get your reward

The gold reward is really nothing, but with those Emanations you can buy a bigger Astral Trap and a shell

You can do this with all your reincarnations. But once done with a char, you get a debuff "Overload" for 6 hours that you can't repeat this event.

Sector 4

You can farm 3 Ship Hull Parts in this sector, no other reward there. My personal opinion is, it's a waste of time, you can farm those in green sector / Ship Graveyard without mobs attacking your ship.

Mysterious Astral

Astral Hunt Quest (minimum lv 102)

We, Hunters, have one entertainment - hunting Demons. Some may think thatit's a tough duty and we are doing it against our will. Not at all!Killing mighty Astral Demons is an honorable thing to do. As regards thesmall ones, we are just having fun and derive some benefit from that. It'ssimple, really!
Set up the Astral Trap to start counting the killed Demons. Thestronger are the Demons, the higher goes the counter on the trap. When ithits 100, you will get a small Astral gift, so to say, - a Treasure Chest!Is everything clear? Right. Obtain 10 Chests and come back to me. It's funand profit at the same time, see for yourself!
Your reward:

Transport of Raw Etherium (Trading Route)

Buy the Raw Etherium from the Baccy Family, deliver it to the Trading Post and sell it to the Free Traders.

Greetings! A large-scale shipbuilding program has been started for our brave astralfleet. And the sail production capacity is no longer sufficient!The Free Traders, as always, have decided to make money on this bydeveloping new technology for producing the necessary etherealthread. The first stage of production is to process the etherium.You can acquire raw etherium from me, and sell it at any trading post of theFree Traders that support us. For the first cargo of the day you will receivean additional payment. Remember three things: first of all,you can only trade with the posts that support us, don't expect a warmwelcome from the League posts. Second, the prices vary at tradingallods, so if you are an experienced trader, look for ones where demandfor your commodity is higher. And third, etherium may be also lootedfrom the astral demons.
So if the Trading post is taken by the opposite faction, you need to destroy the defensive turret first. Then you need to go to the center of the allod and raise the League banner there… and that's it!And you don't have to do it all on your own - the main thing is to participate in the capture.
Remember to take the quest "Control of Trade" in the hangar before you do this

Once all layers are open, green, blue and epic you can make a bigger Trading Route, selling in green, buy again, sell in blue , buy and sell in epic. There you buy again and sell in on your home allod.
But when you compare that to the cost of upgrading gear and God's Legacy, it's not really a revenue!

Caravan Route

You can take the quest at Baccy family, buy the supplies and sell it at Distant Seague Settlement, buy there and back to your home allod. The quest is not always available, so look in the calendar.

You can earn some gold with it, but not worth doing it. Maybe pure nostalgia makes you to do it!!

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 5:01pm

Astral Arena

Exit your Astral Hangar, on the right bottom side you see the Astral Arena Wormhole

The Astral Arena is a special area where players can hone their ship combat skills against ship dummies, allowing players to practice and perfect their combat techniques without risking their own ship in a real battle.
The Astral Arena is accessible through the astral, and players can enter it alone or with a group. Once inside, they can engage in battles against the ship dummies to test out different tactics and skills. This is particularly useful for players who are new to ship combat, as it allows them to gain experience and confidence in a safe environment.
By practicing in the Astral Arena, players can learn how to use their ship's devices and abilities effectively, as well as how to maneuver and position themselves in a real battle. This can be crucial for success in the astral, where battles with other players and astral monsters can be intense and unpredictable.

Monster Den

Take the quest " Astral becomes Safer" (minimum lv 60)

Oh, dear, I could hardly ever imagine that I, the great demon hunter, will have to ask an Imperial devotee for help. But the menace is too serious to fight it alone…They destroyed many astral ships, and each time you defeat a demon you save someone's lives! To get to a fierce demon tempter, find the Astral Monster Den on the map of the Mysterious Astral and use the Astrolabe. When you get there, use the scanner to find the Monster Den and turn the demon to ashes!

As a reward you can drop blue or epic ship devices and Unstable Emanations of the Mysterious Astral.


