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Sunday, August 27th 2023, 6:50pm

Warrior PvP DPS 14.1

Warrior PvP DPS

Good morning. Today I come to show my pvp build of warrior 14.1 P2P

as we know warrior does not have a massive burst, but a high DPS. so it's important to use brutality on your character.

here I have 3 talents left because I'm seeing if it would be more worth evolving Mighty Leap to lvl 3 or jagged slice lvl 2.

the warrior's damage comes from rubies, where most of them greatly increase the warrior's physical power.

skills with damage potential are separated into Blow and thrust, so when rubies are separated into those names, these skills will be impacted.

This is blows atacks

this is thrust atacks

bloody harverst is the most important skill of the warrior that must be active whenever it comes out of cooldown.

It increases damage by 30% of lunges and bleeding combo with the Rage ruby ​​which increases all damage by 15%

For those looking for vulnerability (25% more damage) I recommend this ruby ​​located in the bottom corner of the first page. makes your harpon, in addition to pulling the target, will deal damage and vulnerability

this ruby ​​is up to the player to use it or not. confrontation causes taunted targets to take 50% damage reflected.

ruby encouragment is only evolved to lvl 1 to increase advantage combat at the cost of higher energy expenditure. it is not worth evolving more otherwise the cost will be too high.

The warrior's highest damage is Deadly Lunge, dealing good initial damage and very heavy bleeding for 12 seconds. If you have the Jagged Slice ruby, it will wound the target.

next to strong attacks comes Treacherous Strike. It is noteworthy that with the help of rubies this skill does more damage to targets with weakness in movement

It's important to only use these skills when Fracture is stacked at 3. Increases thrust damage by 24% (8 per stack).

Fracture is easy to stake, causes a movement weakness on the target and using the skill is already possible to stake 3 stacks using the skill only once.

for strong damage (not burst) use berserker plus bloody harverst with determination on top. your bleeds were very strong and with the CC it will be easy to kill the target.

this is the shell`s habilitys i use for warrior

Enjoy and have a good pvp :)

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