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Sunday, August 13th 2023, 5:40pm

Event / Battle Campaign / Tournament of Blood

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The Battle Campaign, or Tournament of Blood, happens 1-2 times each year in Allods Online and lasts 2 months. It’s like a special event with cool gifts, such as costumes, weapon looks, and even a morpher that lasts for 60 days.
The aim is to complete certain tasks and earn points. You need 3,000 points for each level. The prizes in the first row are yours without paying anything. But if you want the goodies in the second row, you’ll need a ticket for €12.99. I think it’s a really good deal and definitely worth it! So, join the fun and grab those awesome rewards!

On the second tab, you'll see three special tasks on the left side. They're the same in every Battle Campaign. First, you can get a morpher that lasts for 60 days. Second, there's a new look for your weapon. And third, you can get a fresh new shell to make your character look awesome.
The idea is to complete all these tasks, and you start by doing the first one and then follow the arrows. Some tasks can be done all by yourself, but for most of them, it's better to team up with your guild. It's even more fun if you bring your friends or guildmates along. Whenever you finish one of these tasks, you'll get 3,600 points. So go on, gather your team, and conquer those tasks!

On the right side, you'll find three quests at the top that you can do every day. Each of these quests will give you 700 points. And right below them, there are three quests that you can do every week. These quests reset every Thursday morning and give you 3,400 points. So, by completing these quests regularly, you can rack up a lot of points and get closer to those awesome rewards!


When you're looking at the Battle Campaign window, you'll notice a button at the bottom row that you can click. It says "Buy a ticket." If you click this button, it will take you to the Allods website where you can buy the ticket. Once you've purchased the ticket, it's for your whole account, which means every character you have can enjoy the benefits of the Battle Campaign!


If you're having trouble completing quests because you can't find others to help or they seem too difficult, there's a solution – you can buy a "Pass Quest" booster. If you complete the quests for the morpher, shell, and weapon skin, along with your weeklies and dailies, you shouldn't have a problem reaching level 100 before the event ends. But if you fall behind a bit, there's an option to buy boosters in the shop that will give you 3000 points. A helpful tip is to wait for a discount on these boosters, which usually happens twice during each Battle Campaign. This way, you can get the boosters for 50% less than their regular price!

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Sunday, August 13th 2023, 5:46pm

Benefits of reaching Lv. 100

Why aim for level 100? Well, reaching this level brings you a hefty reward of 1290 Marks of Accomplishment (MoA). In case you're unfamiliar with MoA's, you can learn more at On top of that, you receive fantastic 7-day boosters (which double in duration if you have a ticket) for Amalgam, Dust, Signs of Victory, Ice Elixirs, and Combat Emblems.

After Lv 100

Once you hit level 100, you earn a Tournament of Blood Token for each level you achieve. These tokens can be swapped for a variety of rewards:

For the Collector's and Distant Light Chest you get a random item:

By The Dazzling Light and Box of Amore Chest you can choose the item you want:

Click the images to see full size

Emoticon Scroll

Chest of Ancient Regalias / random item

Once the tournament concludes, a new server will open up. ( It's not happen on every Battle Campaign) You can create a fresh character, reaching the maximum level, and join forces with two friends for epic 3v3 battles. All participants will be provided with the same characters, with fixed attributes for fairness:
Combat format: 3x3
Level: 105
Legendary quality equipment
6 runes of the 8th grade
All upgraded patron abilities
All possible Incarnation skills
Omnificent Core Morpher

The winners will also get valuable prizes and huge sacks of crystals/Marks ofAccomplishment whose weight depends on the number of tournament competitors! Allpurchases made by players will increase the prize fund by 25% of the purchase amount!

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