Exit the Astral Hangar, in the top left you see the wormhole

The ArchDemon is one of the most challenging and dangerous monsters in the astral of Allods Online. This colossal beast requires a team of at least three ships to have any chance of taking it down. It's essential to coordinate with your team and carefully plan your strategy before engaging the Arch Demon.
Its devastating AoE attacks can easily wipe out an entire ship if you're not careful. It's crucial to stay out of range and carefully time your attacks to avoid getting hit.
The ArchDemon can only be challenged on Sundays, adding to the thrill and excitement of the battle. Defeating this formidable foe is no easy feat, but the rewards are worth it. Legend ship devices are among the loot drops, making it a worthwhile challenge for any experienced astral adventurer.

Astral Patrol /AP (minimum lv 102)

The weekly and daily quests can be taking in the Astral Academy

Every day you can take 3 daily quests, they rotate in a 2 day rhythm:

Heroic Adventures - You need to have a Hero's Compass (can be bought in your main city at the Heroic Adventure Quartermaster) and a full group. When your crew is onboard you use your Astrolabe to jump to a sector with an Astral Allod. Scan for small allods and use the route finder on the scanner. Activate the Compass short before you arrive at the allod. You need to finish the allod to complete the quest.
Explore (Un)Favorable Anomalies - Synchronize the anomaly scanner with the ship and explore 2 favorable or unstable anomalies in the current region. If you need to explore Unfavorables then it's very easy, jump to the ship graveyard and activate your item (Anomaly Scanner), there you have 3 in total (red circle). If you need to explore Favorables, then you have to cruise arround in the astral, they have a green or blue circle.
Raw Etherium / Pure Etherium - Raw Etherium you buy in the Hangar and sell it at the Trading Post. If you got the quest for Pure Etherium, then you need to kill mobs in the astral to get 20 and sell it at the Trading Post.
Blobs of Anomalous Matter - This quest can only be done in the Anomalous Sector (AS), it's a PVP Astral zone. You need to collect 2 chests, wait 8min until they spawn on your ship
Fragment Collection - Jump to the Astral Graveyard and collect 10 ship fragments. In this hub you have only 6 and they respawn after 10min. BTW you need 15 ship fragments to upgrade your hull
Eleminate Astral Demons - Kill 20 demons, in the specific layer.

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 5:04pm

The Astral is not only a place for exploration and PvE content, but also a dangerous place for PvP battles. Players can engage in PvP combat whenever they encounter an enemy ship in the Astral, making it an exciting and unpredictable environment.
However, for more structured PvP battles, there is the Anomalous sector. This sector opens at specific times every day and has four events that occur every 30 minutes in a random order. These events are designed to provide a variety of challenges and strategies for players.
Check the in-game calendar, which will show you the current server time and any upcoming events or activities. This can be helpful for players who are in different time zones.

The Anomalous Sector can be accessed through a wormhole located in the northeast for the League faction and northwest for the Empire faction. To enter the Anomalous Sector, you need to leave the hangar with your ship and navigate to the location of the wormhole.

The number of ships present affects the amount of treasure chests that spawn. More ships mean more treasure. If at least five ships are present in the sector, the event is also doubled, i.e. you get 2 events that occur every 30 minutes.
You can come across random treasure chests that spawn throughout the area. However, if you pick up a treasure chest and wait for it to respawn on your ship, you will lose six minutes from your allotted 90-minute time limit in the Anomalous sector.
It's worth noting that the chests rewarded during events do not take time off the player's 90-minute limit.

One strategy to maximize your currency earnings in the Anomalous Sector is to enter the sector one minute before the next event starts, and then participate in three following events before collecting any random treasure chests. This way, you can ensure that you have enough time to complete the events and still have time to collect the treasure chests at the end without losing any time. However, it's important to note that this strategy may not be suitable for everyone, and players may have different playstyles and preferences.


The Octulhu event is one of the four events that can occur in the Anomalous Sector. It involves defeating a demon called Octulhu, which has two rotating weaknesses that can be exploited to deal more damage. You can use your ship's visor to target the demon, and the active weakness can be seen on the visor.

Once the Octulhu is defeated, two chests will spawn on the top deck of the your ship. They appear immediately after the demon is killed. The chests contain five particles of anomalous matter. They also contain a random ship device of epic quality.
The Octulhu event is considered one of the best events to participate in, as it yields the most particles of anomalous matter per event, and the chests always contain the same rewards, regardless of how quickly the demon is defeated or how much damage is taken.

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 5:05pm

Players are tasked with protecting a research ship from being destroyed by waves of attacking enemies. The more enemies you kill, the more points you earn, which translates to a higher chance of obtaining more treasure chests at the end of the event.
However, this event can be challenging, as players must coordinate and work together to effectively defend the ship while also fighting off the attacking enemies. It's recommended to having a well-geared ship and coordinated team that can increase your chances of earning more chests at the end of the event.

The Demonic Portal event in AS is an event where the goal is to defeat as many demons as possible that are spawning continuously from a portal. The more ships that are present in AS, the more demons will spawn, making it easier to earn points and rewards.
In the Demonic Portal event, there are reward tiers based on the number of demons killed. The more demons killed, the higher the reward tier:

1 chest: 20 kills
2 chests: 50 kills
3 chests: 100 kills
4 chests: 170 kills
5 chests: 250 kills

The Ghost Ship is an event in the Anomalous Sector where a ghost ship spawns and starts attacking your ship. To access the ghost ship, your crew needs to jump from the platform onto the ghost ship.
Once aboard the ghost ship, your crew needs to fight off pirate mobs to reach the treasury room. In the treasury room, there are 8 chests that your crew needs to collect and bring back to your own ship.
While your crew is on the ghost ship, it will continue to attack your ship. To prevent this, you can purchase a bomb from the Astral Academy and activate it in the reactor room of the ghost ship. After 60 seconds, the ghost ship will stop attacking your ship, giving your crew more time to collect the chests and leave the ghost ship safely.

You get 5 chests when you robbed 2 ghost ships, otherwise only 3 for one ghost ship!

The reward chests from the Ghost Ship, Research Ship, and Demonic Portal events will spawn 5 minutes before the next event starts, giving you time to collect them before moving on to the next event. However, for the Octulhu event, the reward chests are spawned immediately on the top deck once the Octulhu is killed.
Once you complete the 3 events in the Anomalous Sector, you can start collecting the chests. You can collect up to 5 chests, and each time you pick up a chest, your movement speed is reduced. This means that if you pick up one chest, you will be slower, and if you pick up all 5 chests, you will be significantly slower. This can make it harder to avoid enemy attacks or move to a safer location.

If you come across an enemy ship in the Anomalous Sector that is carrying chests and you manage to destroy it, you will be able to collect the chests that it was carrying in addition to the 5 chests that you can normally collect.

The Anomalous Sector is a great way to make gold or equip your ship, receive Honor (Honor is needed for the maximum amount of realgar received at reset day, in case you missed dominion) and to push your Order Prestige.

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 5:06pm

Ship Skins

In addition to the standard ship skins that can be obtained in the game, there are also special ship skins that can be acquired through other means. One way to obtain these special skins was by purchasing collector editions of the game. These editions came with exclusive skins.
If you didn't get a chance to purchase a collector edition, don't worry, as all of these skins can still be obtained through the guild. You can buy them using guild coins, which are earned by participating in guild activities. These coins can be spent on various items in the guild shop, including special ship skins.

Having a special ship skin not only sets your ship apart from others, but also shows off your dedication to the game. So if you're looking to stand out from the crowd and add a unique touch to your ship, consider obtaining one of these special skins.

Empire Ship Skins

League Ship Skins

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Monday, May 1st 2023, 5:50pm

Astral Academy

Players who are lucky enough to win a pass to one of the five piers in the monthly auction house can enjoy a range of benefits for a month, including docking their ship in the Academy and receiving some useful perks. The passes are sold for gold at the auction on the first day of each month, with the highest bidder taking the pass. Each faction has its own pier, and there are five in total.

Once a player has a pier pass, they can benefit from a number of advantages. For example, when their ship is docked in the Academy, it is instantly repaired. Additionally, players can teleport straight to the launchpad on their ship with a five-minute cooldown. What's more, they can even teleport their group members to the launchpad on their ship, with no cooldown or limit on use.

It's worth noting that pier passes are tradeable once won from the auction. However, once a pass is used, it is stuck to that player for a month. While the instant repairs when returning to the Academy are convenient, they don't speed up the process of upgrading or building ships or upgrading the Sheath or Hull.

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